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  1. One of my favourite missions of all time. The beginning of the mission is unforgiving, then it's easier. I appreciated most the graphical and sound details.
  2. The first game was really nice because, differently from other RPG (who said The Elder Scroll?), it has an interesting real-time fight mechanic that is both funny and challenging. I played as a pure fighter and it was delightful to pick the right tactic for the enemy that I was facing. I've just bought the second one but on my laptop doesn't run. I hope to play it soon and then play the third. The story is amazing.
  3. Exactly! City missions are the soul of Thief.
  4. "Playthrough" is the same of "Let's play" and "walkthrough" is more a guide for the player. I have to find a better name but I have no ideas right now .
  5. Uhmm I don't think to be able to do it and I have good reasons: this means being under lights many times. Exposing yourself for the joy of challenge could be nice, but it's not my style. Too many variables and even if you calculate the timing correctly every time, there will still be moments in which you have to, for instance, pick a lock under the light just because you have decided to not use water arrows. I don't understand this. Some levels are designed to support this, but for me this is just unrealistic. If there is a lock and a light, you have three possibilities: find another route to
  6. It does? If so I have to change the title because my English is terrible
  7. OT: the TDM team is amazing, thanks. I hope to find some time in the future, I've almost finished my studies, to help the project somehow.
  8. TDM hasn't been developed full time for 5 years by a professional studio with the background of Eidos. Said that, TDM AI is still more consistent than Thief 4 and I can hide bodies in the dark without problems. In one of my recent gameplay I fall from a roof, a guard sees me and I have to knock-out it to avoid the alarm. After that, I left the body of the guard in the dark (real dark) and nobody noticed the body: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=TwB4GVVVe6E#t=2077 The problem with TDM sometime is the sound (in the video I fell from a roof...), but nothing too ba
  9. I'm not saying that after sometime you can get used to the light system of thief 4. On contrary, it becomes quite clear at the beginning of the game where you are invisible and where not. Being able to use the shadow system of thief 4 doesn't mean it doesn't suck. With more realistic engines like the one of the new thief, also a better AI detection system should be developed. I repeat it: when you are under the moonlight and there is an enemy at 1 meter from you, there is no way he doesn't see you. That's unrealistic, in particular for a game like thief 4 in which in shadow you can actually se
  10. Agreed on that, but the light in that game is horrendous. True that in a thief game you have a light gem but maybe in 2014 we could have an engine that properly shows lights/shadows such that you know when you are invisible without the need of the light gem. Just to be clear: when you are outside the night, unless there is a storm, you are not completely hidden no matter how good you are. It's just not realistic and quite clear from the videos. In particular when your body casts a shadow! That means "there is light!". If you add the fact that you are at 1 meter from the enemy... Besides the
  11. "Woaaaa the birds!" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vUsYCyiLers
  12. The best rant is Gopher's: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0PZbrYVlzzk
  13. Honestly, I also like the idea of hideout, even if I perfectly understand that it doesn't fit TDM. In a more realistic thief game, I would like to do a mission to get cash to use to buy equipment for the next mission. More stolen stuff means more equipment, better maps, clues about loot positions and maybe even the possibility to bribe some guards. The thing that I like most is that for complex and difficult mission you could do before some "secondary missions" to generate more cash to better prepare for the "real mission". If there is something that I really miss in thief games is the possibi
  14. Ghostable means with score 0? I'm not sure to be able to do that. Some FMs can be tricky and I don't think to be able to be a ghost without reloading. I prefer to play with my usual "thief" style. I'm considering the possibility to let the subscribers to choose my next mission, what do you think?
  15. I have started a YouTube Channel with title "Let's Play The Dark Mod" in which I play one of the fan missions available. My plan is to play all the missions at the maximum difficulty without reloading (too much ).
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