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Found 5445 results

  1. Horror themed fan mission - exploration of seemingly deserted keep in the middle of swamps. Spiders, undead, darkness. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is the story about the fate of my family. My uncle, Ralph Mac Roberts, is the baron of a keep nestled deep within the Rahenaen marshes. It was once an important outpost tasked with guarding one of the few Builder roads that cross the marsh, but after the Inventor`s Guild built a system of nearby dams that flooded the whole land, the road closed and there was no longer anything to watch over anymore. The keep itself needed reinforcement against the raising water level and the trade routes become almost impassable, not only for the carriages but for lone couriers as well. There hadn`t been any messages coming from the keep for over a year and my father was about to assemble a caravan so he could go on an expedition to the keep himself. However, in the middle of the night before he was set to leave, a carrier pigeon landed on his windowsill. My father received the letter and read the apologies from my uncle and his family, excusing their long absence. As a way to make reparations for their extended silence, my uncle invited me to the keep to stay there for a fortnight or so. My uncle had instructed me to leave my horse three leagues away from the keep by the nearest charcoal burning hut and hike the remainder of the road on foot, as the trek through the marsh is treacherous for horses. The weather will be awful this time of year, but my father insists that I should go anyways to ensure that our relatives are okay. These plains become dreadfully deserted - to the point where you more expect to meet the dead than the living. And by the way - I think I`m lost. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download link: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Aj1DVS465udZgVkXteBbr6cUxdPH Thanks: to the TDM team for great tools, and all the contributors for their assets, to betatesters: Amadeus, Bienie, Boiler's_hiss, Dragofer, Filizitas, Judith, nbohr1more, s.urfer, again to Amadeus for proofreading and text tweaks, and to all the players for their time! Few screenshots: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/10003-so-what-are-you-working-on-right-now/?p=434716 http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/10003-so-what-are-you-working-on-right-now/?p=429558 http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/19886-fm-marsh-of-rahena-beta-testing/?p=434507 Enjoy! Walk-through !major spoilers! Finding a way across the marsh area: Getting inside: Bed objective: Light sources: Maps: Enemies: Room objective: Hut objective: Sealed objective: Gold: Key: Bodies:
  2. freyk

