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  1. Good shot sir! (Or did you use 'Press X to Takedown with Ear Piercing'?) On a different note, another video review which is pretty much on the money IMO (apart from him saying how easy it is to take guards down)(maybe one on his own, but two or more - no chance). Review starts 40 seconds in (but those first 40 secs are quite funny). Caution - very bad language:
  2. Thanks chedap - I've got that tweak from a TTLG thread but didn't really notice much difference. That's the type of fog I'd like to get rid of. Before my performance boost from the driver update, I thought getting rid of the fog might improve the fps rate. Now I'd like to get to rid of it coz to my mind it just looks ridiculous (architect's house being a case in point). However, there's a comment after this article as follows (the article is a year old, mind, so maybe it doesn't apply): Does this mean that getting rid of the fog could actually lower performance because the engine would have to render all the surface textures instead of just the fog texture?
  3. This is how the AI should have sworn in nuThief.
  4. I'm probably stating the obvious, but just wanted to make a shout for updating your gfx card drivers whatever. =============================================================== UPDATE 4th April: I've started having major laptop issues since updating the nVidia drivers, including freezing and BSODs which I never had before. There's some evidence it's related to the gfxdrivers, but the problems have remained even though I've installed an earlier OS backup, so there may be other reasons as well. (However, googling 'nvidia driver update causes blue screen' brings up lots of pages....) Up to my eyes with other stuff so don't have time to explore further - will report back when I can. ================================================================ My specs: i7-2670QM CPU @ 2.20GHz 8GB RAM Nvidia Geforce GT555M 2GB (laptop gfx card - fairly low end) Before I updated my drivers, the game took over 2½ minutes to get to the start menu, and another 30-40 seconds to load a mission. On the lowest settings and with various tweaks I was getting mid-teens fps at 1366x768 resolution (playable, for me), with the cut scenes dropping to single-figure fps (but hey, no problem cuz there's hardly any cut scenes!!![/sarcasm]) Updated my drivers and now - 25 seconds to load the game (25 seconds!), 15 seconds to load a mission, and I'm usually getting 25-30fps at 1920x1080 resolution. Still on the lowest gfx settings at the mo but it still looks pretty fab. May play around with them later. Now, has anyone worked out how to get rid of the fog?
  5. Thanks STiFU. I'm interested in hearing players' experiences about which option settings enhance the gameplay, and which ones spoil it (mainly to give me some guidance for when I get round to playing it).
  6. I'd be interested to know which modifiers you're referring to.
  7. The avatar looks kinda cute. The game doesn't though... Having totally derailed this thread, I'll now derail it even more - never heard of kinguin, just checked it out, and (assuming I understand correctly) they're selling Steam codes for Thief4 at half the price Steam are charging. How the heck does that work?
  8. Don't worry Stealth. I quite often follow RJF's suggestion about using Google; the forum search engine limits can be a bit of a pain at times. P.S. Really like your avatar. Where's it from?
  9. I've read that you trigger a visit from some vengeful thugs later in the game. (I always gave her some wine so I never saw them.) But yeah, the Overlook's a great mission. I think it was the first time I ever felt a sense of sadness while playing a computer game.
  10. Post deleted and transferred to beta testing forum (where I should have put it in the first place).
  11. Meanwhile, on a lighter note, this is jolly amusing and worth a chuckle or two (apologies if it's already been posted): - https://www.youtube....h?v=_cjx8_PvWbg
  12. It looks like he manages to climb up from ground level - starts off using the vines (fails first time at about 3.25, then succeeds) and then mantles onto various ledges and wooden sticky-outy things. It's actually quite impressive climbing, especially as his gamma settings seem so low he can't see what he's doing without turning his lamp on. Alternatively, there's this route that Siyah posted way back (the jump onto the attic roof is at 1.36; before then, there's lots of edge-of-skybox walking): http://forums.thedar...post__p__274683 Gotta say, I'm really tempted to give Jubbatron's route a go.
  13. Just wanted to say your 'Alchemist' run was a lot of fun to watch. You visited a couple of areas I missed before (I've never been to that guard house; didn't even know it was there), and the final section was really quite tense. Thanks.
