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  1. I haven't run tdm for some time so I can't say for certain that's it's the video card change but I upgraded from a a Nvidia 1050 to a Radeon RX480 and now the game always starts in windowed mode.

    The only REAL difference is the Nvidia drivers forced running in X while the open source Radeon drivers happily run in Wayland. 

    What can I do?

  2. I would also like to package TDM for Fedora Linux. It makes installing a breeze when you can use the software center and having a native 64bit build keeps you from having to install 32bit compatibility libraries.



    I just tried compiling TDM 2.04 with scons in Mageia Linux 6. Looking at kritzefitz' scons.log.txt, and doing a search for 'error', I see the exact same errors as I get on my system, starting with the following:

    In file included from include/boost/filesystem/path_traits.hpp:23:0,
                     from include/boost/filesystem/path.hpp:25,
                     from include/boost/filesystem.hpp:16,
                     from game/../idlib/../idlib/Image.h:29,
                     from game/../idlib/../idlib/Lib.h:230,
                     from game/../idlib/precompiled.h:106,
                     from game/precompiled_game.h:28:
    include/boost/system/error_code.hpp:221:36: warning: 'boost::system::posix_category' defined but not used [-Wunused-variable]
         static const error_category &  posix_category = generic_category();

    This, being the first error in the log, is the first to look into fixing.


    I don't see an error here, just a warning, you may need to look a little further down.




  3. I really like the look of the Bandit, but no. Mine's a VStrom 650. I like the 1000 but the seat height is about 1" higher and I'm pushing it as it is and the 650 does everything I need it to do. A little buzzy at highway speeds but plenty of torque for me with the 90 deg V-Twin and very smooth!


    Can't beat what you get for the price with that bike (poor man's BMW), plus the owner of the shop is my old college buddy so I always get a good deal.



  4. I'm assuming I'm too late for beta testing and It may be a little early yet, but I would love to try out building the standalone version for linux packaging purposes. It would be awesome to have a real packaging based install instead of what you have to do now.




  5. Anyone else having problems with loading stalling after loading the map?


    I never see the "game", it just stalls after the progress bar gets to, or close to, 100%. Switching to a virtual terminal shows that thedarkmod.x86 is maxing out one core.


    I've tried two different maps to try and make sure it wasn't a map issue...




  6. Yup, downloaded that twice. I think the problem is it picks the wrong directory right off the bat so when it doesn't see tdm_update.linux it goes ahead and downloads it again every time.


    The only fix I've found so far is "tdm_update.linux --target /home/richard/.doom3/darkmod" and it says everything is up to date.


    I've been good about "rm -rf darkmod" out of ~/.doom3/darkmod/ so I don't think that's the problem...




  7. I get a *BUNCH* of these but the game seems to otherwise work:


    WARNING:file materials/tdm_internal_engine.mtr, line 226: material 'textures/common/trigonce' previously defined at materials/invisible.mtr:149
    WARNING:file materials/tdm_internal_engine.mtr, line 234: material 'textures/common/trigtimer' previously defined at materials/invisible.mtr:158
    WARNING:file materials/tdm_internal_engine.mtr, line 242: material 'textures/common/trigrelay' previously defined at materials/invisible.mtr:167
    WARNING:file materials/tdm_internal_engine.mtr, line 250: material 'textures/common/trighurt' previously defined at materials/invisible.mtr:176
    WARNING:file materials/tdm_internal_engine.mtr, line 258: material 'textures/common/trigfade' previously defined at materials/invisible.mtr:185


    Are these safe to ignore?

  8. When I run "tdm_update.linux" the first thing it does is make sure it's up to date, which is fine except two things:


    1. When it relaunches itself, it breaks the connection to the terminal screen so no amount of "^C^C^C^C^C" will stop it.

    2. It changes directories somehow because it tries to download the whole mod again in ~/.doom3/darkmod/darkmod.


    Any ideas?




  9. You could try it a little differently... "aplay -L" (yes, capital L) gives you more usable results (cut-n-paste)


    I did that. Set the number of speakers to 6 (I have 5.1 surround sound) and just stuck "pasuspender" in front of darkmod.x86. I use a little bash script in "~/bin":

    cd ~/.doom3/darkmod
    pasuspender ./thedarkmod.x86


    So my DarkMod.cfg looks like:

    seta s_dsp "/dev/dsp"
    seta s_driver "best"
    seta s_alsa_lib "libasound.so.2"
    seta s_alsa_pcm "surround51"




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  10. Well, still no solution to the problem with Gnome 3 but I do have a workaround. I also usually install LXDE desktop for testing since I use it on lower powered systems. Logging out back to GDM and changing my session from Gnome to LXDE does the trick.


    Still it's a pain to have to logout and back in to play a game.



  11. Dang it, problem setting tags :)


    Well it looks like the boost problem is fixed on Linux as of TDM 1.07 but now I have a new issue. When the game tries to restart the mouse cursor get's stuck in the top left corner of the screen which activates the new Gnome 3 (aka Gnome Shell) menu and there's absolutely no way for me to get control back other than to restart X or go to a VT and kill the doom.x86 process.


    Any ideas?




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