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    Graphic error

    Thanks for the replies, I´ll try to fiddle around a bit soon.
  2. Nox

    Graphic error

    Killing CCC.exe in the process list does nothing. I´ve never seen this before, every different resolution completely changes the proportions in the game.
  3. Hello, since I bought a video card capable of running Doom 3 recently(Radeon 6850) I wanted to try this mod. Doom 3 is running fine, but I have a severe error when playing the mod. When changing the screen resolution, it certainly does change more than the graphic detail. This is a screen in 1600*1200 resolution: http://www.abload.de...23-10-bjy9v.png Everything looks really trippy and when I press the forward key, I move diagonally forward. This is a screen in 1024*768 resolution: http://www.abload.de...23-12-b8ad2.png Now it looks better and when I press forward I actually wa
  4. Thanks for all the replies "What is your CPU and how much RAM do you have?" I have 4GB and an Intel duo @3GHZ. It´s a desktop PC and my good video card died. I think I´ll wait till I someday have a better vc, I´m not really a fan of messing around with configs etc. and 15-25 FPS is not really what I consider playable ^^ Well can´t hurt anyway, then I´ll play a newer, even better version I´m sure
  5. Hello, the mod looks awesome but can I play it with a Geforce 8400GS? The card is incredibly weak, however it lets me play Team Fortress 2 and Cod 4 MW at low settings. I currently don´t even have Doom3 installed, don´t know how that would run with the card. Should I try it or can I forget it anyway?
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