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  1. As long as their modified version of the software remains restricted to their own internal use, they are technically not obliged to share the code unless they make a build of the software public or made available for sale.
  2. Not sure if this has been reported yet, but I found a weird bug with blackjacking. If you happen to press middle mouse button + attack with the blackjack select, the animation will play with a weird distortion and the attack will produce neither a sound or damage. Video below. https://youtu.be/z4mRSA0kWyY
  3. I think the present training mission should remain as is as a simple practice sandbox, but it would be nice to have a real step-by-step tutorial mission. A New Job does good work of introducing the player to navigation , searching for alternate paths, and simple narrative, but it does not work as a tutorial in the classical sense.
  4. That is looking amazing Springheel, thank you for sharing. Hopefully someone will be able to pick it up in the future.
  5. I'm just gonna throw in my two cents on the matter of the missions included in the package. I personally think A New Job and Tears of St Lucia are both great missions and should pretty much remain as is. The training mission... not so much. It is a sandbox sort of environment that is not so fitting with the rest, at least as far as tutorials go. At some point I would like to see a new training mission on a more step-by-step tutorial basis, preferably starting at the Thief's house and then venturing out on the streets to accomplish a very simple objective. This would better introduce the
  6. What about using quarantine/forced curfew/restricted infestation areas as a main theme?
  7. Can I ask, did anything out of the ordinary happen given the 5 month delay for the release of 2.08 and the fact the issue fixing seems to have slowed down? Is the team going through any problems that we might assist with?
  8. I really appreciate this thread and the intentions behind it. As someone who wholly believes in the principles of the GNU GPL and CC-BY-SA licenses, having the game licensed under a share-alike non-NC license would be better for the public good. I personally have no qualms with people reusing assets for commercial projects as long as credit is given to the original authors and as long as they're willing to share their modifications under the same terms. However, like people have been claiming, this is a very difficult task for the Dark Mod. It would require a near full replacement and re
  9. This really depends on how one would approach the setting. It would be fine for some simpler initial maps based on avoiding guard routines and such, but afterwards one would have to define what characteristics would be best for this type of setting, especially if we wish to avoid 1001 nights stereotypes. On a different note, I think spawning a different location for the TDM universe would also be an ideal chance to create an alternate character to the Garret-esque smooth voiced male that is omnipresent in TDM. This might be the right opportunity to finally have a female character join the
  10. This is a fair post and I agree with it wholeheartedly. In the end the purpose of this thread was to inform those who prefer a bit more realism in interior decoration and to give another view to those who don't. While I think replacing torches indoors comes at no cost, it was never my intention to be dogmatic on realism as I stated on my first post, and my apologies if I offended someone along the way.
  11. What I've been trying to say is that details such as this add to the whole, much like you exemplified with the pipes or the ceiling architecture or even the electrical wiring other people were discussing in this same thread. They might not be individually noticed but in the end they will contribute towards consistency and help flesh out the looks of a mission. If this was not the case mappers would have not equally spent hours analyzing real life buildings to use as references for their missions. All I am doing is suggesting another one of these details to be added to consideration, the same w
  12. Well, there's such a thing as taking creative liberties in order to tell a good story, and completely misrepresent historical events, characters, and setting. Braveheart does the latter and not in a light way. The problem with this particular type of media phenomena is that it doesn't coexist with the study of history or historically correct entertainment, but rather overwrites and casts a shadow of ignorance upon them. While the film certainly generated interest in Scotland and Scottish history, it did so wrapped in a veil of stereotypes and misconceptions that last to this day, and is damagi
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