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  1. For anyone interested, I'll happily do some vocal work for those who want it. I did the voice on SeriousToni's fantastic mission if anyone is looking for an idea of what I sound like. I keep meaning to do a sample set for TDM but never seem to get around to it. (I hav e some time this weekend, maybe I'll do it then)
  2. I may finally move over to Linux if they release a Linux Steam client.
  3. I seriously hope they don't expect to market it at full RRP when it does come out though. £10-£15 at a push maybe but the game is already out there, the engine is already out there so it's effectively a mod and assets you'll be getting really.
  4. It's a tricky one. It took place on company property which could make them liable but it's not exactly something they are responsible for. I think you're better off going to the woman herself. She broke it, she replaces it.
  5. Oooh, something cool to find waiting for me in the morning. Will grab later
  6. My experience is that you don't really know a person until you're living with them. Yes you argue, yes you have the greatest of times but you get to walk away at the end of it and start again tomorrow. When you live with them, you see them 'warts and all' and if you still enjoy being with them and can put up with their shit, you're onto a pretty good thing. The point I'm making is that you talk, you have kept in touch but it obviously wasn't enough to take it further otherwise you'd have done so. I think you've been friend zoned and will only cause problems making things known now (i.e. with a second wedding in future). My advice is move on but still be friends. You never know what (or who) is around the corner anyway. Also, if she felt the same way about you, she'd have been trying to get back in touch all that time too.
  7. Sorry, been rebuilding the pc. Will give it a try soon
  8. I'll probably have some free time tomorrow if you want me to give it a try. I'm looking at some other stuff for another mapper but I'm sure I can read some lines if you want.
  9. I had a friend with exactly the same problem, turned out that there was something stuck to the shelf that stopped it closing fully and the mechanism automatically opened the drawer again. Sounds daft but worth checking.
  10. How clean is your machine? What have you installed? Sadly, it could be any number of things that are causing the problem that are unrelated to DarkRadiant itself.
  11. LMAO! That is just sooooo funny. Sad at the same time but funny as hell. Get those stormtrooper pelvic thrusts!
  12. Ooooh alright. I'll do it after going to the bear pits.
  13. Damn, I'd forgotten about doing this. I'll try and find some time soon. I have done some work for a mapper but I won't steal their thunder and give anything away
  14. Dear Esther is quite an experience. You will either like it or you won't but it's a spectacular achievement with the Source engine all the same.
  15. Been enjoying the show. It's certainly thrown up a fair few twists very early on.
  16. Strangely enough I've been having strange dreams myself over the last few days. I've not dreamed very much over the last few years but the last few days I've dreamt every night and they have both been vivid and fairly memorable. (The details are hazy but the gist is string). Can't say I've astral projected myself but it's a fascinating concept. Did you go anywhere familiar?
  17. No water, no fuel, no England manager, no England captain and no jobs. I'd write a letter of complaint if I could afford the stamp.

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    2. stumpy


      60p for a stamp where I am.

    3. Melan


      Got to say, this isn't one of those nicer decades. Miss John Maynard yet? You ought to.

    4. pusianka


      So is it a good idea to study in England?(I'll add, I'm from poland)

  18. Almost? Now you mention it, the distant hand does look pretty ok
  19. I agree, the hands do look a little big and fleshy really.
  20. Ok, tweaked the permissions and they downloaded with no problems Thanks guys!
  21. Hi! My darkmod is the next folder down so: /home/steve/.doom3/darkmod doom3 is: /home/steve/.doom3 also, anyone know how to get the Resurrection of Evil mod pack running? When I first started doom3 up, I got asked for both keys (which I didn't have to hand). Now I have the key, it doesn't ask me or come up in the mods menu. I'll try and change the permissions
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