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  1. Wow, what a mission. The design, story, and humor really make this one memorable.

    I say memorable, but now I can't remember where I found fuse 1. I do remember it took me much longer to find compared to 2 & 3. Hopefully someone else chimes in with a hint.

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  2. 22 hours ago, kin said:

    is it normal to fail the

      Reveal hidden contents

    "don't kill anyone" objective by killing haunts in the crypt area where you have to place the bones in order?


    That happened to me as well. Also finding the



    took way too long, even noclipping around. Otherwise a great mission, huge and sprawling, the different areas feeling very distinct.

  3. Glad to see 21:9 ultrawide support in 2.08. Would like to request 32:9 though, as that's what I'm using. I can set the resolution manually in the config, and it works perfectly in-game, but the UI, and Menu are still stretched.

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