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  1. OK, I just upgraded to The Dark Mod 1.07. Exact same error messages, I'm afraid. Please, please fix it.
  2. Further clueless elaboration (or "in which this guy who has last programmed anything in assembly in Commodore 64 days discovers the 'disassemble' command in GDB"): Program received signal SIGILL, Illegal instruction. [switching to Thread 0xb72f98e0 (LWP 20758)] 0xb29654f9 in idParser::UnreadSourceToken () from /home/wwwwolf/.doom3/darkmod/gamex86.so OK, I told gdb to disassemble it, and this is what the thing says around that memory location: 0xb29654f3 <_ZN8idParser17UnreadSourceTokenEP7idToken+195>: mov 0x34(%ebp ),%eax 0xb29654f6 <_ZN8idParser17UnreadSourceTokenEP7idToken+
  3. Disclaimer: I'm a java/scripting guy and not exactly a GDB guru so I have only vague idea of what I'm doing Anyway, I attached gdb on the running doom.x86 executable. Since the Doom 3 is launched via a script and not a genuine executable thingy, I actually 1) launched the plain ol' Doom 3, 2) attached the debugger, then 3) went to Mods, selected TDM, and 4) let it load and crash. (Since TDM doesn't need weird startup parameters, launching TDM via the mods menu has generally worked in the past, as far as I can recall...) And here's what gdm said about this. Doom 3 kept producing output rig
  4. Only the upgrade. Now I've done a fresh install too. Didn't help, got the exact same error.
  5. Hello, I was able to run TDM demos and 1.0 just fine back in the day, but never really had time to play TDM. (Sorry.) But now, I decided to blow the dust off, upgrade TDM to the latest version, and enjoy the new versions. Only TDM doesn't run at all nowadays. I get the loading screen, after which the game shuts down. For the record, other Doom 3 mods seem to work just fine. I'm on Linux. Here's what the log says: ------------------------------- using ARB_vertex_buffer_object memory using ARB2 renderSystem found DLL in pak file: /home/wwwwolf/.doom3/darkmod/tdm_game02.pk4/gamex86.so co
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