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  1. Like the mission so far, like the part to Sir Taffsalot. Now it is a big place to roam around, so wheres is the MAP!!!!. Have a link on taffers to http://www.taffersparadise.co.uk/darkmod/ws4_warrens.zip
  2. Linky on taffers http://www.taffersparadise.co.uk/darkmod/ravine.zip
  3. I seem to have a problem with mine. After i set the crown back on the broken crypt and a kinda fade out happens i come back and i am holding the crown out in front of me and can not frob it to take it again after it falls to the ground and i can not frob the slab behind the broken crypt either ??. Not sure to do now. I have re'down loaded the mission twice not works.
  4. When ever i try to enable EAX4 in audio no FM's will load at all ??. Any ideas as to why and how to make it work. Just got a new sound card and would like to use it if pos.
  5. yeah, i was looking for Brightness . Now i know.
  6. ive done that but i can not see where the brightness value is.
  7. Is one leak enough to piss up a hole map ??. Been working on the A-Z tutorial for hours and then stuff stopped working, i noticed 1 leak error. Ended up just wraping the hole lot in a hollowed out room lol and that fixed it for now. How do i find leaks as i just can not see it at all.
  8. How do i ajust the brightness of lights in game. I have a Ambient_world light thats over bright and no option to lower it.
  9. Anyone know where i can get any sky prefabs. Or any other types of frefabs. Doing a-z tutorials at the moment and its now asking my to add sky with a prefab but there is not prefabs touse ??.
  10. Im Doing the Dark Mod a-z tutorial thing at the moment. Once i get to grips with it ill be making some missions for DM to.
  11. Hello there, im started messing with DarkRadiant but unsure on how to go about (compiling) play testing a map im making ??.
  12. I think we should start adding up the votes and see where we stand. Once there is a total ill send the mug out ot the winner. As much as i would love to send out 3, it cost to get them made and then to send them to where ever so only the winner this time round will get one sorry about that like. Ill see about sending one to each next compo. But glad we have got some mission out for this, ive played one and playing another now and one to go, All good so far. Also ive Downloaded and install darkradiant Editor to and will be messing with it over next ffew weeks to see how easy/hard it is to make missions.
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