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  1. 25 minutes ago, Oktokolo said:

    Nort seems to have 

    I don't see memes there. Looks like Nort has a negative diplomacy skill and likes finding and fixing bugs. Some fixes actually got approved by a developer (and yes, that the console is full of errors and warnings by default isn't really nice when you try to debug your own errors). So i see nothing banworthy in my casual scrolldown of "Everything posted by Nort".

    Wonder, what's actually going on here.

    The most critical stuff has already been deleted, as we don't want to foster a harmful environment in these forums. We want to be as welcoming to newcomers as possible.

  2. A sad and heartwarming topic... ❤️ 


    On 6/29/2022 at 5:40 PM, OrbWeaver said:

    It's all those damn Social Clubbers ruining everything...

    On 6/29/2022 at 4:17 PM, Xolvix said:

    We may just be "nothing more than a cult posing as a game development project", 

    ...but I have to just take a moment and appreciate, that these quotes are probably gonna turn into a running gag on these forums. ;) 

  3. Supraland, the best first person puzzle game of the decade, is free on epic right now. I had a blast playing it a few years back and I am still waiting for the DLC to finally become afordable.

    My Steam-Review:
    <<This game is so fun! You frequently feel like "is this the intended solution or am I glitching this puzzle?". Brilliant! The mechanics are awesome and open the game up massively towards the end. So many possibilities!>>

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  4. On 6/13/2022 at 12:11 PM, Nort said:

    No, but if I did, I wouldn't uninstall it. I don't uninstall things I buy, and when I don't uninstall things, I'm not looking to replace it with something only marginally better, just so that I can have three programs doing the same thing. I have a low end quick program, and a high end program, and that's as far as I go. I don't have some "Tuesday option" or "suave alternative".

    I wouldn't just call it "maginally better", considering the crappy image quality of the screenshots you've been posting. 😄 

    I guess some people just don't wanna be helped?

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  5. On 6/2/2022 at 3:42 AM, Nort said:

    Are you refering to the image quality? It's because of the file size limitation of the forum. I could probably make the images better than to just make them 25% and save them as gifs, but I figured that you've seen crates and stairs before, right? :P

    Just use JPEG and you're good.

  6. On 4/16/2022 at 8:36 PM, HMart said:

    I think I found the real problem

    on the player cpp file on UpdateConditions() function

    this code 

    // DarkMod: Catch the creep modifier
    	else {
    		int creepLimit = cv_pm_creepmod.GetFloat() * 127;
    		AI_CREEP = (usercmd.buttons & BUTTON_CREEP) ||
    			(idMath::Abs(usercmd.forwardmove) <= creepLimit && idMath::Abs(usercmd.rightmove <= creepLimit));


    Needs to be like this

    // DarkMod: Catch the creep modifier
    	else {
    		int creepLimit = cv_pm_creepmod.GetFloat() * 127;
    		AI_CREEP = (usercmd.buttons & BUTTON_CREEP) |
    			(idMath::Abs(usercmd.forwardmove) <= creepLimit && idMath::Abs(usercmd.rightmove) <= creepLimit);


    The close ) for the idMath::Abs was on the wrong place.

    The change to bitwise OR |  instead of the logic OR || was a recommendation of visual studio 2022, not something I really know if necessary, changing that didn't solved the bug nor the behavior, a better programmer may explain why VS recommended that change.

    VS probably recommended to change to bitwise OR because a bitwise AND was used in the term before that and VS did not understand that what we actually want is a boolean. I bet if you changed it to 

    AI_CREEP = (usercmd.buttons & BUTTON_CREEP) != 0 ||
       (idMath::Abs(usercmd.forwardmove) <= creepLimit && idMath::Abs(usercmd.rightmove) <= creepLimit);

    , i.e., convert the bitwise AND result directly to bool, VS would not recommend to change the OR operator.

