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  1. Ah ok, sorry. I just based my assumption on that article you cited, which explicitly named Poland as one of the contries whose keys were geo-blocked. Didn't mean to be offensive or anything.
  2. I wonder how that will affect video game pricing here in europe, as they will have to equalize prizes accross the Europe. Considering how Germany yields the highest video game revenues in Europe, I don't expect they will lower the prices here much. Consequently, they will probably raise the prizes in eastern Europe quite a bit. So, sorry peter, I guess you'll have to pay more in the future.
  3. I have just tested it. It's really cool. All my games from GOG, Bethesda Launcher, Origin, Epic, Uplay, Battle.net and Steam under one hood. The only feature I am missing right now is "sort by date of purchase" because I usually want my most recent purchases at the top.
  4. We probably need @cabalistic here.
  5. As the title says! I am just curious. The answer doesn't necessarily have to be your all-time favorite game, because I would argue that some games even get better after the first playthrough. Obviously, all answers without major spoilers, please. So for me, it would be the Outer Wilds and the Splinter Cell Series. Outer Wilds, because it is an unbelievable intense experience to explore the physically simulated cold outer space and unravel the secret about that innovative 22-minute supernova timeloop that leads to some very interesting gameplay ideas. Sadly, it will never be the same
  6. There are no third world contries inside the EU and EU-rules only apply to EU-members, i.e., when you sell a product in EU-contries, so your whole argument is moot. That being said, yes, not everything the EU does is fantastic, but there are tons of really good things that the EU made happen and the British government are utter dumbasses for their Brexit and many many Brits and other Europeans will now suffer the consequences. But wow, the next topic derailed into a political discussion. Maybe we should start enforcing stricter on-topic rules.
  7. Using the fragment shader to render a fake sphere on flat surface. https://bgolus.medium.com/rendering-a-sphere-on-a-quad-13c92025570c
  8. I would even go so far to say that it's actually annoying due to those frequent unwanted viewport animations.
  9. It was not meant as trolling. Just wanted to point out in a funny way that there are tons of games exclusively being published on Steam and the same goes for Battlenet. This used to be true for Uplay and origin as well, but both can now be accessed through Steam as well. Admittedly, most exclusive Steam games are from indie devs that likely couldn't find a better publisher, but there are also AAA-titles, like Alyx or Left 4 Dead for instance. The only difference here is really that Epic pushed comparatively aggressively for exclusiveness in a time where people are used to buying almost ev
  10. I get that argument. So, consequently, you obviously are also not buying those tons of games released on PC only, exclusively via Steam, right?
  11. Oh really???? That's amazing, thanks! Gonna have to check that out!!
  12. All that hatred towards epic launcher, I don't get it. You get good sales there too and they frequently give you a 10€ coupon as well. What's bad about giving Steam some competition and paying devs more money while doing so? Then, there is also the fact that they give away games for free. Back when Steam was released, everybody was like "nooooo I don't want it, I don't want some company tracking all my games". Nowadays, nobody wants anything else than Steam. How times have changed... The only downside I see is that I never know under which service I own a specific game I want to pla
  13. Yeah, and there is also that mostly rectangular level design, which just doesn't look very natural in a medieval context. We are not designing modern north american cities here afterall. Obviously, those rectangular designs are due to the usage of brushwork instead of models and I actually don't mind it at all, but it does reduce realism.
  14. A more descriptive term for pupil detection is probably pupil localization: You have a calibrated camera setup and try to locate the pupils in 3d space with that. This task can usually be performed fairly accurately. Eye-tracking on the other hand usually refers to detecting what you are looking at, so you can control the mouse with your gaze for example. Pupil detection is actually one of the required steps in optical eye tracking. After the pupil center has been detected, the eye ball center also has to be estimated. Then, a ray is shot from the eye ball center through the pupil center
  15. That nostalgia hits hard!!
  16. Bummer, not on youtube. Would've gladly checked it out...
  17. Kind of weird to ask for restaurant recommendations on an international forum... So, I'd say Bissmark 92, it's a small premium burger restaurant in Herne, Germany, which only serves local bio beef. This way, you don't have that much of an invironmental bad conscience, when you eat that beefy burger! You should try it, it's only about 7000 km from where you live. Practically next door! ;-D
  18. I know there are a few VR fans here, so: https://www.ign.com/videos/hitman-3-sandbox-vr-trailer?sf135661317=1
  19. Here is to hoping for a Silent Hill 2 Remaster!!
  20. I mean, regardless of the rules, you are still supposed to socially isolate, instead of throwing a big party, but I don't want to start another Corona-discussion So, my woman and I have spent the evening in front of the TV and went to bed at half past 12, because our little one would awake at 7 am, regardless of whether we partied or not.
  21. Happy new year, everybody! It's been the most boring new year's eve ever!
  22. My graphics card doesn't even enable its fan until it's 50°C warm. Because of that, when the GPU is idle, it cycles periodically between 40°C and 50°C. I would actually prefer if the fan kept rotating at low speed all the time, as the occasional spin-up can be a bit distracting when working. I wonder if I could somehow configure that behavior? I've read reviews that my GPU was 60°C under heavy load. I could only reproduce that with opening the case and putting in on my table (rather than closed and inside my PC-cabinet). Considering the GPU enters thermal throttling at 83°C, I think my
  23. As this only happened with CP at first, I thought it was just a software issue. Lately, these crashes and bluescreens also happend with another game, however, which I found really suspicious. Turns out, the new graphics card has a significantly higher heat output, which made the whole system overheat. Luckily, I was able to resolve this issue with two case fans and removing the door of my PC-cabinet. I just performed a two-hour test in CP on maxed settings (with DLSS) and it didn't crash with the GPU running at 67°C. As a bonus, this also increased my performance quite a bit, as the GP
  24. Ok, that sounds a lot less negative now. I can live with that! Then again, you're always very critical, so I should be used to that! As for the monologue, there is actually an explanation for that. It is a spoiler, 'though, so only continue reading once you heard of "Polaris" in the game:
  25. You have approximate quest pointers where you need to go, but no ingame compass, which is good as it encourages you to actually pay attention to your surroundings. That being said, the single-layer map can be sometimes hard to read in those multi-layered areas, especially so because you cannot zoom in the map. Still, you'll find your way around somehow. Anyway, my personal experience with the game and the game's 85% on metacritic say that it is in fact NOT a good idea NOT to buy it...
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