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  1. I wonder if it could be set in the user.xml file.

    This code seems to specify the xy-view windows:

    name=OrthoView;caption=2D View;state=768;dir=5;layer=0;row=0;pos=0;prop=100000;bestw=200;besth=250;minw=200;minh=250;maxw=-1;maxh=-1;floatx=-1;floaty=-1;floatw=-1;floath=-1|name=OrthoView2;caption=2D View;state=6297596;dir=1;layer=1;row=0;pos=1;prop=100000;bestw=128;besth=128;minw=128;minh=128;maxw=-1;maxh=-1;floatx=1595;floaty=298;floatw=144;floath=167|name=OrthoView3;caption=2D View;state=6297596;dir=2;layer=0;row=1;pos=0;prop=100000;bestw=128;besth=128;minw=128;minh=128;maxw=-1;maxh=-1;floatx=1803;floaty=932;floatw=144;floath=167|


  2. Btw. anyone seen this other System Shock remake? It's now in beta. Made in Unity:


    It looks even more old-school:


    I thought some of the dead animations look cool, because they look quite like the original sprite-based animations, but now in 3d form. I don't remember seeing anything similarly done elsewhere,


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  3. 13 hours ago, chakkman said:

    The gameplay and atmosphere (including, and, epecially, the game's soundtrack and audio) are, in my eyes, much more important that high definition graphics (my best example for that would be System Shock 2.

    I agree with you mostly, but I do have a certain minimal requirement nowadays considering graphics. I think for example Metro: Last Light is graphically for me still good enough to fully immerse me.

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  4. On 5/30/2023 at 6:12 PM, demagogue said:

    Then all of those problems just got compounded with the editor version for people making FMs. It wasn't even out that long before a group of editors and fans started looking for an alternative engine they could make a total conversion just for making FMs the way the game was meant to be, and the Doom3 engine fell right at that time... And that ultimately led to Darkmod.

    What I understood is that the idea of TDM was born from that it was unclear if T3 would get a level editor at the time.


    New Horizon: Initially our goal was to provide a Thief inspired editor for the Thief community. The original word when Thief 3 came out was that there would be no editor for Thief 3. We, as members of the community, cared about this and came together to create our own toolset. While we couldn't make any references to the original material, we could make our version in a similar style that would allow fans to create their own missions. Although an editor has been announced, it hasn't altered our primary goal too much since the style of our mod tools will more closely resemble T1 and 2.

    Source: https://web.archive.org/web/20050218173856/http://evilavatar.com/forums/showthread.php?t=268

  5. This opens all sorts of possibilities. I was thinking about games as Gabriel knight and Broken Sword where you navigate from different locations on a map, I always liked this approach, playing the mission in a different order. You can also write a story around it in the text based briefing with images. Or for example a choice of who to work for (let's say there are 2 thief gangs that you can work for or you work for yourself). You can also include multiple missions in one map file.

    I was wondering if you could make an in-game map-gui with a selection menu. If you select a location, you get to be teleported to that location. This is if you wanted to change location when you already started the mission. My idea is that you make a teleportation script that triggers on condition of a gui selection (the map location selection). No idea if that could work.

  6. Functionality was broken between 2.10 and 2.12 dev. Currently you need 2.12 dev to make this work.

    Here is a test-mission with 4 possible briefing configurations with added Starter Location selection:

    1. text_mainmenu_briefing.gui        -   Standard text-based briefing
    2. nav_mainmenu_briefing.gui        -   Sotha's Advanced text + image based manual navigated briefing
    3. anim_mainmenu_briefing.gui      -   Sotha's Advanced  text + image based auto-animated briefing
    4. vidintro_mainmenu_briefing.gui  -   Only Starter location selection briefing, for when video-briefing is used.

    The test-mission is set-up as a 2 mission campaign, where only the briefing for the first mission uses the location selection. This can also be used as a starter base for the functionally used inside your own mission.

    To test it, you have to rename one of the above gui files, so that the filename is: mainmenu_briefing.gui

    To make it work, you have to unzip the 7-zip archive inside tdm's fms folder. After that, you have to navigate to subfolder gui and unzip the file assetz.7z in it (I had to do this because of filesize restriction).

    Would be nice if someone could test it.


    Edit: I linked to it on the wiki. Info still needs an update:




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  7. 5 minutes ago, Fidcal said:

    Once we get our real personal assistant that learns what I really like it can do the legwork and find it for me. It won't be distracted by promos and bullshit.

    You get that with the extra premium subscription. Only $20 more. It's a steal.

  8. Btw. why is there a button called Mission Statistics under the Mission Statistics screen. Is that for the details screen? I don't remember, but it seems unnecessary.


    I just tested and you first get a mission succes screen, where you can click on the Mission Statistic screen.


    But if you click on it, the button stays there, but it could be easilly removed from the statistics screen.

    By adding code:

    			set "statistics::visible" "0";
    			set "statisticsH::visible" "0";

    to windowDef statistics_select under onAction


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  9. On 3/3/2023 at 1:05 PM, vozka said:

    I'm surprised that nobody complained about this yet, almost makes me wonder if there's something wrong with my installation, so I took a few screenshots to show what I mean: https://imgur.com/a/JuO9sF5

    I reported about this a lot during beta testing and some of these got fixed I think. I think the reason is that the mission has a lot of noshadows lights, for better performance.



    Possibly with the performance improvements in 2.11 (stencil shadows + Ai processing)  it's not needed to have so many noshadows lights in there. Fixing whould also make the mission look better.

    10 hours ago, geegee said:

    I'm sorry to say I can't give much of a reply as I'm suffering severe health and cognitive problems.  Most likely this is temporary but for now I'm in a fix.  

    I'm sorry to hear, hope you recover soon.

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