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  7. 21 hours ago, Amadeus said:

    I 100 percent agree with you on Enderal's beginning. It is far from ideal. I just found the Sun Coast to be dreadfully boring, tbh. I dread it when starting a new playthough and try to run to the Ark as fast as I can. That said, the beginning is pretty much the only major downside and the rest of the game makes up for this flaw tenfold

    Haha, wow. It's incredible, how differently people can perceive such things. I found the intro to be very intriguing, actually. First the dream with father to set the scene with a beautiful soundtrack and a drastic turning point, then the ship trip that serves as a short tutorial and to configure your character much similar to the Morrowind intro, then that mysterious veiled lady appears and does the unspeakable, then a dramatic showdown on the ship deck, and finally you're left shipwrecked on the coast of Enderal. All of that so mysterious, that I kept wondering what is happening here and so, I eagerly started playing to learn more about all of this.

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  8. 19 minutes ago, datiswous said:

    Is it important to get the SE version? I don't have Skyrim SE, only original.

    8 minutes ago, AluminumHaste said:

    I tried playing this on the last version of Skyrim and it ran like absolute shit. Like 50 fps stutter fest, where Skyrim ran at 200fps+ with a ton of 4k texture mods and high poly items etc.

    I was super disappointed.

    Aside from x64 support and some new post-processing features, the SE version apparently also comes with quite a few bugfixes and better performance.

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  9. I've had zero issues like that. Hm... You did use Skyrim SE and the SE Version of Enderal, didn't you? Furthermore, there is a mod called "Enderal SE- Bug Fixes" that is also mandatory. If you have further troubles running the game, you can go to the SureAI discord and ask for help.

    The start is confusing and surreal, yes. That is by design, as the story is based on that. But clumsy and muddled? 😞 

    Here are some further essential mods I recommend, excluding high-quality-mods (except for the NPC-faces and hair mod)


    Additionally to these, I recommend to install "Alternate Conversation Camera", which gives you a nice oblivion-like camera view in conversations, and some ENB, preferably the pretty but berformance intense Steamin ENB.

  10. 1 minute ago, esme said:

    "how many people would have semi-iron manned Hazard Pay of their own volition?" - presumably those that wanted to ?

    Sorry but I'm still not seeing anything in being "Forced", "Encouraged" or not being my "own volition" that makes me want to rush out & play this

    But if that's what people want, let 'em have at it, I won't be joining them though

    Consider it a special challenge for those who want it. The others can just pick an easier difficulty, so what's the problem here?

    Dark Souls would not have worked as well as it did if it was easier and allowed for quicksaves. It is the tension of being able to lose "everything" within seconds when you're not careful enough that makes players come back to the game again and again. It is exhilarating!

    Catering not only to casual players, but also to the hardcore-stealth players (like most Thief players think they are), who want a bit of a challenge, is a commendable thing to do in my book. So @kingsal, thank you for that! Please don't get discouraged by this minor backlash.

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  11. Not being able to save at will creates a lot of tension, which might be desired by the mission author.

    As for me personally, I love the tension created by that. Every action you perform just carries that much more weight if you cannot reload right away and try again. Because of that, I always play with a very low "save game frequency" and only reload when I die.

    Not everyone thinks this way, obviously. Still, I would leave this decision up to the intend of the author.

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  12. I finally gave Enderal a shot and this game is absolutely incredible. As a native german speaker, I use the original German version ofcourse, which features some really good voice acting. Almost all quest are actually quest-chains and very interestingly written. And the game has more in common with Morrowind than with Skyrim, which is a good thing to me. It could have been the perfect game, if they had described where you have to go in the quest text rather than relying on quest pointers, so that you could completely disable HUD and quest tracking, giving you that ultimate Morrowind feeling. It is an astonishingly good game regardless!

