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  1. Ishtvan, I raced through your post as I'm at work, so pardon me if I'm stating what you've already written. First thing, loudness (dB) decreases as the inverse square of the distance, yes I think retracting aditional dB depending on the material the sound collides against is well in order, but coming up with a muffling factor for every material is more a trial and error thing - it all boils down to what "feels right" ingame. Regarding your steps question - a whisper heard from 10cm is about 30dB loud. A normal talk between two people is approx 70 dB loud. Using these two as reference I'd say
  2. Great idea! There have been some music requests for inspiration from the 3d and concept art guys, this thread will hopefully make them happy. mrD
  3. Excellent find! I'll try comparing such a stereo sound with a standard mono FORWARD version and a mono reversed stereo mixdown of the version ingame. But that's going to happen once I get home. mrD
  4. Looks really good, but the wrist movement should be more obvious, the movement as it is now resembles a rowing-like movement. Try to make him extend the sword more by tilting the wrist a bit. mrD
  5. As Geocities blocks any non-Geocities referrals, doing a simple copy/paste of the URL into a new browser window amends the problem. mrD
  6. I've been messing with a theme today: audio/unfinished/mrdischarged/untitled_theme.ogg still a WIP, feedback considered it might be a mansion-thing of some sort. Added a scary ambience of sorts audio/unfinished/mrdischarged/scary/amb_undefined_01.ogg Remastering a previous church theme right now.
  7. Very nice medieval theme there! However something needs to be done with the actual voice samples so they're made more credible - they lack the organic feel in my opinion (I don't think they're multisampled, are they?). I'd try to cover it up with strong reverberation and a wee bit of delay perhaps, it should also add to the whole cathedral feeling. Perhaps slowing down the tempo a bit and set the attack speed to a higher setting, hence making the voices more enigmatic and the whole theme turns more dramatic. A great job still! mrD
  8. Guys, you could use gmail to exchange files that big. mrD
  9. Hi and welcome! Since you asked for feedback, here are some first thoughts - the underground theme is really nice - dark and moody, but the sweeps are too obvious, the theme would be much better without them! It has a good rhytm to it, but the sweeps have too much synth character in my opinion. Yes, I'm one of those "YOU MUST NOT RECOGNIZE THIS INSTRUMENT!!!" types of people... The music box loop would be great if the whole thing was raised by an octave. There's room for improvement in the slowdown as well, but timestretching would distort it, maybe you can change tempo step-by-step drast
  10. After reading some documents it turned out that occlusion translates to "geometry affects volume of the sound", not the actual propagation. Hmpf! mrD
  11. Here's what I discovered during today's tests: - sounds are placed into the map via entities called "speakers". Speakers can play either direct wave files or wave files as defined in soundshader files. Soundshader files are text files with sound definitions. Besides pointing to the location of actual files, they can contain sound attributes for every sound file, such as max/min distance, looping, screenshake and so forth. I have not succeeded in loading wave files directly, but I did manage to load them by using soundshaders. - the "min/max distance" speaker attributes work fine, they defi
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