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  1. This is pretty much the only game i'm looking forward to, i reallly liked Morrowind even though it was very flawed in some departments. The most impressive shot ive seen so far is the Daedroth, that looks incredible. I just hope they have better animations this time round, i'd be such a shame to have characters that look that good but still walk like robots.
  2. His links are fine, just right click > save as. I think you always have to do that with geocities for some reason. EDIT: no sorry now they've gone screwed. it let me grab the first video (old guy with hat and a walking stick) but none of them work now
  3. Hey no worries, at least i know where i stand. TBH i would'nt be interested in skinning other peoples models, i would only be interested in texturing my own stuff (just to be able to control something from start to finish, i hope that makes sense). So you can count me out of doig something like that even if i was good enough. Anyway thanks for your time everybody, and as you suggest springheel i might put up a post in a few months with some work and see if you guys could use anything then. Good luck with the mod in the meantime
  4. Zombielowpoly < that is the lowest subd level i have saved for him, but tyrot and oddity will be able to tell you that in Zbrush you cannot reduce models down in complexity, you can only subdivide upwards (but once your at a high poly model you can go back down to earlier subd levels so make larger adjustments to overall shape etc..). Hopefully thats enough proof. I didnt, i think you have misunderstood what i was saying, i said from the start that i would need at least 3-4 days to get to anything worthwhile to show you guys. Because tbh i'm not very happy with it, it was just a t
  5. Sorry was logged out for some reason
  6. Honestly i'm not offended, i really couldnt care less if someone decides they dont like like something i'm doing before ive even got started. I'll carry on with what im doing at the moment and i'll show you guys where i'm at later in the week.
  7. Zbrush is primarily for the initial low poly work, and then again for the ultra high poly work to get the normal maps from. I use Softimage|XSI inbetween, and for the final low poly optimisation. As said in my post, that tree is approx 30 minutes work and all its for is to see if springheel was happy with the initial layout of the branches. So please dont judge me on what i already said was a far from finished model. I would estimate what ive done to be 5-10% complete. Ive been modeling for a little over 6 weeks, 90% of which has been spent learning the tools. I have an unfinished z
  8. I started over with it again, so if you check out the low poly pic above it shows the new tree with some more branches (i'm wary about adding too many). I'm gonna get some sleep now, but i'll update the post again tommorow when ive had a chance to add some detail.
  9. Yeah it is still very nobbly and organic, this is the bare bones really. I just want to make sure it's not looking too gnarled and cartoony at this early stage before i start to detail it. I'm not sure if it needs more branches or not.
  10. Ok just a quicky, not much to look at i know, but is the general feel ok or am i going too unrealistic with it. Low Poly High'ish Poly Just a quick 'yay thats acceptable' or 'nay thats too sleepy hollow' would be great
  11. Ok great that'd be fun to try, ive never done a tree before. I'll make a start tonight and post some early WIP shots so you can tell me if i'm going too stylised with it. I'll also make a few other little bits and pieces for you guys to look at just incase i find that i can't do trees lol. Just a few animals or something. Cheers
  12. Ok thats fine, i'll wait until springheel has posted before i start something.
  13. Basically as the title says, do you guys need any more models for this project? I'm pretty new to modeling but i'm getting along quite well so far and i'm having a lot of fun. What i'd love at the moment would be to get involved in a project so i can learn from more experienced people and generally get some experience of working within a team (ive never been involved in a mod before). And being a thief fan this project would be great fun to be involved in. From the stuff ive been doing so far i would say that my strengths are in organic modeling, but i would be more than willing to have a
  14. Australian for 'Utitlity Vehicle' i think. You never seen Neighbours or Home and Away lol?
  15. D'oh, the link has been here all along, its in this thread http://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?showtopic=754 not the front page lol. Right click > Save As on the 'High Res Teaser' link and you should be ok Sorry 'bout that, i'd forgotten where i grabbed it.
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