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  1. I bought the mic today, it should arrive tomorrow. I actually forgot about your request, but if I manage to get the mic working with good recording quality, I'll try to record those lines. ?

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    2. Petike the Taffer

      Petike the Taffer

      Excellent. On a sidenote: Should I choose a particular accent for the captain ? I wanted to give him this pseudo-Scottish accent, but if you don't need one, that's fine. ?

    3. ERH+


      Sorry for the delay, I had a busy week in work and had no strength to focus on writing. I hope I will make few texts unrelated to the most questionable parts this week.

      I'm focusing more on coherent narrative and believable transitions between plot points, than on accent. I don't have a calm moment to think about it all in big picture, but I have progress lately.


    4. Petike the Taffer

      Petike the Taffer

      Okay. Tell me when you'll need the recordings and send me the lines once you're satisfied with them. I'll be testing my mic until then and practicing. Want to be sure it doesn't need too much fine tuning.

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