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  1. Before I do this, I have Driver Sweeper open, how does it work? I want to know what to do before I do this.
  2. I did all of that besides the driver clean but that would have nothing to do with the CCC.
  3. Nothing happens when it goes on performance, also I removed all drivers, I install the complete 11.5 package. My version is Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit. And my card is an HD 5770
  4. I updated everything to 11.5 but I don't see a way to disable it.
  5. Way too much work, I'll deal with no PP, thanks anyway.
  6. Hmmmm, I tried the Tray Tools but those assholes removed it. What else is there besides Pro?
  7. Well I did what you said and Radeon pro is still making it grey so I turned that off and I noticed that it doesn't look as fisheyed from the aspect ratio. However it is STILL upside down. the Hud is fine though.
  8. It worked before I turned off AI, but my resolution is 1680x1050
  9. I turned off AI in Radeon Pro for Doom 3, but now it won't start, it's just a light grey screen.
  10. I get the same thing, even after making the file read-only. I have a legit key and it's annoying for it to do this.
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