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    To Orbweaver

    Please remember people suffering of arachnophobia. I have to block all avatars because of yours in opera, which aparently also blocks attached pictures... It would be a gesture most generous if thou were willst to remove the avatar of yours! I got used to spiders as good as possible in computergames, but in Reallife or even on pictures? OUTCH!!! I even sometimes wake up at night and think there is a spider crabbling over my arm. I am no sissy in general, but Spiders? Without me!!
  2. Sotha was right about minigame-hacking originally coming from System Shock, though...
  3. I just talked to namespace and he told me that Radiant 1.5 was capable of previewing projected textures, so what did you do to that beautiful feature? =)
  4. It's rather "how" than "where". If we have a rectangle window and the light shining in from the side, the projection should end up as an parallelogram and not "stay" a rectangle (like it was in TDS). But I think Dave just covered it... This was really a big flaw of TDS. You had to redo the texture to achieve the proper result, which in my oppinion should definitely be possible from within the editor, because it's a simple streching-operation. From my experience normal lights gave finer results. You just have to think about which lightsource "casts" that projection. If it's the moon or th
  5. Do you know whether it's possible to have the imaginary lightsource (e.g. the sun) not lighting straight into the window but from a different horizontal degree? This always bothered me in T3ED. It didn't seem to be possible. (And it always sucked to know, that your projected lighttextures are unrealistic) I made a quick sketch to illustrate what I mean here...
  6. I think there is no need for Doom 3 to be GPLed first. Look at "The Ship", "Counter Strike" or "Team Fortress". Valve decided that those mods were good enough to be payed for and why shouldn't ID software acknowledge that your mod is on a that high standard as well. Anyway, I understand and support your argumentation. Very generous!! =)
  7. With that advanced and professional content, you could even write to ID about your project. I could very well imagine your mod becoming a low-cost steamdownload, since ID brought their games to that platform. I know steam sucks etc. but many modteams made their first step to professional gamedevelopment - as far as "getting payed for it" is concerned - via steam. And I sure would (like to) pay money for this great mod. I say, give it a shot. Maybe you even get bigger support of ID software, but maybe I am also dreaming way too far ahead here... I LOVE TDM!!! Rock on...
  8. Simply Awsome!! Even just watching this video was a pure pleasure (atmosphere wise). Really sweet!! I think the problem with that pickup sound is just, that it's a bit too loud. A little more subtle and you're done... (Maybe lowering the footstep-sounds' volume a bit would be nice too) But that's really all I got to say. I can't wait to play the hell out of that game... =)
  9. I was especially amazed by how good doom3 can handle water effects. Those were really nice and fit into the whole design very well. Some underwater fog would be sweet though...
  10. But anyway, my point was, that you get sucked into the game's atmosphere very well and isn't that what a game should do disregarding of its general topic? I mean, if you don't like that you could just play Quake 3, but for long sessions I prefer games with more deepness. A good comparison is the xbox to the PC version of Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2. On the PC it's just a tactic shooter, with a mission briefing, some ingame radiomessages and that's it. On the Xbox version you got some really nice ingame cutscenes and some additive Helicopter-shooting action, that really made the game f
  11. Company of heroes has got amazing ingame cutscenes considering we are talking about a strategy game. Absolutely worth checking out. (I don't like strategy either, but I wanted to see it) And if you tell me now that ingame cutscenes in strategy games are also wrong without checking them out, I will be really sad... No seriously, they really make the game more interesting and since strategy games are boring , it's really nice to have the funfactor kept up by cutscenes that manage to bring the atmosphere of the 2nd worldwar along.
