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  1. Many sorts of things going on in all the parts of this world. So what?
  2. sorry, it's 5*4 ratio, but i tried any. The problem seemed to be in the repack of doom 3, despite of it was 1.3.1. (there were some resolution and texure mods included in the default installation) I downloaded another repack now everything works fine and i finally can read what is written in papers and briefings Sorry, if I stole your time.
  3. 1280*1024, ratio 4*3, drivers installed properly, sorry, but what is cvars?
  4. Hi, everyone. I've got a problem with resolution in full screen, it seems to be always 640*480, whatever numbers I choose in the game settings or put in config file. When I start or restart DM it may be set to 1280*1024 or any other I set previously in the settings, but actually it's 640*480. In the window mode the's another problem - resolution is ok, but part of the window is not seen, as if it's beyond the display. Win 7 x64, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 SE., DM 1.07. Any ideas?
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