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  1. Yeah, it really works out great. Especially if you are used to that weapon layout from quake 3 online play... ;) Was pretty much fun. Though, I still felt there were too less monsters. Should rather have been like Serious Sam in some areas. Or like good old quake 1 (which is still the #1 game in coop in my oppinion). :D

  2. That's exactly the problem in the gaming industry right now. There are so few gamedevelopers trying to create something really new. They prefer to fake some of the old good-selling games just because of the money... -_- I mean, I understand that it has become a lot harder for them nowadays because of all that software piracy and publishers cuting the money off, but meh?! Even Bethesda, the one company I always trusted in, released a very good PC-series to the xbox as well and what turns out of it? The same crap that happened to Deus Ex and Thief. (I guess you see that I am talking about Oblivion, which is nothing compared to the complexity of Morrowind. Just way too simple!!) Consoles are making games stupid!! Don't get me wrong here. Most of them are still fun, but neither as challenging nor as interesting as the really good games. :)


    Kinda highjacking the topic here, but I thought this thread is nearly dead anyway, so why not going for it? :)

  3. All in all Prey was very intuitive, but since you didn't play quake 4 through yet, I'd rather not judge. Have you played it 'till the part where you become a strogg? Becuase from then on it's damn much fun... :) You move a lot faster... But I see your point. After some time Doom 3 really wasn't too frightening anymore, but still a good shooter if you like it the simple plain way! :>

  4. Yeah... Static meshes are called models in Radiant. Sorry, forgot about that.... But I have only created very simple models for the radiant so far, because it was rather for testing purposes. Still those are way more powerfull and pure bsp. You can add so much detail with them and you'll get used to the tools very fast. So with them time, you'll rather want to start 3ds max (or whatever you prefer) instead of twidling around with brushes... :)

  5. So you demand more complex gameplay in a doomtitle? But you know that we are talking about doom here, right? :P Honestly, Doom 3 fulfilled all my expectations. A really stupid(in a good way), fast and atmospheric (sometimes shocking), evil shooter... Kind of Serious sam, only less sick, but more evil! In my oppinion, Doom should always remain a classic shooter. The PDA and the soulcube were already enough new features... But I can understand your concern. We tend to demand more froms the games of today than from the early ones.


    Lets get to those background sounds: In quake 4 you got way more integrated into the whole action compared to Doom 3, so we see that ID software is actually capable of scenes like that. So I'd rather ask, why did they not do it that way in doom 3? Perhaps they were following an aim. Hearing these sounds without actually seeing what is going on there. The intention of that might have been to show the player how helpless he basically is against these evil forces. He hears about all those bad things, but can't do shit about it. I guess this adds a lot to the overall atmosphere and catches the title very good. The player is "doomed"... :) But I might be interpreting too much into this, like I always do. After all, I really liked those sounds (especially with 5.1 surround they just rocked), so my oppinion is very subjective.

  6. Yeah, it's not very realistic. But I think it's reasonable provided you don't look too closely, and it does save us a heap of time compared to any of the better approaches (that involve phonemes).


    I agree. It's simply unnecessary to put so much effort into this just for lipsynching. It was fun though to see correct lip synching with selfrecorded audio samples in "The Movies"... :)


    @bob_arctor: Looking good, but I think you would do a lot better if you created a more detailed static mesh for the balcony. I know it means more work, but creating stuff like that from bsp looks way too much like Half Life one... ;) Please don't take this as an insult, but rather as constructive critizism.... :)

  7. Basically it doesn't even matter what your maps look like now, guys. As we all know it will still take some time 'till TDM will be released, so you guys still got lots of time to improve. :) Also it doesn't even matter too much to me what your missions look like. They should just be fun to play, that's all!! :) GL with that...

  8. I was actually already thinking about taking part in this. I can create static meshes, maps and music. But the problem is that my studies recently started and I really got no freetime at all anymore. Ascottk already knows about that from our T3-project "The Cabal", in which I am also taking part in. So first I'll have to help get that project finished, though my only help there was giving advice or just discussing features and stuff like that 'till now. University steals all my time... :(


    On the other side T3 just pisses me off and I'd like to get rid of that shit and help with finishing this assumingly great mod. Perhaps in a half year or a whole year I could help. But as it is now, I'll have to drop you... :( Crap!!! Radiant is so much better than this crappy unrealED...

  9. To me it makes sense... And I am not involved either, but with a bit of gamedev experience or a basic knowledge of what has to be done and stuff like that it would be nice to read it... :> Anyway, if you think it's rather impossible just leave it as it is. I don't want to get demanding here!! Some more newsupdates on your mainsite would be really nice though!! :P

  10. Hmn I see... But if it would be something everyone of you developers has access to to edit it, it would be possible I guess. Everytime one of you has finished something just put a "done" behind it. And everytime u decide on a new feature or something add it to the list. It would be really interestings to the ppl who can't wait for tdm to be released (like me) and of course it would be very practical to you guys too. A quick database... :)


    EDIT: Saw your post too late. But that's basically the same I suggested. The Wiki idea is really good, because there is also the feature "recent changes" of a page. You can see even faster than what has been done in the last weeks... :) Very nice!!

  11. Hey people,

    I am checking the darkmod page for news on your progress very frequently and you're doing some great work!! :) But I was wondering whether you could post a public ToDo list here in the forums, so that interested fans can see more often what is going on... :) If you want to keep some things secret, it's still understandable though...





    EDIT: To give you an idea what I mean here: A normal checklist that shows what you have implemented already, what you are working on right now and what has to be implemented in the near future. ;)

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