  12. Tomb Raider Legend and Anniversary both featured action cutscenes where you have to press certain buttons and I must admit that I really liked it. It made the actioncutscenes more interesting to the player and it was always like the reward for finishing a level. =) And Oddity, you kinda seem to denounce cutscenes in games at all. I think it always has to be a good mixture. Thief for instance always had too few cutscenes in my oppinion. And if they are done well, I don't even mind if there is a small cutscene every five minutes, like in "The Suffering" (part 1). They really pushed the creapy
  13. Haven't played the demo yet 'cause I got to learn a lot at the moment. But next week, I will surely give it a try. From the moment, that I saw the first trailer, I was looking forward to this game. I hope it will meet my expectations. After all I love horrorgames and I hate those, that don't really scare you. (e.g. Fear, Doom 3 etc)
  14. A feature like that would also be a new problem for mappers, 'cause they'd have to think a lot further, which materials they use when and how if they want the player to follow a certain way now and then... But that pulling crates on NPCs idea is awsome!! Kills (or knockouts) like that could get a special rating like in hitman: "Accidents: XX" .
  15. So I guess your inventors also put a small button on the end of the arrow which triggers the hooks to release. I always wondered how Garrett managed to pull those arrows out of the wood, while jumping off the rope onto a ledge. I mean, those carry his own weight as we said before already!!
  16. So this is kinda a weird question, but is it possible to shoot rope arrows into dead bodies or AI? That could make it so funny... Imagine a clueless guard walking over a bridge and the player shoots and rope arrow at him and tries to climb it, so that the guard falls down... But I can see that this would be impossible with AI since the ragdolls are only activated when they are dead. So in the end, it's just a funny thought!! =)
  17. STiFU


    I guess you know this one already, but here you go: Steampunk LCD and Keyboard Also check out the other projects there, like the steampunk guitar. (Not that cool, but still awsome ) But of course this is not so much of inspiration, since there shouldn't be any computers in TDM!!
  18. I was a little biased towards those mechanists at first too, but in the end I really loved them. And I wouldn't say, that those creatures would fit into any real time period... =) I mean Robots whose energy sources are heat (or smoke?!) created from little ovens inside them?? And I just wanted to add: Ominious Bequest sure was the greatest FM ever... =)
  19. Yeah the problem was, that you had to place the portals yourself and if those portals are too big, it hurts the performance instead auf increasing it...
  20. Yeah, but we have to admit that the leveldesigners were also limited by the crappy engine here. Big open air areas are simply impossible if you want to stick to the normal level of detail (especially amount of lights). When I started working with T3ed, not knowing shit about the engine, I planned a classic thief style map, much freelance, a lot to explore, but not THAT big, since it was my first map with the editor... Of course that project died due to huge fps problems.
  21. Yeah, but that's what happens to nearly all of today's commercial games and I guess we have to life with it. The times of Big labyrinths and absolute unlinear gameplay are as good as over! Anyway, don't wanna turn this into a "modern gameindustry" discussion, so please don't react on this post...
  22. They were really the standard zombies? I didn't see that at all, mostly because the animations were totally different and I was so scared of them that I couldn't take a closer look. Damn, was I shocked when I knocked down one of them the first time (You should not read further if you haven't played the cradle yet, it's damn fun to experience it the first time)
  23. Hmn. It could be fun, but it seems way too unrealistic to me. I mean such a camera is really huge and the playercharacter is probably not Guybrush Threepwood, who can fit anything no matter which size into his trousers... But hey, I just got an idea. Garrett has a kinda High-tech mechanical eye and also the camera-eye was introduced to us, so why shouldn't this camera be upgraded with a "picture saving" function. If you give a nice hint that some friend of Garrett has modified the normal camera-eye to take pictures now, that would definitely work for me. Of cours this implies, that the pla
  24. It was surely a great mission and it really gave me the creeps (in a nice way), but it wasn't really the classic thief experience. It'd rather fit the setting of games like Silent Hill or The Suffering. I'd really love to play another one of those missions for thief anyway though, so mappers, start working!!
  25. Hehe, I will definitely enjoy the game and I can't wait for its release. But seriously, a futuristic hud in a kind of medievil setting?! I guess the first fan mods will replace that designmistake. How would you like if Crysis came up with a Thief-style Hud? It's the same problem!! It just kills the good atmosphere. Aside from that I think Assasins creed is coming along with a really great Atmosphere and definitely great gameplay...
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