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    A puzzle for you

    That's precisely what I need, Judith. Thanks a whole lot. Sleepless nights lie before me The lesson for me today - read the small print.
  2. Hello again. I've been a member here for some time but I haven't played TDM for a couple or three years now. There was a point when my newly updated Linux machine simply said no to TDM and I could find nothing which helped. Anyway, my system has become rather complex - I had three Linux machines (two of them laptops) all connected to the net until, a few days ago, my main machine decided it wasn't going to cooperate any longer - it still worked but the onboard (wouldn't you know it) net comms bits had gone to the junkyard in the sky. So, I bought a bargain machine from Amazon, and swapped the hard disks from that machine and the old machine and Bingo! I'm back in business, BUT, that new machine came with Windows 10, and I'm not about to go anywhere near the net with that. So I have a stand-alone Windows machine which is begging to have a go with TDM - if I can get TDM onto it. So - at last to the point of this. I know I can download the Windows version of TDM on my net-connected Linux machine and then simply transfer it to the new Windows machine. But what about missions? Can I do the same thing with them (ie download to my Linux machine and then transfer them to my Windows machine? I seem to remember an element of automatic installation for missions, which would render it impossible (or, at least, very difficult which, for me, amounts to the same thing). I really enjoyed TDM when I could get it to work, and I'd love to really enjoy it again. So - help, pretty please.
  3. MKG

    All gone dark

    Thanks for the reply, wwwarrick, but I was just about to post as I've fixed my problem, if not the cause. Something had changed my video driver (the driver was still there but had been changed to an alternative, and the alternative won't drive TDM. I've changed back, and all is now OK. So I'm reasonably happy. Now, though, I have to begin the hunt for the reason the driver got changed in teh first place, but that cannot have anything to do with TDM itself.
  4. TDM has been running perfectly well up until now (Linux 32-bit). Now, though, it loads and runs (I can hear the music and the keypresses) but the screen is blank. It may be the fact that I've just successfully loaded and run the latest version of Dark Radiant, and I may have inadvertently changed something I shouldn't have - but I simply don't know. Any help for my aching brain would be appreciated.
  5. It's there and working .... Thank you very much, Sir!!!!!!!!! We are not worthy.
  6. That would be a godsend, OrbWeaver. Thanks.
  7. Nope - no luck, I'm afraid. It installs and I can tell it where the data is, but then it decides that it's suffered a major hiccup. This is a totally fresh operating system install - I can't see that either the Linux or Windows version is going to work for me. Shame - the world is going to have to wait for my super-duper FM. Thanks for trying, though.
  8. Ah - that certainly hadn't occurred to me. Thanks, Freyk - I'll give that a go.
  9. Try as I might, I cannot set up my software sources (Linux Mint 17 aka Ubuntu 14.04) to successfully get hold of Dark Radiant. I've had DR before and run it with no problems under earlier Ubuntu versions. Synaptic Package Manager tells me that there are dependencies which cannot be satisfied (libcurl etc). Fine, but I haven't the faintest idea what I'm supposed to do about that. Is it me, or is it not possible at the moment for me to run Dark Radiant? (It does appear to be the case that the latest DR version was issued with Ubuntu 13.04 in mind). Any help out there?
  10. I'm two-thirds in, although I cannot for the life of me find the last 5 or so credits of loot on Day 2 (although I've just seen a comment above which may explain that). It's great fun and very different, but I'm a little disconcerted by finding two room occupants hanging horizontally in mid-air - one so high that I walked under him, thinking the room empty. He calmy righted himself, descended to the floor and then spotted me. I assumed one man was beating up the lady in his room, although they seem to have made it up by the time I got in there. It was worth being seen for that laugh! I'm looking forward to Day 3.
  11. I didn't like it - I loved every bit of it! Beautiful to look at, lots of nooks and crannies to get lost in, and I thought the relative 'ease' of the AI didn't matter in the slightest (in fact, it was more realistic that way - why would anyone expect to find guards coming out of the woodwork way up there?). The only thing I'd put on the wish-list is that the mission was bigger - I would happily have stayed in there for another hour or two. Immersion factor +10. Really well done, Grayman - stupendous work.
  12. Of course I can. It was a silly question after all. I'll blame it on being tired. Thanks, Obsttorte
  13. This may be a silly question - but is there a list anywhere of available resources (particularly models). I've looked all over the Wiki, but can't see anything. Is it a matter of searching through the pk4 files?
  14. Voted (with great pleasure) for TDM. Well done, guys. On top of that, my New Year's resolution will be to get off my backside and actually start making an FM. If I manage to stick to my resolution, you will be bombarded with questions.
  15. Ah - that will be it. The mission is Lord Dufford's, which isn't even officially listed. I've had a look through some others which are known to be updated for the latest version of TDM, and the problem doesn't occur in those. I should have known - the obvious particle emitters (torches) weren't showing the problem. Thanks.
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