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  1. in fact, i think it might be the portugese version, of course portugese is not in the list that it showed me.
  2. ok, so i downloaded the patch and tried to install it. it says that it doesn't recognize my version of doom 3 and gives me several cuontries to choose from. (united states excluded) so i don't choose any of them. i tried to run TDM and it still doesn't work. it seems i'm hitting brick walls wherever i go.
  3. 1. i don't have a screenshot of the error. it just says "microsoft C++ blah blah the program has requested the runtime to terminate in an unusual way. 2. i highly doubt that doom 3 is fully patched as i got it about a year and a half ago. (where would i get the latest patch?) 3. i think i'm running the latest verson of TDM. i just barely downloaded it today. 4. the error comes up as soon as i click on tdmlauncher.exe when the "Dark Project" screen comes up.
  4. hi all. i'm having a little bit of trouble. whenever i try to run TDM i get a runtime error. i'm running vista by the way.
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