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  1. Actually, like Grayman suggested, we do need to leave that first curly bracket OUT of the deleted group, it should be the last visible string, and now it works very well, for my latest terrain made with brushes (still going to test the patch version). So what worked for me was deleting: //entity 1 { } // entity 2 { "name"....... "classname"...... "origin"..... } Again, leaving the first right curly bracket IN. Thanks a lot Aluminiumhaste and Grayman for all the help, this is brilliant!
  2. ^^^ Agreed. I particularly like some of the city background sounds, coming muffled from inside the houses, they make you wonder if it's actually coming from the neighbours upstairs?! I'm still discovering sounds all the time, great depth, great quality. Amazing work.
  3. Hmmm... Sorry AluminumHaste, I guess I'm doing something wrong, but I tried this and it does seem like it goes through (no error message), but right before the map loads, DR freezes and crashes completely to the desktop, everytime. I'm not sure whether I'm doing something wrong when editting the file? These are the strings I'm deleting, I tried a few combinations (leaving one or the other) and this is the only one that goes through, but then crashes:
  4. Well, I did everything exactly as mentioned in the tutorial (downloaded the files with the links provided, created and converted the terrain), what I meant to say is that even though I did, I stll got an error while loading in DR and it quits. I tried converting without any of the items checked, like you suggested in the tutorial, with all of them checked, I tried a patch terrain and a bruch terrain, none seem to work. I read somewhere leaving entities in an older Q3 map and loading into doom3 radiant would certainly give problems (that "seems" to be the nature of the error here), and I noticed Gensurf creates a sort of player start automaticly, but there's no way to take it off before converting, it seems. The error message when it is a patch terrain - failed parsing entity 2: Doom3MapReader::createEntity(): could not find calssname (it stops when the meter is almost finished, reading "Loading entity 1"). There's no difference if you open or import.
  5. Thanks for the explanation. It's a pity, I even have CoD2 lying around here somewhere, but without a way of converting that geometry to DR, it's not worth the trouble. I was looking for a easier way to create detailed terrains without having to go through all the complex process of learning how and then putting a big 3d object in a map, this also prompted me to postpone my original mission idea and now I'm working on something else, where simple vertex editting will be enough. I'll surely get back with more patch doubts though in the near future, thanks a lot guys for the answers.
  6. Awesome tutorial, it should DEFINETLY be in the mapping wiki, haven't tried it yet but it seems easier than all others I have found so far on the subject. I would still love to use that sculpting tool, it just seems fun and you can't trust height maps to be accurate at all... Thanks for the heads up. EDIT: Actually I give up, I keep getting a "doom3mapreader::createentity(); could not find classname" problem, tried both with brushes and patches. Maybe the current DR has some incompability? My only other guess is that I dont have Q3, even though you say it shouldnt be a problem. Will new versions of GTKRadiant work with Doom3 or not (haven't tested yet, but keep hearing its support is buggy), and if it does, is the paint height feature in it, or is it only in that COD radiant version?
  7. Sorry guys, just a quick question, I was browsing some tutorials on youtube and found this : CoD2 Radiant Terrain and Skybox How exactly is the status of compatibility between Dark Radiant and other (newer) versions of Radiant? Would it be possible to create a terrain like that (in whichever version that is) and save it in a way Dark Radiant could use? I know a) you can create simple terrains with normal patches too, manually (I'm actually interested in that sculpting feature) and b ) you could also create a model on a 3d program, but the point is simply to know if these different versions could somehow interchange geometry. They ARE based on the same "mechanics" aren't they, or did I get something wrong? PS: By "newer" I mean that the base for DR is the one made for Doom 3 (I'm guessing), and the one in the video is probably a more recent version. Been following the progress of the DR 1.7 and you guys are doing awesome work.
  8. RPGista

    Portal 1

    So I hear one of the main characters in this Portal 2 game (some kind of robot helper) was actually played by a famous british comedian called Stephen Merchant. Should take a look because of that alone, the guy is genious, his and Ricky Gervais' works are unbelieveable, and I even saw him doing stand up live a month ago! If you guys like british humour (kind of a depressing feel to it), you should definetly check out the original The Office and also Extras.
  9. Hehe, yeah, I've just realised my mistake... Still up for it though! Now where's my handy dictionary?
  10. I see that Portguese (I'm guessing brazillian) is about 85% complete. Is anyone currently working on it? Because if it's just for that remaining 15%, I can finish it, I'm sure. I know for a fact that it would be a welcome feature for brazillian players. Where can I take a look at the existing translation? (Sorry if I missed any obvious links)
  11. Hahaha, yes, that's actually exactly what I was thinking - like in the valuable item mechanics, you could link a certain guard to a spot on the map, and if he is absent from it for a determined amount of time (instant for a static guard, X time for a patrolling one, depending on the duration of the route) it would emit an invisible sign to his companions that he is "missing", which they would notice whenever they "saw" it (when back from their own patrol, or immediatly, if Joe was standing there and just got dragged into the darkness a second ago). Maybe I'm completely off, but isn't this very similar to what already happens with valuable items, from what I read? Anyway, I think something like this would definetly make it more challenging to clean out the maps defense one at a time, when they would actually notice people is missing and that could make them go on search mode or even raise the alarm.
