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  1. Btw. Wreckers Reach does not load in 2.10+. But I got it working by removing entity 4045 and 4046 from wreckers.map using a text editor. I added this info to the wiki page. Nice map btw.
  2. Manjaro (Arch based) XFCE Maybe I have to double check my installation..
  3. Yeah, I always do an extended search for tools from The Netherlands first. Everything local is always better. If not available I am forced to use garbage from other countries..
  4. Under Windows I used to use Faststone image viewer or Paint.net for this editing and under Linux nomacs or Pinta, but above options are much easier and faster.
  5. I also tested Flameshot and it's great, but (afaics) it doesn't have the ability to edit existing images that are not created with the tool and therefore it's less useful for TDM users, because the screenshots are made inside TDM. Thanks for the reminder about ShareX, I check it out as well. Edit: ShareX has the same functionality and more (you can record your screen as well). Amazing. Because of the many features it does look more bloated and is therefore possibly a little more complicated, but it could be worth it. Ah, that's why I didn't see it at first. Indeed a bummer.
  6. I finished adding all the "works" that are free for adaption.
  7. I just found this awesome cross-platform software to make and edit screenshots: https://github.com/ksnip/ksnip I think it's very useful for people beta testing missions and other kind of feedback based on screenshots. You can load in existing images (for example TDM screenshots) and edit them. Edit: It also has upload capabilities: Would be nice if you could also upload to Google drive folder for example (or Dropbox), via custom script.
  8. Extra views docked inside main window (2D on the right and Camera bottom): Extra views and texture tool non-docked: This only happens with extra views and the undocked texture tool.
  9. Can you do it? I'm writing about the advantage that more people are able to write the ui, and I think websites are for a great part ui's.
  10. When someone cries for help on the wiki instead of the forum (I wonder how many people have read it, but I found it funny that it's still there):


    1. freyk


      Maybe the answer can be found on the wiki.

  11. Just installed 3.5 (Flatpak), it works really well. The only thing is that if I create a new xy or camera view it is only usable as a tab inside the properties window. Outside of it they won't appear correct and therefore are not usable. Edit: Also the texture tool is affected. Place it outside the Properties window (undock) and it will not show correctly.
  12. Maybe use html5 via Electron. I have not worked with it, but having to work with html, css for the ui seems easier and something more people have knowledge of.
  13. Why is that format chosen? For easy editing purposes?
  14. I was like cool a new version, untill I checked:
  15. Upload license When you upload files to the Wiki, on the upload page there is an option to choose a license. But in the dropdown menu there are no options for license's. Maybe some can be added?
  16. I never understood that they didn't release an editor. It might have given it better sales in the long run. I would think just modifying the Thief 3 editor to be used for that wouldn't be too hard.
  17. When I add more headings it adds that automatically. I just did and it shows up now.
  18. Ok, but do you have the whole "work" because Fllood doesn't have it.
  19. I saw there was a download somewhere in this thread called neons_harbour.zip . Is that the correct one for Wrecker's Reach and why was it renamed?
  20. A first draft of the wiki page: https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Abandoned_Works DarkRadiant screenshot(s) need more info?
  21. Could this fix alone go into a 3.4.1 ? Otherwise I might have to go back to build from source (using 3.4 flatpak version now, but layers is completelly broken). Sorry if this sounds a little demanding, I'm just not sure how long I have to wait for 3.4.1 or otherwise skip to build from source temporarly.
  22. By this you mean the back, what is not seen by the player? Otherwise I don't understand, probably have to do some reading on the subject. Edit: Sorry this goes a bit off-topic. If it gets longer, maybe it needs to be split into a new thread.
  23. Just want to report that this map loads fine in tdm 2.11 dev. Dmap takes ages though, so I quit for now. During dmap it shows: Merge leaf nodes and this process becomes slower over time. Anyone knows what merge leaf nodes means? Fixed 8 out of 10 visportals in the hope that it would help somehow, but it did not. Edit: When I remove all Ai it dmaps quickly. Pretty nice looking map actually.
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