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  1. Will it be a kick to the door or ramming with shoulder? If first one, I wonder how Thief-like game would benefit from kick attack like in Dark Messiah of Might and Magic. Even if not allowed for live creatures, it is reasonable way to deal with crates, chairs while running away from guards. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kJWGJde6b1A
  2. It mostly depend on monitor I use and how it displays colours (very old CRT i.e. shows sky texture imperfections that were seamless on a bit younger LCD - the same scene will look totally different on different monitor), and if I want immersive spooky gameplay, or feel like "cat eyes" is what I enjoy at the moment.
  3. I want to make a fade in/out effect in 2D animation and used to import images as planes, but tutorials about fade out effect are describing transition between two materials, and it looks like a whole new level in the Blender handling - can I make it in some fast simple way? (previously I've made separete movie clips and added fading between them in a dedicated movie editor).
  4. Thats a bit dissapointing, as it encourages blocky, old game era look of most of condignations. But still, even rows of stone wall protrusions and beams lying above is something that I don't recon seeing often enough.
  5. Maybe it is not the proper thread, but I have question more about architectonical realism than DR technics, and I'm wondering if someone with technical and historical knowlege may answer it. In stone vaulted ceilings you see arch type of stone alignment distributed in four directions, but how exactly the space between stone ceiling and next floor is filled? I'm not talking about fortifications and cellars, but upper floors that requre careful thinking about weight distribution. In pictures of colapsed arches I've seen only mortar and stone filling but it looks way to heavy for tall buildings. So does the planks of the next floor will be suported along the ridge of the ceiling like that? or will the crossing arches be elevated into floor's support? (here you don't see actual ceiling to ilustrate more clearly how arches are structured).
  6. Yes I had a problem with transparent triangles occouring on 2.06 dmap, while same place was fine inne previous version.
  7. Do whole objectives list again. Save map under new name, delete atdm:target_addobjectives, and start writing objectives from clear start. You can open second darkradiant and look at previous build, and even edit/copy edit/paste selected elements between two open darkradiants (upper menu).
  8. Objectives: make all objectives from the start - it is tedious but can help. sound: I assuming you have text file with your_sounds.sndshd extension jf_ambient { editor_displayFolder jf_sounds minDistance 20 maxDistance 24 volume 20 sound/ambient/jf_ambient1.ogg } in sound folder ambient light: it by default adjusts its colour to visible lights, I don't remember well but maybe in info_location entity you have to change ambient_light_dynamic values.
  9. But be aware of traps that comes with this kind of map - my Crystal Grave was hard to visportal, the structure have to be quite enclosed looking from afar.
  10. There was a firearm project for TDM guards, but looks like an airgun have some advantages compared especially to muzzle loaders: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sCoUWJHhDZ0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2dZLeEUE940
  11. Just finished all three parts of William Steele... Interested in next part of the story.
  12. Right now I'm going to work, but I will phone my boss and quote you.
  13. I didn't played previous parts, so if you want a totally fresh view...
  14. It indicates that you maybe even don't care at all, hence it could be any bigger number measuring "stealth".
  15. Surely it needs at least one person with programming skills to show any actual potential, but whole system could work as an upgrade to mission selection list: % of missions finished, plus a summary of all scores. The problem with this list is that it's gone once you make a fresh install, so this data could be stored just as other save files and copied between old and new install.
  16. I was thinking if TDM could exchange data about mission's endscreens with player's account and merge all of them into one big player's score. I know it rises a lot of problems (like required internet connection and online database), but I found fulfilling general thresholds and goals very entertaining in many games, making me play them again and again even after I satisfied my initial curiosity. Of course the whole system would need a rebuild and it is not said that things will stay one way forever, but... --does endscreen shows all "rewarding" and measurable things about players performance in this new light? how different missions can be compared in unified way? --how players score could be measured?: (mission score) = (% of objectives) * (% of gold) * (stealth score) * (difficulty level) (overall score) = missionXscore + missionYscore + missionZscore +... --how it can deal with console commands like "notarget"? I could use a command and don't even remember about it, could the game recognise use of console and make a note in a savefile, and later refuse to use it in overall account score?
  17. ERH+


    How about various L and U shapes that's will fit these, also inlets and wheels to form visible parts of mechanism.
  18. I didn't found any clues it does, but couldn't AI use two aas exchangeable just with different stance? I found this article https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2017/04/03/why-fears-ai-is-still-the-best-in-first-person-shooters/ I would thought jumping from a higher ground or go over a table would demand more calculations than "change stance here".
  19. I fear that dmaping old maps under 2.06 will cause some hidden unexpected troubles, not only graphics' glitches but i.e. AI getting stuck for no reason, as it sometimes occurs between builds with small unrelated changes. Heritage versions of AI, models and other should be very clearly separated from the rest or newer mappers will get confused, but we definitely need aas that fits actual AIs. Even now we have TDM version compatibility sometimes mentioned in darkmod.txt but you need to exactly know what it means to use it properly (and I don't see older versions of TDM in download section anyway). If this distinction will ever take place we need "TheDarkMod part2" and missions specific for TDM2, casual players want just turn it on and go, not some 2.54744578547 build of seemingly the same thing. BTW will ever humans be able to crouch in lower passages, does anyone care about this option? (I know we don't have animations for even less complicated things but it could be a game changer).
  20. Maybe you have a pet owl (bat, rat, cat, kleptomaniac spider, magpie) and whistle on them whenever you need to empty your backpack. If it is a raven, he can talk things like "oh not again a fake. who am I working with" "this one I'm taking for myself" "it smells funny. robbing graves huh?". You could even send different animal for small shopping (one arrow).
  21. @Destined, sure it is worth a try. Different types of player characters is something worth exploring for sure. It could be fun even as a demo map. Another idea would be floating soul that can possess different persons. Every one of them have a special ability: guard can kill monsters, thief can use lockpick, priest can perform rituals like burial ceremony, mason can open hidden passages, rat can go through pipes, swim and fetch. Yet another idea is just changing player"s "lenses" and try to find invisible traces (i.e. in heat vision) - player's character is a detective inventor like CSI. Transparent textures working as color filters were covered in various threads, I recall Obsttorte and RPGista were working on them. Another idea I had was a mirrored map, two altered versions of same environment - I remember it was done before as time travel, but you could make literally up side down map under palace's mirror floor, or something more crazy like same dream city map upside down below water surface. Shifting between two versions of reality was done many times but it have still a lot of potential.
  22. I was wondering if you could change easly player's size and play i.e. as a rat. Master thief rat if you like, but the point is to avoid giants and eat or spy. Or something like facehugger missions in Alien vs Predator 2 game.
  23. http://warhammer40k.wikia.com/wiki/Orks This is an interesting approach at cultural differences - mechanical insight on unconscious level from one side, thus hard to mimic as well as to teach. From the other side, collective magic - something will work only in hands of true believers, and in gathering.
  24. Correct, you can't get to the mission finish screen. You have too much power over all variables, so end screen won't mean too much. Maybe I could make up better objectives than "achievements", but it supposed to be as simple as possible because it don't work in any linear way like normal mission do.
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