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  1. I agree to some extent. Flash really is rather buggy, slow, and finicky. However, I will say I'm dissappointed that there doesn't seem to be complete alternative to it yet, or at least not one that has gained enough popularity and acceptance. Maybe it's just me, but I'm starting to feel like a some of the online content that and creativity delivered through flash that used to make the Internet fun is dying with flash rather than moving to newer tech. I guess in a way I want fl...

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    2. SeriousToni


      youtube stops loading after some progress which is really enerving to me since my connection is so slow and I tend to preload...

    3. demagogue


      I don't see Flash going anywhere soon since it has cornered the market so much. Wasn't Java supposed to become the online standard?

    4. Mortem Desino

      Mortem Desino

      I was under the impression that HTML5 was the next step, but I think their plan is to release a stable version in 2014. Yuk.

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