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Status Updates posted by datiswous

  1. Currently Profile Information has 3 fields, these are shown in forum posts under your avatar:

    1. Gender

    2. Location

    3. Interests

    I think that it could be useful to have an extra field called "Operating system" (under location). It can be useful for tech support and to see what people use.

    Alternatively it could be a more general term, like PC system, so that you can for example state that you use an AMD gpu.

    1. SeriousToni


      If people then keep it by themselves updated it makes sense. Otherwise it's confusing if you forgot to update your profile and everybody thinks you're talking about Linux but you already switched to Windows :o

    2. datiswous


      Yeah, that's also true..

  2. Just found out piped.kavin.rocks has a build-in audio-only for video's (great for music video's). Never thought something like this (including browser extensions) excisted. This would have saved me a lot of money on vacation, where I was camping without wifi.

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    2. jaxa


      Is piped.kavin.rocks broken? I think I've used it once before but now it seems to do nothing, even after I disabled all my blockers.

    3. datiswous


      Seems to work fine for me..

    4. jaxa


      I had another moment to look. Still seems broke AF, as described here:


      I checked out this list of Invidious instances and yewtu.be:



      The homepage appears to work but my search for the word "test" caused a bug page. Then it worked a few minutes later as I was writing this.

      Basically, I think these YouTube frontends tend to break often. It's good that they exist though.

  3. This new Twitter block looks kinda bad on the Forum's dark theme. Also, why is this info shown here on the forum anyway?


    I would like to see an option at least to disable it.

    Although I guess I could use some css..


    Edit: This seems to do it:

    /* Remove Twitter timeline */
    .twitter-timeline {
        display: none !important;
    1. Dragofer


      It seems it can only be set to either black or white, independent of users' theme.

      It seems quite a few of us didnt know that the Twitter account was still in active use.

    2. datiswous


      I heard @thebigh took over activity

    3. datiswous


      You can't make it transparent?

      But like I said, there's no point in having a twitter block on the forum. If you want to follow, use twitter, but it should not show here.

  4. When someone cries for help on the wiki instead of the forum (I wonder how many people have read it, but I found it funny that it's still there):


    1. freyk


      Maybe the answer can be found on the wiki.

  5. There's now image gallery functionality on the wiki. I asked taaaki to enable this and he did.

    See here for an example:

    https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=The_Hare_in_the_Snare:_Part_1_(FM)  (scroll down to the Gallery section and click on one image)

    You can still have the old functionality by middle click on an image.

    1. stgatilov


      Wow, that's cool!

  6. Hey @greebo


    Curently in the wiki, the image viewing is suboptimal. Mediawiki has a feature, which is included in Mediawiki (1.31), for better image viewing. It just has to be enabled it seems:


    I thought it would be a good idea to enable it on our wiki.

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    2. datiswous
    3. taaaki


      I've added the extension, but it is configured as a beta feature for now and isn't enabled by default. When logged into the wiki, go to preferences, then the "Appearance" tab. There should be a checkbox for "Enable Media Viewer".

      Give that a spin and let me know if that works for you.

    4. datiswous


      Thanks. It works great. When you click on an image it loads faster, because not the whole image detail page gets loaded (I guess). The navigation is also nice on pages with multiple images in them like the entity database and the fms pages. It's especially useful if the images are thumbs which link to the bigger image, like here for example.

  7. I always feel a little connected, in the rare case when I'm spying on the Online users list and someone else is there as well..

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