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  1. yes they have at least the very very basic rough loops required as fas as I remember. Here's an image to illustrate what I'm talking about: However I could of course model that head for AI use again - it's just unusable in its current status, as it doesn't even have a modelled mouth and even eye blinking wouldn't work.
  2. we can't really use this model as a character head, since it doesn't have any proper edge-loops needed for an animated head. I don't have SVN installed yet, so I'll upload it onto the FTP like the other stuff (not sure if anyone noticed, but there should be all the textures and models I posted in december last year)
  3. Ok I'm feeling almost ashamed when looking at the last date 10th December...but anyway here's something small again I can contribute from last weekend. (First model I did on my new computer, which is in fact a notebook (Asus G1S) I bought for uni. I still need to install some software, tools and other stuff...)
  4. yeah I planned to create alpha-mapped arms, though I think it's nothing urgent to do.
  5. ok finally something new from me. Wasn't able to do anything last weekend, since I had guard duty from Saturday to Sunday, so basically the whole weekend was fucked up. In addition to that I also had to do the 'vice guard commander' because I was the 2nd highest rank (absurd since I'm just a private first class (?) myself ), so I had to stay up the whole damn night to supervise the other guys... anyways I noticed the lack of clocks and thought I should really do something about it: here's a wallclock: Have to say that I'm actually quite happy how the gold-material turned out in d3, at least something the engine can render quite well... In case you're interested here the textures and here's the medium detailed highpoly model it was based on:
  6. I'll probably have to scale up the boots a bit to fit Oddity's other models better.. Regarding the mitten-hands issue, I remember we already had that controversy last year...I'm still of the opinion that those extra polys are a good investment and that we should rather optimize the models in general and especially save more texturespace! Just for comparison: my complete nobleman model has still less polys than all the other AI models with mitten hands and without heads of the current build I've looked at today, in addition to that I'm using only 3x512 texture sheets (2 for body, 1 for the head)... They're not from any texture website or something similar - most of them were created using reference images of costumes. only thing left to do is the hat...
  7. since he's not a prop he deserves an own thread for himself... Keep in mind that this is still very WIP - it needs still a lot refining (and yeah I'm aware that he's missing his hands and that the head is probably a bit too small)
  8. ok made him look older and pale. I know that the hair on top of his head gives him a slightly military appearance which I didn't intend, however as a noble he's going to wear a hat most of the time anyway so you won't see much of the hair anyway.
  9. what about facial animations? Has anything in this direction been done yet? I modelled all edge-loops that are required for realistic and detailed animations, but since I have no experience in animation I can't really test if they work as they're supposed to be.
  10. after playing around I guess I prefer him also a little more pale...
  11. alright, I added some more variation into the skintones, but I hestitate making the skin more pale because I want to avoid the ugly unnatural doom3 look the original models have. some progess with hair: (I'm aware that longer hair might fit a noble better, though I doubt that long hair done with alphamapped imageplanes is going to work properly with doom3's harsh lighting)
  12. working on the diffusemap right now, however I'm not really content how it's turning out ingame. Something's wrong with it, but I can't figure out what is bothering me... someone suggestions? Oddity?
  13. just installed RapidSVN, now waiting for spar to set up my account. btw just tested the lowpoly noblehead ingame (no texture yet, just a normalmap test)
  14. yeah I rely only on crazybump in the meantime - it's got a lot more options and you can even preview your normalmap on your model with the diffusemap in a realtime preview window.
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