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  1. Here, Here!!! Logic and reason, unlike FAITH and HOPE, helps methodically explain away everything I don't see or understand into something more pallatable. I start with a hypothesis, and work to prove it, no matter the cost, even if it's just a theory. Who cares that evolution is actually called the "theory of evolution", there's hard factual evidence to prove it unequivically, right? I mean, hell, after inertia, physics is a science based entirely on theories!! I bet the fact that Newton was a deeply spiritual man had nothing to do with his very scientific discoveries!! Spar's right
  2. nobody demonstrates the sheer textual dominion of the Power-graph!!! WORDS!!!!111!!!
  3. This has been a well kept secret since the first stages of development of TDM, but due to this TC being close to completion, I've finally been given permission to share the one feature that will seperate this mod from all other video games in history: Simply put, as soon as you create a FM TDM, every person who subsequently downloads your FM will also upload thier I.P. to my computer, after which, if that player is spotted by a guard and killed, I will go to their house, garbed in full medieval armor and long sword, and kill them (not before screaming something like "have at you, knave!!" o
  4. You're telling me!!! I call it "Shock Jock" TM !!!
  5. I prefer to think of myself as omnisexual. To which the many electrical burns on my genitals will attest...
  6. I heard that!! I bought Oblivion BEFORE I built my new PC... Well, not sure if that makes TES IV a great game, or me an idiot... Probably Both!!!
  7. Any word that is used to encapsulate a thought is "consciously invented" at some point, since that is where they originate....out of conscious thought. That we all eventually agree on the meaning of the words we speak is the result of the natural process of linguistic evolution.
  8. I hope this doesn't come across "troll"-esque, but fuck IS a made up swear word. Every word is made up, and given meaning only because we all agree it is so. Simply because "fuck" is much more instantly recognizable, and therefore illiciting more of a response, doesn't give it any more (or less) merit. consider this ad-line for a pornographic film I once saw: "The wettest, wide-open, juice slapping beaver action..." Not a single swear, but the implication (if it can be so called) is crystal clear.
  9. That trailer had it's way with me.... and I LOVED IT!!! That was a -100 (that being the lowest) on the Suck-O-Meter. I'm sure it would've scored 100 on the Not-Suck-O-Meter, but, other than your mod, there's not enough not-suck in the world to warrant the purchase. You guys rule!!
  10. Hey, Bob! I was just kidding. It did kind of sound like you were expecting the world of TDM, but admittedly, so am I, which is why I'm so excited about it. These guys have the chance to do what TDS failed to do in almost every respect: NOT SUCK!!
  11. [uplink established] Of course, nothing will change. There is nothing to fear. Sleep, now. Sleeeep..... [end transmission]
  12. I also want it to do my dishes, clean my laundry, and subdue my insatiable appetite for intercourse. Of course, in the event none of those things are possible, I'd be satisfied with a well cooked meal three times a day. Apart from that, it will be of no interest to me.
  13. Pfft!!! Those are my BORING days when I'm AWAKE. I dream about waking up, going to work, eating lunch, paying bills, going home, and going back to sleep. When you're superhuman, you crave the creature-comforts.
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