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  1. These decals have problems in bf3, crysis 2 and other games, with the physic entities, and other models... and add weight to the game.
  2. Yes. The official doom 3 radiant have some bugs, crashes and more problems, and dont have the layers system...
  3. Why if now the doom 3 is open source and have all code to change and see. This to darkradiant for darkmod or other mods or games using id tech 4.
  4. Have for move the vertices of the patch but no a tools like first post.
  5. Yes. But with this dont need exit from editor to make the model or export some brushes from editor to 3d editor for check the sizes of terrain for make this, and dont need import the model of terrain and the texture. This tool is for make this more faster. Create a patch, use the terrain tool for model this, apply texture, clone and blend the 2ยบ layer and end.
  6. Yes but for me the best tool is the Blend Tool yes or yes, for make the terrains details of textures all in the editor and dont make external model of ground to import as entity in the editor and using normal terrain textures, no mega textures for one model
  7. Hi this last years i have playing with diferent editors and engines, id tech engines with all radiants , iw radiant, cryengine... I working now with this editor "DarkRadiant" look like best than real doom 3 editor, but in id tech radiants, i dont see a utility for terrain or blend tool and this tool is very useful, now i post how works this tools if like put in the DarkRadiant and other ideas. The Basic Terrain/Patch tool like IW Radiant, for move massive vertices in the patch using the 3d camera window in the editor. (Only for patchs) (For fast change the height of terrains with (Height /
  8. Hi Today, i download the darkradiant, and at start, i see buttons etc and boxes 2d and 3d but in the boxes dont see any. What is the problem ? I use Windows 7 x64 and opengl 4.1. Ty.
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