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  1. That delay of movement when you carry on chest or other heavy stuff. I am still thinking that only way is the slow down the character (when carry on that). Delay is stupid IMO.
  2. I dont know if it was tells about it earlier but i wanna back to this topic. Two things worry me. Water and overlay texture (swiming) - I watched different games and i think is better to use fog under water than a overlay texture. Cound somewone try it? Carrying chest - I beg! Bring back the normal movment of kept chests and reduce only the speed of walking with. Please.
  3. Why wrong time ? Its the same time like on orginal file.
  4. Could someone to publish files to the normal moving of carried objects? I am still cant look at this proposed slow movement.
  5. Meny months ago i made my own version of splash screen launch.tga for Widescreen Monitors (16:10). I cant watch that streached picture any longer . I think today to share it with you, mabey somebody will be use it. In game it looks like this: Tga file is here: http://thief.ovh.org/darkmod/launch.rar
  6. Mabey its becouse you doing now something with SVN. I cant make update. While i am updating have mesaage: Error: In directory 'D:\games\Doom 3\darkmod\textures\darkmod\plaster' Error: Can't copy 'D:\games\Doom 3\darkmod\textures\darkmod\plaster\.svn\tmp\text-base\halftimber_2windows.tga.svn-base' to 'D:\games\Doom 3\darkmod\textures\darkmod\plaster\.svn\tmp\halftimber_2windows.tga.tmp.tmp': No error When i close the window and run update again i have this message: Error: Failed to add file 'D:\games\Doom 3\darkmod\textures\darkmod\plaster\halftimber_pattern1_local.tga': object of the same name already exists When i delete that texture and run update problem will be again.
  7. Why "testmap"? To run map is only "map". "testmap" is for compile but i prefer "dmap". Ok i take all my last textures with this snow one and make update on betamapper svn.
  8. I am made the snow texture http://thief.ovh.org/darkmod/shot00009.jpg Ready to add to SVN ? ps. This smal shiny dots on snow texture its a something like light reflections when you looking on the snow. I try to make that effect using specularmap.
  9. Yes, there is a problem with ladder, at the bottom i can only jump out of the ladder or move down and try go out. Oh and its happen only when we wanna go out to left or right side of ladder, wen we move behind than its ok. EDIT: IMO its not a problem with game or wrong construction in edtor. I check this in DR and its look fine. I try to check the ladders in Doom3, its looks like a ladder working just like that.
  10. Me too. But in TDS i bind creep, not walk to right mouse button.
  11. Oh and i have something about map. Outside it is posible to climb on the wall near the corner. Author rather want to use rope and way using roof but its posible to change his plans .
  12. When i play and push Esc i only see background of menu, sometimies background with paper on right but when its happen i cant use menu options, its doesnt exist. That bug i have only few timies, not always. That i wanna say, sorry for my english. About that weapon animation suggestion i try to tell about it more corectly in english. Its almost the same like with that lean problem. Example: using mouse scroll i change from blackjack to bow. Sword is between and i must wait for animation to take sword to a hand than take sword back. First: sword animations are to long, second: it shoud be able to switch faster between weapons. When player taking sword to hand and in this moment i swith to another weapon that animation shoud stop and switch to new one. Mabey its more realistic but not comfortable.
  13. I have also few suggestions: - We must wait to finish animation of lean to change direction of lean. - The same with weapon, when we choose sword we must wait to finish animation "take sword" than klik and wait while "take off animation" is over than the bow is take. When we chosing new weapon the last ones animations shoud stop and switch to another. - Useless aniamtion of menu position - that fade in of words. Always i must wait to load all words in menu. Second is that we can click menu positions before its load in - looks like bug. - Walking speed is to slow. - Height of moment when player climb up is to low. it shoud be switch to climb exacly when the jump in is imposible for a player, not faster. - Always run dont work (i try to set it from config file). - Bloom efect dont work - When i play sometimes menu dont open after cliking Esc. - it is posible to make one button for Frob and Use item (like in old thiefs ?).
  14. Bloom dont work in that pre-beta (black screen, only hud). It working in testers version of TDM. Strange.
  15. Sorry but for me head of that creature looks like frog. I cant explain that, i see it.
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