    As far as graphics are concerned, I modded the hell out of this game, as per usual with Skyrim. 😄 Right now, I have 60 mods installed About 10 of those mods relate to gameplay / quality of life improvements, but the rest is just graphics mods, which take my 3060 Ti down to 40 fps in some rather unoptimized scenes. Usually, I get 70-80 fps, 'though. It looks almost as good as some next-gen titles. Might post some screenies soon, if you want.

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  13. 2 hours ago, NeonsStyle said:

    No, the discord is to promote the growth of the game, and the community. It's not just
    for us. It's a great place for new mappers to ask questions and get them answered pretty
    quick which improves their chances of making a map, or assets and feeling like they've
    contributed. It's not a special club lol.

    I agree. Whenever I have questions about a game and cannot find a quick answer via google, my first instinct is to search for a Discord server. You usually get an answer in no time. Being able to interact with the devs and give feedback is also way more common via Discord than via some forums.

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  14. 11 hours ago, Anderson said:

    [...] or do a jailbreak for the iOS. The benefits of those updates have always been questionable starting even from the earliest mobile Apple devices.

    I decisively reject to do any iOS support! 😄 Everytime I touched her phone when she had any problems with it, I got so angry about how stupidly closed-shut the whole system is, so that I decided I am not gonna do it anymore. If she wants technical support on her phone, she'll have to get an Android phone and that's just it! 😄

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  15. Yeah, she was really concerned about the watch 3 not working on her (hypothetical) future phone, so we ended up compromising on the Watch SE for 280€ and it made her really happy, so I guess the money was worth it. 🙂 

    Anyway, I now realized, the fact that I don't understand the need for a smart watch, especially not one from Apple, has no relevance in this regard. If she wishes for one, I'll have to accept that, just like she has to accept that I spend tons of money on PC-stuff and games! 😄 I just hope it's not another gimmic that will be used for a few weaks and lands in the drawer afterwards.

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  16. I profoundly dislike everything about Apple and their over-expensive products. That being said, my gf does not share that sentiment and she now wants to get an apple watch. 😞

    You can get the old watch series 3 for a (barely) acceptable amount of money, but she argues that update-support might end soon, like it already did for series 1 and 2. So my question is, does that even matter? Will the Apple watch magically stop working with a more modern iPhone? I couldn't find any answers to this question via googling, as I kept landing on general troubleshooting threads.

  17. On 1/10/2022 at 5:05 PM, stgatilov said:

    And it means that if you see a fully-translucent object (like flask) in dark room, you won't notice anything when you frob-highlight it. It does not solve the problem that we wanted to solve with outline.

    That is not entirely correct. When we started, we had two goals and two separate methods to achieve them: One, we wanted to move the surface-frobhighlight to GLSL in order to get rid of that damn material definition clutter, and two, we wanted to solve the brightness-issue (not seeing highlighted objects in brightly lit areas) with the frob-outline. Let's have a look at each of methods/goals separately now:

    • Our new GLSL-surface-highlight allows us to remove the material definition, yay, but it does not work for all types of materials, because some materials require customization to work well!
    • The dark outline-frob-highlight solves the brightness-issue, as the dark outline is perfectly visible in brightly lit areas, but a proper surface highlight is required so our frob-highlight also works in dark areas.

    So, to me, there is only one logical conclusion: We need a proper surface-highlight for all materials! That means, we have to retain material-based customization in some form, as I already suggested a few months ago. 

    Yes, the implementation might be a little messier in our engine, but it would be the best solution for the player and that's would we should focus on, shouldn't we? The combination dark-outline and regular surface-highlight is objectively the best solution.

  18. 5 hours ago, Frost_Salamander said:

    I stumbled onto this video: https://youtu.be/-oTfH90psC4. I'm a huge fan of SWAT 4, and was greatly looking forward to its spiritual successor, Ready or Not: https://voidinteractive.net/. Anyways, the video is really good,it points out all the details, which we all know really makes the difference when mapping!

    I am excited for that game as well. Let's hope the recent controversy regarding a school shooting level will be resolved.

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