  12. Fidcal, that is brilliant, the way you managed to make the guards act in such a believable way! I really wish the AI team would actually contemplate that behaviour as a built in mechanics, to be able to make the guards neutral (or any passer by, for that matter), but able to spot criminal acts from the player and target him accordingly - the only thing I would suggest is that things like creeping, stealing keys or purses in front of people (not the unsuspecting victim, but other people around, guards or not), climbing (tagged) objects like pipes or vines, or trying to pick a lock , should all raise their alertness level in different degrees, when spotted by neutral AI - not just attacking someone. One thing that I was thinking about while playing is that the guards ability to spot if a valuable item that has been stolen, or a light source extinguished, is brilliant, but I would definetly suggest it could be the same towards (tagged) companions. Right now it is easy to exploit (not the usual way of playing, sure, but it is possible) their lack of memory of one another, by just taking them out one by one, as long as they don't see you actually doing it, they will not mind all their friends disappeared in minutes. So, if there was a way of "tagging" guards that are supposed to form a "team" (all guarding the same entrance, for example) with a shared function which will make them "notice" the other is not there all of a sudden (meaning, got KOed or Killed, even if the other didn't see it happening (on patrol, or looking away), he will notice the "change of state" of his friend when he is back). Hmmm... Sorry if I'm being too confusing/redundant, I'm a zero at coding. If guards were to be alerted when certain companions are not where they should be, it would effectively make it much harder to kill them with abandon, as long as you do it quietly.
  13. It kills me that since I only have a laptop, even though it wasn't that bad a couple of years ago (GeForce 9400M G, Corel Duo 2ghz, 4GB RAM), some maps are almost unplayable, specially those city maps, which I love... Been having a hard time getting the most out of the missions with every effect turned off, washed out textures and in the minimun resolution. I wonder what I'm doing wrong? Maybe it's Vista eating up half my Ram in idle, or the antivirus + firewall (I did make Doom3 exe an exception on those, didn't see a difference), but most likely it is my lame CPU fault and the weak 3d card... Thing is, I can't put the damn thing on high performance mode because it will overheat and shut down, that's the only thing that really helps. Might have to open the laptop up and try cleaning the fans, has this ever happened to any of you guys?
  14. Well, I'm very new to this mod, but I had to say that I've been looking for a quality, realistic sword fighting game for a while, and this is the best melee system I've found, by far, specially when taken into context of the stealth missions, and with the good sounds and taunts for immersion - it feels urgent and each combat is an event, that needs your full attention. Having played Mount and Blade before this one, I can also say that Dark Mod's system is superior in the sense that the player is more agile and can actually deal with more than one opponents quite capably (with auto-block on), since running to the sides often allows you to avoid hits and give you a second to deal with another opponent, which was impossible for me in MB. The attention to detail is amazing, the armor pieces add a very interesting dimension to the fights, actually protecting the wearer and forcing you to look for the weak spots (not just to exploit bonus damage, but to actually hit his flesh and put him off balance). Soldiers with helmets are pretty much invulnerable to vertical hacks, unless you can hit them on the shoulder, and the hammer cleric is a real challenge, luck for us they don't wear head armor too! You can sometimes surprise guys charging at you with a head-on thrust to the chest or head, often finishing fights before they begin, and the overall damage levels are just right, you feel vulnerable and frail, but at the same time, lethal, and can end a fight with one well placed blow (if you go for the vital areas, rewarding skill). If you add manual blocking, then you really get a fight, and you have to concentrate to the fullest to beat those guys, which I think is accurate and a nice strategic challenge for those who wish it. If there's anything I would suggest at all, is that sometimes the AI seems to really "stick" to you, that seems to happen on thrusts, they run at you while charging the thrust and often all you can see is their heads against your chest, their bodies are so close you can't see the actual blow coming and have to guess when it's about to hit you in the belly. I also really like nbohr1more's idea of having unpredicatble physical accidents like tripping, or sending a stunned opponent to the floor with some critical hits, that would certainly give it more immersion and a clear chance to flee, if you see more coming. Like many said before, the animations are appropriate but could also be improved, and that would be fantastic. A bit more sound would also be great, angry yells of effort before some blows would help you time your blocks. All in all, I'm really pleased with the system, I'm glad you guys chose to do it this way, it's in perfect synch with the game itself, it feels dangerous, has subtleties, rewards skill and even with it's difficulty, you always feel like a capable sword fighter while at it.
  15. Got my hands on Dark Mods two days ago, was playing with the tutorial ever since, what a fantastic mod... This is the first mission I chose to play, and I will have to join everyone in saying this is surely one of the best gaming times I ever had. I was specially impressed by the architecture, the city looks amazing in all it's degradation, density, sounds and very believeable urban form (full with darkalleys, varied and logical buildings, and overall very nice sense of scale). The possibilites given by the city, different paths and levels, or for going off-mission and entering people's houses, were in the perfect amount. Playing it slowly, and even though it's actually small, the city feels complex and diverse, that's a great feat in itself. Gameplay wise, it also plays wonderfully, there are many tough nuts to crack, situations that took a long time for me to understand and get past. But above everything was the storyline, which is simple, but takes a shocking turn when you get to know more and more about the you gotta remember the thief is not a hero, he is just tweaking the situation to his own advantage). Again, spatially the map works wonderfully, everything feels right, the proportions, the building has all the expected functional areas, and this believability just added a LOT to the immersion for me. Voted for near perfect in all departments, thanks a lot for this, can't wait to check all the missions, this mod and community are amazing.
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