  14. Awwww....the bit where they look into each other's eyes is so sweet!
  15. I'd guess it's partly to do with cost. When I ordered my custom-built laptop nearly two years ago, I went with the glossy screen option as having a matte screen put me over budget. I occasionally find the reflection on the gloss screen annoying, but not enough to make me regret saving the money - can't remember how much it was, but as it was a 19" screen it was a fairly significant difference. (And to go off-topic for a moment, it looks like I bought one of the last 19" laptops ever made. As far as I can see, no-one makes them any more. Is that right?)(And could that be why I got it so cheap?) Yeah, in the 'New Content' page, the title showed up as "Its amazing how really REALLY bad games like TDM (and oth..." I thought, "This is either the start of a flame war or it's an ambiguously-phrased start to a sentence." Fortunately it was the latter...
  16. This may give you some insight into Sotha's mindset (at least, the small sub-sector of Sotha's mindset that he chooses to make comprehensible to our puny human brains): http://forums.thedar...ost__p__291993. And as we're on the subject, I've said it before and I'm about to say it again: Sotha's forum avatar is still a near-perfect distillation what's great about TDM, and frankly, this community. A relentlessly polite and insane totalitarian AI, who is polite and insane for our own good. With a Georgian wig and 'tache. Yeah, I like it here too.
  17. First time I played it (goodness - must've been about two years ago) I got really fed up with it and gave up halfway through. Gave it another try a few months ago and for some reason, it all fell into place and I had a blast. (I especially enjoyed Looking forward to seeing how you fared.
  18. In case it helps anyone, there's an AutoHotkey-based tip for making TDM appear fullscreen while it's actually in windowed mode here: http://forums.thedar...post__p__322484 If you've already got AHk, it's a doddle to install. Works for other games too (I use it for Miasmata, which had even more issues with alt-tabbing than TDM).
  19. Thing is, you can move them by whacking them with the sword (dunno if that's how Raymeld did it, but that was my method.) I managed to clear all the grave stone bits away from the actual grave (even the big bits; I wondered it was a kind of hardcore homage to T1&2's banner slashing), but the skeleton defeated me. So, yeah, I'd say making it totally clear that the 'side level' isn't accessible in Easy mode in the opening post would be a good idea as it seems to have caught a few of us out. That aside, I liked this mission a lot. I really liked the open air setting of the 'overground' level, and found KOing the AI quite a challenge. I actually had no trouble finding the artefact: So finding it wasn't a problem. Getting out unscathed wasn't so easy. And re the side level: I did try to kill Thanks for a really unusual and fun FM. Really hope you create more!
  20. Any chance of a couple of screenshots taken as though you were standing right by the window but with your back to it? (I.e. 180º to the direction of the original pix?) One for the location in pic #1 and another for the location in pix #3 ? (It looks like they're different rooms but facing in the same direction towards the sun - is that right?) Wouldn't worry about it too much though. I'm probably over-thinking it (again), and suspect I wouldn't even notice it in gameplay. I'm just glad you may be gifting us with another FM in the near(ish) future.
  21. That sunlight-through-the-window effect is gorgeous, but to me it looks like it's at the wrong angle compared to where the sun is on the skybox. I think I'd expect the sunlight more to be hitting the wall opposite the window (maybe even reaching to the ceiling - I mean, that sun's really low.) Difficult to judge from 2D pix though, so happy to be told I'm just wrong.
  22. A-ha! That would explain it - I had got all my objectives on Easy, and then spent over half-an-hour trying to find my way into the caves. Driving me nuts, it was. Restarted on 'Normal' and am now blundering around cluelessly underground, but I'm sure I'll find my way somewhere soon. Love the total darkness ambience btw.
  23. Pretty sure you can take only one arrow from a KO'd archer. If you get him lying on his front and crouch over the quiver, one of the arrows should highlight and you can frob it. This is mainly up to the FM author. Beds and tables are often 'monsterclipped', so that hostile AI (human or otherwise) can't climb onto them. I'm not sure if this is because it's 'the way it is', or whether there are other issues, e.g. AI getting stuck. However, it's not always the case - in Flakebridge Monastery I attracted the attention of a revenant, and then jumped onto a table to 'troll and kill' him. (I love trolling and killing undead.) Unfortunately the table had a board leaning against it - the revenant trotted up the board onto the table and started whupping me real good.
  24. Bump #2: now $7.49 on GOG if you want it DRM-free - http://www.gog.com/game/miasmata
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