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  1. Almost five years afterI got it, my Nvidia GTX 560 Ti finally gave up its electronic soul. Despite only having 1 GB of VRAM, the 560 Ti still managed to run many of the latest games at over 30 FPS on high settings. That little card gave me so many incredible gaming memories. I always imagined that I would gracefully retire it after purchasing an upgrade, but the universe obviously had other plans.

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    2. nbohr1more


      Use the 460 for Physx processing? Or for Bitcoin mining?

    3. Epifire


      I'd send you my 580 man. It's still a good kicker in most respects. Considering it's age I didn't, "need" to upgrade for how it was performing.

    4. Dunedain19


      @Epifire. That would be so incredible. I'm so blown away, I don't even know what to say! Let's PM on the subject.

  2. So I made a backup copy and then deleted all the layers. Deleting all the layers fixed the problem. Should I still send over the original files for evaluation?
  3. @greebo, it has been happening with previous releases - not just pre-release builds. @bikerdude, my system specs are: Windows 7 Professional (64 bit)8 GB RAMIntel i5 2500KNvidia GTX 560 Ti (1 GB)In order to get the issue to appear, all I have to do is simply load my main WIP map and then open up the layers window (Ctrl + L). Curiously enough, when I boot up DR and start a fresh mapping session, the strange extra box does not appear. However, if I load my main WIP map and then switch to a blank map - but without restarting DR - the strange box remains. So having done this, I suspect that there is obviously some issue with this WIP map in particular. Because the map is extensive, I have created about 60 layers to make it more manageable, would this have any impact?
  4. Yeah. It happens with all of my maps, even brand new ones that don't have any layers.
  5. @SeriousToni To answer specifically would be telling! In general, it's part of the security system.
  6. I switched yesterday and everything is working fine. Such a pleasure working with the new Conversation Editor GUI! Major props to greebo for implementing my suggestion. I have, however, noticed a weird GUI glitch with the Layers system. This has been present for a few versions now and I'm not sure when or how it appeared. I have attached an image that will show what I'm talking about. Basically, this giant rectangular check box has appeared - clicking it does nothing and there is no way to get rid of it. Any suggestions as to how I can remove it?
  7. As the title states, I am looking for a co-op partner for Splinter Cell: Blacklist (PC) as these are the only outstanding missions that I haven't been able to complete. If anyone is interested, feel free to reply below and add me on Uplay. My Uplay name is XIXDunedainXIX.
  8. Outstanding, Goldwell! I'm so very pleased that we were able to rescue these files from seemingly online oblivion. If anything, this experience re-emphasizes the need for a central repository for custom created items. EDIT: @Goldwell, I just checked the OP to see if we rescued all the files. It seems that Merry/Airship also uploaded some ambient sound files - any chance you downloaded them as well?
  9. Just want to bump this thread in the increasingly diminishing hope that someone who has downloaded the assets decides to respond by re-uploading them and sharing the links...
  10. Thanks for the console command, Destined. Incidentally, I tried measuring these effects again - but without the console command - and it turns out that the console does display damage done to AIs. Here is my next update: Dropping the armed nobleman from Tower 640 yielded: Drop 1 = 15 damageDrop 2 = 30 damageDrop 3 = 468 damage (Death)Dropping the noblewoman from Tower 576 yielded: Drop 1 = 30 damageDrop 2 = 17 damageDrop 3 = 10 damageDrop 4 = 215 damage (Death)Dropping the mage from Tower 512 yielded: Drop 1 = 23 damageDrop 2 = 23 damageDrop 3 = 67 damageDrop 4 = 45 damage (Death)Dropping the townswoman from Tower 448 yielded: Drop 1 = 22 damageDrop 2 = 62 damageDrop 3 = 130 damage (Death)Unfortunately, using the console command generates a number of virtual cube outlines, which obscured my vision of the AIs' fall pattern. From what I could see, the drops that killed the AI all had the AI landing predominantly on their head. However, this could equally be said of the drops that yielded minimal damage - i.e. from the vantage point of each Tower, it could be assumed that the AI landed on their head. However, calling up the console disproves this, as indicated by the low damage dealt to the AIs. To reiterate the point I made above, the low damage dealt to these AIs from vantage points that would ordinarily kill the Player is an issue that needs to be addressed. Falling from these heights in real life would very likely kill a person or severely injure them, however, this is not being reflected by the damage dealt to the AIs. While it makes intuitive sense that an AI falling on their back or arm should receive less damage than one landing on their head, this becomes ridiculous when an AI can not only survive a multi-story fall by landing on a non-head limb, but also take very little damage in the process. It is also curious that the outlier damage taken by the nobleman well exceeds that taken by the Player falling from the same height (468 vs 339). A similar effect is detected with the townswoman who suffered 130 damage in comparison to the 115 that the Player is dealt when falling from Tower 448. In contrast, the noblewoman suffers less damage than the Player, while still landing on her head (215 vs 258).
  11. So at long last, I sat down and created a small test map to explore this issue. I created a series of tower blocks that were textured with a stone texture. For the overall floor, I used a dirt texture. The tower blocks increased in size by 64 units, and were ten in total; thus, the tower height ranged from 64 units through to 640. I placed a variety of AI types on each level, which included: inventor, city-watch, moor, gen. guard, thief, thug, townswoman, mage, noblewoman, nobleman (armed). The testing methodology was simple: knockout the AI, pick them up, and drop them from their respective towers. While sounding simple, it is hard to ensure that the AI fall in exactly the same way. Here are my initial findings: Tower 640 was the first place that I recorded death from a single drop. However, when I tried reproducing this, the AI did not land on their head and so did not die despite multiple drops.Tower 448 is the first height where an AI can be killed if they land on their head - anything lower and the AI are not able to fall fast enough and so they end up hitting the dirt on their back or shoulders.AI that fall from Tower 384 require around 10 drops before being damaged to death.For AI falling from heights higher than Tower 384, damaging them to death seemingly depends on whether or not they hit their head as I could not produce consistent numbers for Towers 448, 512, 576, and 640. In some cases it was as low as three drops, in others the number kept climbing until the AI fell directly on their head.I could not detect any noticeable difference between AI types: all will die if they hit their head.I also measured the damage the Player suffers from falling at different heights: Tower 64 = 0 Tower 128 = 0 Tower 192 = 7 Tower 256 = 18Tower 320 = 44Tower 384 = 73Tower 448 = 115 (Death)Tower 512 = 175 (Death)Tower 576 = 258 (Death)Tower 640 = 339 (Death)It seems very odd to me that AI should be able to survive any fall after Tower 448, regardless of landing position, when the Player cannot. I will update this post once I have time to test and compare the different AI and whether some die quicker than others.
  12. I've just switched to pre8 now, will try do a little mapping. Apologies for bringing it up again, greebo, but I see that my GUI suggestion from http://forums.thedar...-and-questions/ hasn't made it in. I understand it may not be the easiest/quickest improvement to implement, but it would be great to see it scheduled for 2.06. I have tried your earlier suggestion of opening multiple instances of DR to speed things up. While that process is quicker than closing the conversation editor in order to create a speaker, hunt down the right sound shader and then copy its name - the whole process it is still cumbersome and frustrating to use. I will try chime in again with more feedback.
  13. Just finished building my second elevator. Such a satisfying feeling when it works as intended!

