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  1. From my perspective it's just a bridge too far. I'm sure you are right on the rest of what you say, forum seems friendly enough most of the time. Good cooperation on fm projects etc. Yep, it's not my forum, not my rules.
  2. Thats why i told you to look it up, so you would not make such a beginner mistake. Its fine if you think i'm a big hypocrite or something. But try to get your facts straight. The commandment is (properly translated and looked at in context): don't murder, as in don't kill/slay/murder your neighbor. Righteous killing on the other hand is different. Has something to do with justice after all. There are still governments doing exactly that. Killing the murderers and rapists. You find it ok to steal in a game? And in real-life also? Or not in real life but only in a game? How does your moral code work? But i guess you are not a hypocrite like me eh? If i were creating an fm i was not going to let the main character be a thief. More of a keeper/builder guy. Thats the roles that i prefer. We cannot always choose though.
  3. It's all a matter of perspective. One cannot steal from a thief if one wants to retrieve what was stolen. And one cannot murder a murderer if one wants seeks justice. Look up the difference between murdering and killing. Of course i always like the missions more that have some noble goal like preventing such and such disaster from happening or retrieving a lost artifact etc. But yes, if this game was not a game but reality, indeed i could not be a part of it since then i would be deceiving myself. But as it now, it's still only a game.
  4. Drug? I wouldn't know. Think you assume too much. Perhaps you were out murdering and stealing. I however was having great adventures. Never killing someone that didn't deserve it. Never taking something that belonged to the innocent. And never for selfish purposes since money has no hold on me. You see, i always play my own game, even if the mission objectives state that i have to do such and such.
  5. I'll take that cabin if i can afford it! True in the sense that i would watch my words more when being around children. Other words i would stop using if someone took offense at them. The message for me is: i have zero respect for your most sacred beliefs. And you people are so far out that you cannot even see such a simple fact. Instead i'm the one being rude... But enough of this emo business. We are what we are, co-exist we cannot it seems. Because i'll be damned before i shut my mouth in situations like this.
  6. Let me spell it out for you then. There are a lot of things called 'adult' nowadays. Wasn't always the case though. And still isn't for many people. Pornography is still pornography for them. Cursing still cursing. Nothing 'adult' about it. Quite the opposite in my opinion. Thanks friend!
  7. Nah, it's not the first time you know. There's tons of sites that serve adults, it used to be called pornography. And in this case i just calll it being rude. But don't worry, if regulars here make a habit of cursing then indeed i will skip the forum. No biggie.
  8. You really have a dirty mouth on you, don't you? For some people, including me, that name means a lot. But i guess you don't give a damn? It's a miracle thi4f only has only been 'upgraded' by square enix to use curse words like fuck and shit. In deus ex 3 they decided to use the name of Jesus every other sentence. Why are they doing that... whats the point...? Most people expect to hear that? What ever happened to taffer?
  9. Guess i'm the thought criminal then, cause i think it can and will be stopped. Start by saying: no! To hell with your system, your politics, your closed source software, your facebooksocialmediacrap, your 'smart' phones, your bs gadgets i don't need that want to track my every move. Your bs tv, movies and games. There's a few good men left. Even some that still have guns and won't go down easily. Put that on the digital record as well, you bastards! No fear! No surrender [/rant]
  10. Yesterday i acted by instinct without thinking like the pro acrobat that i am, climbing on the ledge of a walkway to mantle towards the next higher walkway. Except i was playing Thi4f and not TDM. So it was decided that i could not mantle on the ledge but instead i had to be mantling over the ledge and down i went towards the pavement below. Which was ok because i landed on some woman. Who thought i was assailing her and quickly ran to the guards. No problem since i'm a highly skilled escapist. By the time she reached the guards i was safe lurking in the dark, many streets away. However since this was thi4f i still lost. The game finally remembering that i had specified that molesting civilians was not to be allowed.
  11. I decided to go on a killing spree to vent some thi4f frustration at the nearest guards. When i made a frontal headshot i got to watch.... ARROWCAM! I raised two eyebrows at that!
  12. [irony] Does anyone know a good plugin to block echelon so the nsa won't track what i'm posting on the nets? Oh and perhaps something that makes my isp not keep my digital record for years for when my government might decide to check up on me. If no plugin is availible, no big deal, i hear they only do it so keep me safe anyways. We all have to sacrifice our privacy for freedoms. And it's not like i got anything to hide, so i have nothing to fear. [/irony]
  13. Yes you are right, one TDM outweighs a hundred TDS's!
  14. Yes. It has the good looks. It has some nice puzzles and thieving mechanics. Sometimes the hand animations are nice enough, like on paintings. But this game and all games that might follow will never be the game we can envision the perfect game to be. When the empire released their xbox weapon all changed. When both Deus Ex 2 and Thief 3 got consolized... gamers realized there had been a substantial shift in the balance between good and evil. Evil had just won a big victory and things would never be the same again. Luckily the indies and modders fight back, there is still some good left. TDM is evidence of that. Maybe this is the perfect game and we should just ignore all the silliness thats supposed to be thief.
  15. Hehe, well in my opinion this whole game is emo-fag right from the start. Can you see the old-real Garrett take on a psychotic-murderous-bad-mouthing-bitch-erin as a sidekick? No way, not even for a minute. It would be a gigantic liability for him, he works alone and his ego doesn't allow him to be put down by some brat bitch all the time. The plot would be better served if they made Erin the evil enemy mastermind that Garret had to save the city from.
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