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  1. How about a script for randomized readables aligning words to senseless sentences? No seriously, better concentrate on your beautifull map than on meaningless stuff like randomising. After all, randomising has never been important in informatics, or has it? ;D
  2. I just peeked around the forum a bit, because I was bored and I found this discussion very interesting. I once tried a bruteforce cracker on a rar file, but after a day I stopped it. Anyway, I'd like to say something to Fidcal's example which wasn't quite correct. If you got a 24-characters-long password, every position of the password can be one of the 100 characters. So on the total, you got 100^24=10^48 combinations of possible passwords, which is still a very big number, but of course not even close to factorial of 100 multiplied by 24. What Fidcal possibly had in mind was the formula for the number of combinations, while assuming that every character may only be used once per password, which would create factorial of 100 devided by factorial of (100 - 24) = 100 * 99 * 98 * ... * 77 = 49,497 * 10^45 possible combinations.
  3. You just got me interested in this mod... ;D No seriously, I am fucking curious what you're talking about! Edit: Crap!! Don't tell me you got sneakin' spiders. WAHHH!
  4. Also, guards causing no footstepps at all would make the game frustrating in the end, even WITH the "glass arrow", since you woun't be shooting one at every corner, but an elite guard could sneak around every corner. Footsteps can be smoothed out when they sneak, but not completely removed. So the glassarrow would only be needed on longrange-hearing.
  5. Thief? Or maybe Hitman 5, but since hitman 5 was scheduled after Kane&Lynch long before, I guess they wouldn't talk about reviving there...
  6. Crossbow with KO-arrows, a sniper with silencer, hacking, lockpicking and a medium to fully skilled sniperweapon handling is all I need... You should get the trailer at fileshack for example, but you'll need a login there. But you could also just ask google.....
  7. Sotha is absolutely right! Deus Ex 1 was my favorite game for a very long time. It has opportunities for everyone. I even got the extra classy glamour box of Deus Ex 1 and a big poster of J.C. Denton (the protagonist) up here in my room. But sorry, Deus Ex 2 was pure failure. I didn't even finish it, altough I thought 'till that very moment, that I was a Deus Ex fanatic. So I am not too psyched about DE now, like I was before DE 2 was released. Let's see how the third part turns out, but I bet it woun't be any good, because of todays gamedevelopment industry (like Sotha already pointed out again). DAMN YOU SIMPLY STRUCTURED CONSOLE GAMERS!!!
  8. STiFU

    To Orbweaver

    Exactly!! I know it sounds really weird, but it's all psychological. In a computer game I even get this slightly creepy feeling all over my body, but I know that it's just virtual spiders (just like I know that I don't backstab real humans on the pc). And yes, I can touch those thin-legged spiders, I am sure though that I'd start screaming if one of them crawled under my pullover! It's just a headthing and I know my fear is irrational and I could possibly do something about it. But at the moment I prefer simply blocking pictures like that... And by the way, of course my post was not a serious request, but rather an indirect cry for help, which was heard fastly. Thanks!
  9. STiFU

    To Orbweaver

    Yeah, I got those both. But thanks anyway... I was actually referring to oDDity's post. It's always easy to "laugh" about stuff that doesn't touch you. I can deal with any other animal, no problems at all. And it's even just the spiders with the big bodies and thick legs. The ones with real thin legs are no problem for me either. I can even touch them...
  10. It's a nice idea, but to be honest, I don't think it's necessary. I wasn't surprised by a guard very often and if it happened I just hit f for the flashbang and busted out. Your idea might become interesting to mappers though. Imagine a long hallway with a carpet in its center and a broken vase somewhere on the way. This would make gameplay more demanding on such an area. Wet carpet could have the same result only with a lower amplitude. The suggestion that all vases and bottles should be breakable for this purpose isn't that good in my oppinion, because we saw that guards are able to throw bottles and stuff, which would create a lot of noisy-floors...
  11. STiFU

    To Orbweaver

    Yeah well, gonna ignore the blunt... What you guys say sounds reasonable though, but I ain't got the time to do a therapy about it, at least not the next few years, so I am going to have to live with it a bit longer. This Arachnophobia has its advantages though. Computergames with spiders involved feel a lot deeper for me, than for the normal player. When I think back to the t2 minifm "Deceptive Perception", when that mega spider suddenly apeared behind you, man that gave me the creeps... AAAnyway, I just found that under "My Controlls" it can be specified, whether to show or not show the avatars. I somehow couldn't block the picture it self but a filter like "http://forums.thedarkmod.com/uploads/*.jpg" . So instead of not showing avatars at all, I know block "http://forums.thedarkmod.com/uploads/av*254.jpg" . The * is important, although nonsense. Ok, topic can be closed and thanks for your participation...
  12. STiFU