  14. Re-posting with a quick update. (I was having a bizarre issue with dmap crashing when I added the central grate. Creating func_statics out of the grates didn't help, so I made them all into a single .ase model. It was this change that for some reason let dmap finish and thus allow for this screenshot.)
  15. They say no one has ever escaped from this City Watch precinct. This is unsurprising when one considers that those who commit misdemeanors find themselves facing advanced security systems. For those whose crimes are...of a more severe nature...there is simply no chance of getting out, unless it is to meet the hangman's noose or his guillotine.
  16. Saw the trailer for the Grand Tour. Had to replay the first few seconds because I swear I am hearing the TDM creaky door sound! http://tinyurl.com/j2gdqb4

    1. Aosys


      That's definitely it. Good old door_open_creaky01...

  17. Bumping this thread again in the hopes that someone who has all the files listed in the OP can kindly re-upload them here. Airship Ballet / Merry has neither seen nor responded to my PM on this issue. It would be a terrible shame if these custom items would become lost forever, and I cannot imagine the possibility that no-one downloaded them. As it stands, I'm having an issue with the custom electric lights appearing black in-game, while looking normal in DR...any suggestions?
  18. Congrats, Dragofer. I'm really glad I could help out with the beta-testing.
  19. @grayman Either way works for me. The mission is a long way off from completion, so the issue is not urgent at all. If you could take a quick look, I would be very grateful. I do need to just isolate that area from the rest of the larger level structure so you can examine the problem directly. I'll get around to that on the weekend.
  20. Fair point, Bikerdude. That's a much better approach, brethren. Forget about my innocent - but uninformed - question. EDIT: Taking a stab at another - less controversial - question: "I would like to know if during his career, Mr Russell has recorded VO lines with other actors in the same room, or if he has only (or even prefers to) recorded his lines alone. Following on, if he has worked alongside other actors in real time, did he enjoy the experience?" Also, one more question: "Today, many games are now having their cast wear full-body motion capture suits while acting out their various scenes. Has Mr. Russell ever done this? If yes, did he enjoy it? If not, is he willing to give the recording technique a go?"
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