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  1. I've been working on a portfolio piece for a while between other commissions. It's below. We can certainly use it for a webpage or promotional material when its done if you like. I'm working on things for other clients and my Real Job resumes tomorrow, but it would be finished in a couple weeks. work in progress:
  2. Guys, can we not quote huge graphics files in our responses? We only need to see the picture once.
  3. Thanks for the offer, but it's going to be a looooong time before we're in a position to need testers. Next year at least.
  4. Ok, here's one version I've been working on. This is about twenty minutes of work, so I wouldn't call it highly polished. The smaller one especially could use some more work. Enough to give you the idea though. I've downloaded some official Thief fonts to use. Regular banner size: And larger size version with Ren's tagline:
  5. Nothing in any detail. Garrett has been notoriously fluid in his appearance, as he has been drawn by many different artists. Ours just needs to look similar (since it isn't really Garrett anyway, *cough*) His face will always be in shadow anyway.
  6. I'm working on one here and there, but I'm quite busy today. I might have something tonight. Edit: Ok, I have a few more minutes to make some comments...The typical banner size is 468x60, which is not a lot of space. The new one by Alexius looks great but is far too busy to be used at banner size. Perhaps it could be used as a website header or something. I'm not entirely sure I like the colour scheme, which is awfully bright and red...it makes me think more of Aladdin than Thief, but that's me. I have two different versions in the works and I'll post one of them tonight for comment. I can't work on it from this computer though.
  7. Is the official Thief font or something? I find some of the letters really don't seem to go well together, and the smaller ones are almost impossible to read. I like the tagline though. The face isn't my favourite part. I have some small experience with banners...can we hold off posting it for a day or two to tweak a few new versions?
  8. Really? I thought the door looked almost exactly like the older city doors in TDS. I think it looks a little whiter than normal because of the light glare.
  9. Just wanted to post here how bloody good I think this looks. Omega, let me know if you need any more sketches.
  10. I can't wait to see a room made with Thiefy textures.
  11. A cool tutorial from the D3W forums about creating new creature models. http://www.doom3world.org/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=5133
  12. Man, the ceiling looks good, but I'm still dazzled by the friggin' window!!
  13. Why does it have to be so big? That's huge. It would be readable at half that size.
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