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  1. I haven't run tdm for some time so I can't say for certain that's it's the video card change but I upgraded from a a Nvidia 1050 to a Radeon RX480 and now the game always starts in windowed mode. The only REAL difference is the Nvidia drivers forced running in X while the open source Radeon drivers happily run in Wayland. What can I do?
  2. On a separate topic, any thoughts about overhauling the build system and perhaps switch to cmake so one build system can be used for all platforms?
  3. I would also like to package TDM for Fedora Linux. It makes installing a breeze when you can use the software center and having a native 64bit build keeps you from having to install 32bit compatibility libraries. I don't see an error here, just a warning, you may need to look a little further down. Thanks, Richard
  4. This has been happening for a while (since 2.02 at least) but I'm just now getting around to posting about it but when I try to use the spyglass all I get is a black screen. Any ideas? Fully updated TDM 2.03. Thanks, Richard
  5. The trailer looks really awesome, but if it don't play on Linux it doesn't do me any good.
  6. Ack, looks like I'm late again.. I finally figured out how to subscribe (follow) a topic so I get email updates... If you still need me, I'm running Fedora Linux 18 x86_64. Richard
  7. I really like the look of the Bandit, but no. Mine's a VStrom 650. I like the 1000 but the seat height is about 1" higher and I'm pushing it as it is and the 650 does everything I need it to do. A little buzzy at highway speeds but plenty of torque for me with the 90 deg V-Twin and very smooth! Can't beat what you get for the price with that bike (poor man's BMW), plus the owner of the shop is my old college buddy so I always get a good deal. Richard
  8. I'm assuming I'm too late for beta testing and It may be a little early yet, but I would love to try out building the standalone version for linux packaging purposes. It would be awesome to have a real packaging based install instead of what you have to do now. Thanks, Richard
  9. I've got a pretty fast machine, all I can tell you is I probably waited close to 10 minutes one time, I've never had to wait that long before...
  10. Anyone else having problems with loading stalling after loading the map? I never see the "game", it just stalls after the progress bar gets to, or close to, 100%. Switching to a virtual terminal shows that thedarkmod.x86 is maxing out one core. I've tried two different maps to try and make sure it wasn't a map issue... Thanks, Richard
  11. I tried that once just to see what happened but it didn't seem to work right but I can't remember exactly what happened. I'll try again, however, the wiki specifically tells you to download the updater zip into ~/.doom3/darkmod and run it there. Richard
  12. Yup, downloaded that twice. I think the problem is it picks the wrong directory right off the bat so when it doesn't see tdm_update.linux it goes ahead and downloads it again every time. The only fix I've found so far is "tdm_update.linux --target /home/richard/.doom3/darkmod" and it says everything is up to date. I've been good about "rm -rf darkmod" out of ~/.doom3/darkmod/ so I don't think that's the problem... Thanks, Richard
  13. I get a *BUNCH* of these but the game seems to otherwise work: WARNING:file materials/tdm_internal_engine.mtr, line 226: material 'textures/common/trigonce' previously defined at materials/invisible.mtr:149 WARNING:file materials/tdm_internal_engine.mtr, line 234: material 'textures/common/trigtimer' previously defined at materials/invisible.mtr:158 WARNING:file materials/tdm_internal_engine.mtr, line 242: material 'textures/common/trigrelay' previously defined at materials/invisible.mtr:167 WARNING:file materials/tdm_internal_engine.mtr, line 250: material 'textures/common/trighurt' previously defined at materials/invisible.mtr:176 WARNING:file materials/tdm_internal_engine.mtr, line 258: material 'textures/common/trigfade' previously defined at materials/invisible.mtr:185 Are these safe to ignore?
  14. Scratch that, even when I run it with "--noselfupdate" it still tries to download the whole mod again.
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