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  1. stealth bastard dlx is a great game.. you are a clone like 47, behave like sam fisher and the levels are test chambers like portal, full of deadly traps.. level editor, global rankings and tons of chambers are included.. for 1 metal piece is a must have, no doubts.. anyway as far as i know kinguin is a site that collects users all around the world that want to sell their virgin keys maybe taken with coupons, bundles etc you have to signup, add to cart and pay choosing metods offered.. as you can see there is a feedback system like ebay.. game key will be delivered in a couple of minutes in y
  2. yes i'm italian and yes it's stealth bastard deluxe, 1 euro steam key on kinguin
  3. i searched "tips", "tricks", "autoexec", "command" before posting, found nothing.. ok sorry
  4. Maybe it's a good idea to collect all console commands etc in one topic? like this one: and others like add/remove indicators and important command lines..
  5. T_T <3 now things get serious
  6. Is it possible, after edit some config files, to make quicksave button to create different quicksaves instead of overwriting the same "quicksave"? To prevent corrupted ones.. quicksave1 - quicksave2 - etc.. thanks this game is awesome
  7. great i'm happy that bugs will be solved.. so i think i simply skip that books for now, thanks!
  8. ah p.s. : i downloaded missions from browser not ingame.. maybe it's outdated?
  9. seems all ok.. there are warnings about sounds.. anyway it's all fresh installed, no corruptions i think in the rooms like the one with all books on the floor and the one with an opened book on the bed..
  10. Hi evrybody! i've re-started tdm today and i'm ready to manage the hours and hours of gameplay i have forward.. i start with alberic but some readables found on the floor, once opened, they don't even open and i can't do anything, i can only move visual and move myself, no more interaction with anything (doors, weapons etc..) forcing me to re-load a save..
  11. http://www.humblebundle.com/
  12. this is my heart.pk4 MD5: a33bc31d0978e6a85647cc773231be75
  13. ah ok only in the training this happen... in other missions should not happen... ok clear answer, thanks... here's the savegame http://www.mediafire.com/?7wpcf55duaby6km if you want to try: exit the room, go left till the end of corridor, open the door on the left over little stairs, across the "hall" with the stairs and picklock the door in the end... in the bath room open the water valve, move visual around and see if it crashes...
  14. still crashes, biker... anyone can answer this simple question: in what consist exactly the quicksave bug that i read some time ago? maybe the problem are simply corrupted savegames, or tell me why not... thx for patience
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