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  1. @Sotha Ah, I didn't realise that! I thought that because it was well lit and on a patrol path that was why it was noticed. Well, in that case, I think that your customary attention to detail has paid off. Next on my "to do" list are the Ulysses missions...
  2. I know this isn't directly related to the level design but... This was the first mission I played with the improved AI, and I was gobsmacked that the guards noticed I had left a case open on my way out and sounded the alarm. Instead of loading the game I managed to dodge them, distract them and get out as I came in, pulse pounding.
  3. After a couple of years away, I look and see dozens of new missions, including some huge ones. Sotha's missions have always been my favourites, and on seeing he had a new, smaller one, I had to dive in and make it my re-introduction to the Dark Mod. I played it on Easy but went for no-knockouts / violence. A very enjoyable mission, heightened by all the changes in the new versions of the Dark Mod such as enemies noticing doors being open and relighting flames / electric lights.
  4. It's political correctness gone mad! You can't even make murder and rape threats to someone and their parents anymore without the "PC Brigade" coming in and spoiling all the fun. =-< /sarcasm
  5. Blimey I feel quite pampered just looking at those videos. =-P
  6. Wow these are looking great! Always wonderful to see new assets.
  7. Isn't Steam being tiresome about regions, now? If you bought it from a US store you might be in trouble.
  8. Finally finished this one! I found some of the jumping sections very confusing so I had given it a rest. It's such a beautiful mission though I had another go and finished it today! Final section scared the hell out of me. The intro sequence really sets the scene.
  9. Ah! Finally figured it out, thanks for the tip! I felt this was very similar to Gatehouse in style - minimal weapon use, really and just trying to get around enemies and work through exploration. This mission is absolutely gorgeous - stunning lighting all around - amazing textures and lots of nice niches and secrets.
  10. I used to think that very broadly, "geek" places were always really safe and pleasant - but even niche communities can be really unpleasant. http://kotaku.com/a-disturbing-gift-for-fans-of-adventure-games-1512623141/@charliejane I was just reading about this awful loudmouth who worked on a Leisure Suit Larry game outing someone as transgender and was just amazed. You would think that gaming has a bad enough rap in itself that people would be trying to behave themselves and that fans in niches beyond that would all be really supportive.
  11. Ah don't worry, I got it wrong - I finished it now and had an absolutely wonderful time!
  12. Extinguished fire in front of Haunt to make darkness. Sneak forward to find Haunt kneeling and relighting the fire, bringing undead hordes upon me.

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    2. Sotha


      This game is strange indeed: the Phrase Book doesn't have haunts, at least I didn't put any in there. The Lich Queen must be pulling tricks again! Someone alert Grayman! He has a knack of persuading her to behave.

    3. grayman


      Queenie and I go way back.

    4. Sir Taffsalot

      Sir Taffsalot

      She's quite a catch!

  13. Hello all! I noticed the Dark Mod getting a mention in a Reddit thread and saw this guy: He says he's disabled and is wondering if the Dark Mod keys could be mapped onto a controller for easier play for him. I don't have a controller anymore so I can't find out for myself so thought I'd ask. :-X
    1. Melan


      It seems to be a cheap knockoff of the real thing.

    2. pusianka


      Am I the only one who dislikes the new Garreth?

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