    To Orbweaver

    Macsen, I woun't click on that link, sry. I know just too many people who think arachnophobia is a joke and send me videos of spiders fighting frogs etc. . I once even hyperventilated because I saw a picture of a tarantula-banana milkshake being made in a blender... I'm gonna check that though, Orb!!
  13. STiFU

    To Orbweaver

    Please remember people suffering of arachnophobia. I have to block all avatars because of yours in opera, which aparently also blocks attached pictures... It would be a gesture most generous if thou were willst to remove the avatar of yours! I got used to spiders as good as possible in computergames, but in Reallife or even on pictures? OUTCH!!! I even sometimes wake up at night and think there is a spider crabbling over my arm. I am no sissy in general, but Spiders? Without me!!
  14. Sotha was right about minigame-hacking originally coming from System Shock, though...
  15. I just talked to namespace and he told me that Radiant 1.5 was capable of previewing projected textures, so what did you do to that beautiful feature? =)
  16. It's rather "how" than "where". If we have a rectangle window and the light shining in from the side, the projection should end up as an parallelogram and not "stay" a rectangle (like it was in TDS). But I think Dave just covered it... This was really a big flaw of TDS. You had to redo the texture to achieve the proper result, which in my oppinion should definitely be possible from within the editor, because it's a simple streching-operation. From my experience normal lights gave finer results. You just have to think about which lightsource "casts" that projection. If it's the moon or the sun use a parallel light, if it's just a streetlantern use a normal light...
  17. Do you know whether it's possible to have the imaginary lightsource (e.g. the sun) not lighting straight into the window but from a different horizontal degree? This always bothered me in T3ED. It didn't seem to be possible. (And it always sucked to know, that your projected lighttextures are unrealistic) I made a quick sketch to illustrate what I mean here...
  18. I think there is no need for Doom 3 to be GPLed first. Look at "The Ship", "Counter Strike" or "Team Fortress". Valve decided that those mods were good enough to be payed for and why shouldn't ID software acknowledge that your mod is on a that high standard as well. Anyway, I understand and support your argumentation. Very generous!! =)
  19. With that advanced and professional content, you could even write to ID about your project. I could very well imagine your mod becoming a low-cost steamdownload, since ID brought their games to that platform. I know steam sucks etc. but many modteams made their first step to professional gamedevelopment - as far as "getting payed for it" is concerned - via steam. And I sure would (like to) pay money for this great mod. I say, give it a shot. Maybe you even get bigger support of ID software, but maybe I am also dreaming way too far ahead here... I LOVE TDM!!! Rock on...
  20. Simply Awsome!! Even just watching this video was a pure pleasure (atmosphere wise). Really sweet!! I think the problem with that pickup sound is just, that it's a bit too loud. A little more subtle and you're done... (Maybe lowering the footstep-sounds' volume a bit would be nice too) But that's really all I got to say. I can't wait to play the hell out of that game... =)
  21. I was especially amazed by how good doom3 can handle water effects. Those were really nice and fit into the whole design very well. Some underwater fog would be sweet though...
  22. But anyway, my point was, that you get sucked into the game's atmosphere very well and isn't that what a game should do disregarding of its general topic? I mean, if you don't like that you could just play Quake 3, but for long sessions I prefer games with more deepness. A good comparison is the xbox to the PC version of Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2. On the PC it's just a tactic shooter, with a mission briefing, some ingame radiomessages and that's it. On the Xbox version you got some really nice ingame cutscenes and some additive Helicopter-shooting action, that really made the game far more enjoyable. On the PC you didn't even know what exactly you were doing there... And please don't tell me now that I am evil, because I shot the same Mexicans twice, once on the Xbox and once on the PC! I just don't neglect wargames...
  23. Company of heroes has got amazing ingame cutscenes considering we are talking about a strategy game. Absolutely worth checking out. (I don't like strategy either, but I wanted to see it) And if you tell me now that ingame cutscenes in strategy games are also wrong without checking them out, I will be really sad... No seriously, they really make the game more interesting and since strategy games are boring , it's really nice to have the funfactor kept up by cutscenes that manage to bring the atmosphere of the 2nd worldwar along.
  24. Tomb Raider Legend and Anniversary both featured action cutscenes where you have to press certain buttons and I must admit that I really liked it. It made the actioncutscenes more interesting to the player and it was always like the reward for finishing a level. =) And Oddity, you kinda seem to denounce cutscenes in games at all. I think it always has to be a good mixture. Thief for instance always had too few cutscenes in my oppinion. And if they are done well, I don't even mind if there is a small cutscene every five minutes, like in "The Suffering" (part 1). They really pushed the creapy atmosphere along. BTW, great game...
  25. Haven't played the demo yet 'cause I got to learn a lot at the moment. But next week, I will surely give it a try. From the moment, that I saw the first trailer, I was looking forward to this game. I hope it will meet my expectations. After all I love horrorgames and I hate those, that don't really scare you. (e.g. Fear, Doom 3 etc)
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