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  1. Endarchy mod for Doom 3 has some pretty nice texture work...

  2. Endarchy mod for Doom 3 has some pretty nice texture work...

  3. 1.08 is gonna rock!

    1. RPGista


      How is dropping a heavy box on someone's head and having him KOed is cheating? This is a fun, awesome feature that will bring a new strategy to players out of equipment - a mapper can make any object a static solid, so he'll know exactly how to take advantage of this (as Sotha just pointed out).

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  4. Images are up at Moddb

  5. Images are up at Moddb

  6. Still bugs to work out, but 1.08 is so good the dev team doesn't want to play missions with the release build anymore.

  7. Sometimes I think the future of the mod is more fragile than people realize.

    1. RPGista


      I think the quality of the work is undeniable... The amount of documentation, the support offered by the forum members - everything needed for a creative community is in place. I think that, like in my case, people just need to be exposed to it. As long as people actually get to know it, the mod's community will be growing, because of its immense quality and wide range of possibilities.

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  8. m.i.s.s.i.o.n.s... We're ready and waiting, checking the page daily for something new.

  9. What to do with an 8 *megabyte* SD card? (besides laugh at it)

    1. RPGista


      Yes, Im with nbohr1more - put some nice master sytem or genesis roms in and have fun anywhere you find a computer, or head over to project gutemberg and fill the card with a library worth of classics.

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  10. Now this is game design and editing, and what grabbed my intrest was at 4:00 -

  11. How are those newbie contest missions going?

    1. RPGista


      Bite your tongue man, Im working on this map like crazy! :) Suffered (as you would expect) from the megalomaniacal syndrome and went for way too much detail, thats why I've been kinda quiet just working on it to get it done in time.

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  12. 120,000ft in 92 seconds -

  13. My real 27th bday was on Wednesday, but I'm havin' my party on the weekend. Let's hear it for a barely coherent Taffer!

  14. Is a 24 page readable a bit too long?

    1. RPGista


      I volunteer to draw small simple pictures if wanted. ;)

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  15. Lost one of the great rhetoricians of our time today. Goodbye, Christopher Hitchens. :(

  16. Made the top 100...on to round 2.

    1. RPGista


      Damn, I tried that but he wouldnt let me? I voted as guest and when I came back just for curiosity, it said I had already voted... Anyway, one more.

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  17. Remember to register and vote for TDM as MOTY http://www.moddb.com/mods/the-dark-mod

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