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  1. back from sunny Spain here's the walllight (btw just in case you're wondering why I included some weird angles - I wanted to show you that it looks ok eventhough most of the detail is done with transparency)
  2. sry I just don't have the time to update CVS right now...have to pack my suitcase now and so I'm in a hurry. (Just wanted to let you know that I didn't ignore your PM)
  3. loot bowl - I don't have the time to update CVS atm, so I'll upload it with all the other stuff when I'm back home in a week:
  4. yeah orbweaver is right - reducing poly functions are a big NO NO for game models!!! dave - as you may know I've only little time lately and I'm still working on a proper wall-light, but I'll definitely try to do at least one or two statues for you soon. I'll be in Spain next week, but after that I should have more time to spend on the mod again, at least I hope so (WorldCup is over anyway )
  5. I think you missunderstood oddity somehow - doublesided polygons don't work in d3 and even if they would work it wouldn't make any sense. it would mean a doubled polycount and nothing else. I guess the model isn't triangulated - same problem like in the other thread with the statues. if the materials don't work the model would be there but simply black.
  6. spring that's because the statues are not triangulated. however they need a lowpoly anyway, since I believe oddity modelled only highpoly ones, though I could be wrong with that.
  7. question is, how will mitten-hands look when AIs are actually doing something with their hands? I guess an archer will look quite strange with mitten hands, since he won't be able to draw the arrow correctly. (btw just in case someone's wondering - the guard is on ice, since I just can't come up with a proper solution for the sleeves without going too highpoly)
  8. if an object consists of several materials, than just give these parts different material names - just select the stonepart and give it a material well_stone und the wood part a well_wood material. since both materials are using the same texture files it's no extra work for the engine. (btw you don't have to name it 512 - that's not important and will probably just confuse people)
  9. I LOVE FRANCE! there's nothing more to say!
  10. lol randomness.. ricardo held 3 penalties that's skill and not randomness. I think penalties are actually quite a good way to bring a decision into such a game - it's all about skill (especially of the keeper) and not loosing your nerves.
  11. honestly what's the point except a lot of additional work? as orb said d3 mappers are used to these suffixes, what's the point of changing a proven system?
  12. that looks quite good! only the texture of the right post seems to be misaligned...
  13. well it's hard to see anything of the texture with that kind of lighting....
  14. yeah nice work on both Pinkdot!
  15. yes, but as you can see it's not just as easy as cutting something out of a photo - otherwise you'll get a quite cheap result.
  16. yes I'd also suggest to use an alpha map for the curvy parts - it won't cast a shadow, but that doesn't matter at all actually, since the lightsource should be placed on top of it anyway and so there won't be a shadow casted by these parts.
  17. well there is never a "special way" to do a texture, especially not for photosourced textures - every photo is different, every texture is different. that window is actually rather old, I don't have any WIP saves of it anymore - here's a gif of some steps for a dirty window (I know the bottom is cut, but well it doesn't really matter, does it?) normalmap (generated by highpoly model) ingame:
  18. I'm not 100% sure, but I don't think that FEAR uses the d3 engine...
  19. not sure what you mean about the convex objects - generally the collision model should be one single mesh wrapping around the model. it's ok to have intersecting polygons. well yes slightly, otherwise arrows etc would stick into the air as mentioned before.
  20. the window is self-illuminated the rest is just lit up quite bright. yes we discussed transparent glass, but came to the conclusion that it's not worth it - it would require a lot more polys and a particle effect + a glass shader and thus it'd mean quite a heavy performance drag. yes I plan to redo the walllight and I think that's enough, at least for now. so feel free to model something else for the city or mansion theme.
  21. it has to be in the same model file and I think also the same layer, since d3 doesn't support several layers.
  22. yeah I'll probably redo the whole model anyway - it lacks detail and is kinda boring. (I think it was one of my first models...)
  23. yeah you're right I totally agree - here's an update
  24. started to work on the city theme - here's a streetlamp
  25. collision mesh isn't THAT important, since you can always do it in less than 2 minutes actually..most of our models don't have a collision-model yet. but in case you want to do it now, just create an extra lowpoly model as closely around your gamemodel as possible but with as few polys as possible - for example the roll doesn't need to be really round for the collision model, but you also shouldn't draw a simple box around everything, since otherwise arrows will stick somehwere in the air. use this as a material name for the collision model: "textures/common/collision" hope that made any sense @atti actually we should create a collision model for everything at some point, since it'll bring a major performance boost. I noticed that in my mansion map - when you place an AI into the map it'll run a lot smoother with collision meshes, even if the model is very lowpoly anyway
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