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  1. IIRC (and I may not): - i) I had water-arrowed the torch being carried by the guard in the cellar area. ii) This had put him into high-alert and every attempt to blackjack him went horribly wrong, so I just crept round him to the guards' mess area where I remember there being a couple more guards who were quite easy to bj & hide. iii) The first (torch-carrying) guard, however, seemed to have vanished, although I could still hear footsteps. Then I went into the generator area, and thought 'Oh - there he is'. So I thought the guard had levitated rather dropped. Could have got that completely wrongity-wrong though. Still pretty much a TDM newbie. I will say that I'm playing TDM on an ultra-cheapo laptop with Intel integrated graphics; from what I've seen on other threads, this contradicts most of the known laws of physics, so my silly screenshots are probably localised quantum fluctuations in the reality matrix which (if I keep on playing) will give rise to a wormhole in the spacetime continuum that will drag the planet into an alternative universe where dinosaurs and MACHINES and ALIENS engage in UNENDING BATTLE for THE SOUL OF MANKIND. Still, what can you do eh *reaches for medication
  2. Some shots from The Builder's Influence - one of the guards in the first section seemed to vanish until I cautiously poked my head round the entrance to the generator area to see this: He was in hot foot pursuit!!! Hotfoot!! Geddit!! Cuz his foot looks like it's somewhere - ah forget it...anyway - got a bit closer and took this: - (Actually - jus wanna say - amazing texture on the blackjack...) - but again, anyway, got upstairs and eventually came across this (: - ...kudos to the guy, being buried up his neck in tiled flooring didn't deter him in the least from carrying out his guardly duties - the s.o.b. managed to get a sword hit in on me....can't honestly remember what I did in response - must have killed him somehow (once I had finished laughing)...
  3. Crivens! Sounds like it's a minor miracle I'm able to play TDM at all . Yeah, when I googled it earlier I came across several gaming reviews which were at best condescending about the chip ('Not the worst' was one of the more favourable comments). I'm not taking it personally - I am genuinely clueless about this sort of stuff and I'm just glad my ultra-cheapo laptop manages to play TDM. (EDIT: I had asked for advice about upgrading to another Samsung laptop, but after doing some research I'm going to save up for a custom-built jobbie.)
  4. Just done a bit of googling myself and found four references to Intel GMA X4500M DVMT graphics card (should maybe add that my full model no. is samsung RV511-A07UK). Is that any help?
  5. Thanks nbohr - had a nasty suspicion someone would ask bikerdude's question, and my only honest answer would have been a Homer Simpson-style *shrug/mouth-closed "I dunno"/stare vacantly into middle distance while scratching nether regions* Does this mean my clicking the Intel choice on the poll is riotously wrong wrong wrong? I'm such a noob.
  6. Laptop, samsung RV511 with i3 core & 3gb RAM (running xp pro) - TDM plays fine so far
  7. Wow - that is some masterful mantling, especially getting into the guard's booth to steal the key; loved the touch of locking him in afterwards too . I never actually completed that section of the training (I just couldn't work out how to get past), but having played about 16 FMs I may give it another go now.
  8. Um - not sure I'd even know how to do that. (Is that the doomconfig file?) I'm tempted to ask for the details of your mantling settings but I'd be worried it'd mess things up. I'm really, really happy with the mantling/crouching settings as they stand (or crouch). Happy to accept it may be my system settings. I've played 16 FMs so far (I'm playing them through in date order from release) and I've had at most 5 of those 'Ooh look at that, is that supposed to happen?' moments, and none of them spoiled the game for me.
  9. I think I've done something similar on a couple of other missions, but this was the only one I thought to take a screenshot of. The one I definitely remember was in the mantling practice area of the training mission - there's a plank or something leaning against a building, I mantled it and somehow managed to climb through into the void....trouble was I couldn't get out again and I think the game then froze, but while it lasted it was quite cool (in a terrifying, walking-through-the-void kind of way). BTW, hope this isn't coming across in a snipey, 'look at these silly mistakes' way. Maybe I'm perverse, but I actually quite like finding the occasional glitch in FMs. They remind me they're put together by, y'know, human beings.... (I've actually done the first page of your "Teach Yourself Dark Mod In One Day" guide, Fidcal, which was enough to increase my already substantial appreciation of everyone who's managed to get even a tiny FM together. If I ever get round to finishing it, I can tell you it's going to take me a LOT longer than one day....)
  10. Got this interesting view from jumping on top of some shelving. (I see shelving/cupboards/wardrobes/bookcases, I jump on top of them. That's what I do.) Is this a 'leak'?
  11. Great stuff - just installed it and it works, no more pitch-black shadows; finally I can play it! Many thanks.
  12. Yayyyy - mission finished (without doing all the optional objectives - I'll try them another time). Thanks for the tip, Fidcal - don't know how I missed it: Despite getting stuck (and it was on only two points that I got hopelessly stuck), it's definitely one of my top three TDM FMs I've played so far. Actually, top three FMs, period. Amazing work.
  13. OK - good news & bad news - good news is I found spoilers on this thread about the whereabouts of the Heart info (post #270 onwards if it's any help to anyone else); bad news is....I can't find anything there. Apparently it should be but I've just spent five minutes frobbing them from about every direction I can approach, and....nothing. I got but the Heart info...no sign. Fidcal mentions a bug if but that wasn't the case for me, and his solution ( ) doesn't change anything. Sooooo.....do I need to start again from scratch? Right from the beginning? 'Coz I was very bad and have only done a quicksave through the whole game? Instead of making regular named saves like I was meant to? *shuffles feet, examines fingernails* Edit: Posted this before I saw your reply, Fidcal. Many thanks - I have found but I'll go back and double-check it. Really appreciate everyone's help (and the mission!).
  14. Thanks Bikerdude. I think the main thing I'm stuck on is getting info on the Heart - apart from stealing it, I've met every other objective that has come up so far (I'm playing the easiest level). I've trawled this forum but couldn't find any reference to finding information on the Heart - if there is a relevant post I missed, apologies, and do please point it out to my simplenoob brain!
  15. I'm a latecomer to TDM, so sorry if I'm thread-bumping (is that the right term?), but really wanted to say that (despite experiencing some of the 'I've obviously missed something small but vital and I have no idea where to go from here' frustration that others have reported) I am still absolutely loving this mission. I've been getting so engrossed I keep forgetting to quicksave, which makes it a major success in my book. I'll try to do a fuller report when I've actually finished it, but the meantime, many thanks Fidcal & Baddcog!
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