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  1. well, here you are - 30min Photoshop work it doesn't really look good it was just an attempt.
  2. a new texture: a pavement-texture (<-- is that the right name ?) I wanted to test it in thief 3, however the bumpmap didn't work properly for some reasen. so I just uploaded the texture - somebody else should make the bumpmap for it
  3. Alexius stuff looks great, however I think your can't use it as a banner. So I would prefer Springheel's banner, which looks really thiefy
  4. well I don't think, that I'd be able to teach you anything about PS - first of all, cauze I'm German and so I'm using a german version of Photoshop. I'd be really hard for me to explain anything technical in english... It would be great if you can upload the building in the background, too
  5. hm, what do you think of this tweaked version I made: I also made the left side a little bit darker.
  6. I like the new one better but the words "New Tales in an old City" are IMO still difficult to read
  7. hm, what does "are released for free" mean ? can everybody use our textures, models and sounds in his mod or whatever he does ?? or do you just mean, that we can't sell them ?
  8. most of them are really nice but I think the white wooden door and the other white wood texture don't fit properly into the thiefworld.
  9. hm, the shadows look a little bit strange to me on the shot anyway I just uploaded a new texture and some other textures in new colors. a white wallpaper - actually I didn't had to do much on this, cauze almost everything already fit. demo: and here's the ceiling in yellow - I just changed the colors in Photoshop - its quite easy demo: I also changed the color of the panel.
  10. hm, the ceiling looks a little bit unsharp in doom3 in comparison to my thief 3 shots. I uploaded my bumpmap of the ceiling to the ftp and a new texture a made today. probably one of the most difficult textures I made yet - it's only a baroque wallpaper, however I only got a small piece of the wallpaper and so I had to draw about 1/5 of the hole texture in PS by hand. Hope I did a good job, so that you can't recognize the areas I made here's the demo: full version (512x512) on the ftp. I think the style fits to the panel and the ceiling - now we can create a whole thiefy room
  11. well, I made a bumpmap for the ceiling, but I think Fingernail made one, too, to test the texture ingame. nevertheless I can upload my bumpmap to the ftp. Now I'm working on some classic wallpaper in thief 2 style. I think we don't need to do bumpmaps for that BTW: Where the hell are the admins - you guys are still "normal" members and I assume you can't see the whole forum.
  12. your map looks great man yes the texture isn't perfect, however I thought it would look a little bit more old and medieval that way let's move this into the art-forum...
  13. I just tested them in Thief 3: @ New Horizon - yeah I've learned how to create bumpmaps
  14. I created this thread, so that the texture artists can present their work. Today I started to work on some victorian stuff, like in the Thief 2 texture-families VICM1-12. Here's what I've done so far: a wooden panel or whatever you call it in english... wooden ceiling - here the original T2 texture my photorealistic version: I plan to make them in various colors, like in thief 2. You can find em on the FTP as jpg - tga file-size was to big (around 4mb).
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