    Breakable Glass

    Use the search function, to see what we think about it: https://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?/search/&q="Breakable Glass"
  3. correction myself: needed > need. That can i better ask you. (or i have to look up myself on the forums)
  4. There have been several occurrences in the last week or two that have underlined the need for a list of missions that showcase TDM in its best light. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Posted Results: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Extended discussion here: http://forums.thedar...f-tdm-missions/) I was hoping a non-mapper might take on the process of running the thread and tallying the results, but since everything is public I decided to just go ahead and get the ball rolling. DIRECTIONS ========== Write down the names of the FIVE missions that you think should be considered "The Best TDM Missions". If someone could only play 5 TDM missions, which 5 should they be? At the end of the week, I will compile the responses. The five missions that get the most recommendations will be labelled "editor's picks" or something like that. Do not rank your choices. List 5 in any order you like. ========================================== To keep this clean, anything other than recommendations or clarification questions will be removed to a different thread.
  5. Paul Neurath's new studio, Otherside Entertainment, is working on a spiritual successor to Ultima Underworld. They just started a Kickstarter campaign for Underworld Ascendant, and I would recommend all LGS fans check it out. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/othersidegames/underworld-ascendant
  6. Welcome back. Do you still have access to the Developer forums?
  7. In this episode of another indie 2D metroidvania kickstarter... with ninjas. Here we have Bushiden. I don't know what sets it apart from the rest but it looks cool enough so I backed it. I'm plugging here because it's reaching the deadline and it seems it's not going to make it. If you like it you have a chance to push it closer to the goal. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/pixelarcstudios/bushiden-a-futuristic-ninja-action-platformer/posts/2323583?ref=backer_project_update If it fails it will probably become a... *dry swallows* a hobby project. Just like my apple and worm game, which might be finished some time before the sun goes supernova.
  8. Good point! I guess when tackling on such a task, one needs to find different rewards whilst doing it. Like, completing a project that has taught a lot of programming/server/... lessons on the way. So then, even when it becomes a ghosttown, it was not all for nothing. Also, the way I imagine is not that people meet randomly on servers. Rather, I think a few people make an "appointment" in these forums here and then 5-15 people play a map maybe once a month or so. That's how I imagine it, again, I could be completely off (I have no experience on which to base my estimates on).
  9. Sorry I'm not near as active on the forums these days since pursuing the portfolio again but this could be quickly whipped up I think. If anything I'd just need to get a suitable material for the feathery parts to look... feathery. If Springheel provides a model, obviously we shouldn't need two but in the case that cannot be done I'm sure I could come up with something.
  10. I promoted The Dark Mod Forums and the game yesterday to a stream by Deadwing Dork. Even sent a super chat telling him to check out the forums. He said Thief 2 was better than Thief 1, never got to play Thief 3 but wanted to, and disliked Thief 2014.
  11. I'm not doing any modelling atm, but maybe Peterspy or Epifire could help? Don't know how often they read the forums, but they're active on Discord.
  12. @Atheran welcome back, and you sure sound a lot more knowledgeable than me about modelling now. For me modelling is just part of my toolset as an FM author for getting things done, alongside sound/image editing and scripting, so I'm glad to see a (newly baked) specialist in this field returning to the forums. Regarding the tools, Lightwave isn't obligatory. Arcturus and I use Blender, while I know others use/used 3dsmax, softimage and wings3d. As long as it produces .lwo or .ase models it's all good.
  13. The ones I know about (not having been around back then) are: https://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?/topic/9762-zombies-ghouls-and-revenants/page/2/&tab=comments#comment-198310 https://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?/topic/14066-needed-for-standalone-animated-werebeast/
  14. Yes is the overture engine. Btw It has no real, world editor, they made one for HPL2 (the engine used on Amnesia) but in HPL1 everything is done through collada text tags, using a modeling suit (they used Maya 7.0 with some old collada plugin ) but if the collada support would be updated to use a more modern version than perhaps I could use Modo or Blender to work with it and I wouldn't mind at all.
  15. Oooh boy. It's been a good few years I haven't checked these forums. Good job @Dragofer. Those assets were bad and honestly, big part of the reason I stopped helping around here. My workflow was atrocious due to (in order of importance): 1st) Lack of knowledge and experience. I had just stared dabbling in 3d modeling/texturing as a hobby for less tha a year to any serious degree at the point. Now it's been a few years, worked on a couple of games in a serious team effort, went to uni about Game Development and working on my own game right now. As such this has been fixed to a big degree. 2nd) The tools themselves. I couldn't stand Lightwave (still can't) and was seriously focusing on PBR workflows and the traditional texturing felt wrong to me. I'll keep an eye around for a while now and if I see progress on that second one (as in being able to use the tools I know, because there was nothing wrong the way it was, just not for me) I might try and help again. So once again, good job on my old assets, glad the community is still going and.. Sorry for bailing out on all of you, especially @grayman and a couple others. Cheers.
  16. Flakebridge Monastery In this mission you will visit a Builder outpost to steal some valuable books. It is the first in what I hope will be a series about Selis Woderose. I would like to take the opportunity to thank my beta testers: Aprilsister, Bikerdude, Chiron, lost_soul, and prjames. As well as Fidcal for his starting map, and Melan for his texture pack. Known bugs: A small number may appear at the bottom left corner of your screen when the mission loads. Press sheath weapon to make it disappear. As already mentioned this is the first mission in a series. When you have completed it you may know what you'll be going after in the next mission. You may even know where! Enjoy! And please use spoiler tags where appropriate. A couple of screens: (thanks lowenz) http://2.bp.blogspot...0/shot00001.jpg http://3.bp.blogspot...0/shot00003.jpg
  17. No wonder he is having that huge drop in fps! With that amount of AA samples especially at that resolution! IMO at that resolution you don't even need anti aliasing. Duzenko, perhaps I'm mistaken but I seem to remember a old discussion in the defunct Doom3World forums that multi-sample AA makes idtech 4 lights much heavier, because when the surface is rendered per light, it is essentially rendered again and again for the amount of the AA samples you set, is this right?
  18. It's really odd, I'm getting around 10-15 FPS. I'd consider 40 to be more than sufficient. As far as I know I have the most recent version of the game. It's playable with the soft lighting feature turned off (around 40-60 fps) but if I turn it on and get near a torch it has dropped as low as 5 fps. I didn't really see much in the way of this problem searching through the forums so I thought I might have had something going on in my system. I'm okay with playing it without the soft lighting, but man it sure looked pretty. I've attached my darkmod.cfg file if that helps. Thank you guys! I can't wait to dig into this beautiful game!! Darkmod.cfg
  19. That's pretty much how Obsttorte had 'fragment blending' work: https://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?/topic/17308-epis-many-questions-thread/&do=findComment&comment=375331 At one point SteveL even suggested a tweaked interaction shader to allow three-way RGB vertex colour blending: https://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?/topic/17308-epis-many-questions-thread/&do=findComment&comment=375331 Light interaction is usually where these things run into complications: the old 'soft alpha transparency without light interaction or hard alphatested edges with it' limitation is another one. And since real-time lighting plays such a central part in TDM...
  20. Ah well Springheel thank you. I kind of remembered reading something like that somewhere, but I didn't think of our forums here! Thank you for pointing me there! Oh there aren't? Shouldn't be hard to do since the models look really blant. If I get the game, that could be a job for me maybe
  21. Finally done with my vertical contest entry... Swing You'll get your sea legs ... or die trying ... Thanks to my beta testers: SiyahParsomen Diego Baddcog ---------------------- README: SWING a Dark Mod mission, by Komag for the Vertical Contest held summer 2010 find me on TheDarkMod.com forums, or via ShadowDarkKeep.com This mission is a "platformer" with slight puzzle elements (figuring out where to go next and how to get there). Be prepared to do a lot of falling, dying, and quickloading! Quicksave anytime you are sure-footed, about take a risk Getting off the swing for any reason is not recommended! And try not to get sick ;-) Have FUN!!! Komag - Ben Ramsey -------------------------- BRIEFING: The King's steward has seen you in action aboard His Majesty's Ship Vertigo, and he is pleased with your potential. You are hereby granted an opportunity to prove your quality by successfully navigating the King's Royal Navy training swing. You need only retrieve the high crown (a replica of course) from the top of the swing, and return it to the docking area. As a bonus, see how many of the ten hidden bottles you can find - the more you come back with the more impressed your superiors will be, and that can only be a good thing as you know." ------------------------ Known Issues: - It's possible to stop the motion of some of the moving things, and even the entire swing itself, if you mess with things enough ENJOY!!! http://www.shadowdarkkeep.com/missions/Swing_v1.2.pk4
  22. If you post this in enough forums, you may actually end up just advertising her and increasing her revenue and subscribers. Something to think about.
  23. Cleaning Up the Neighborhood by some1stoleit, bikerdude Brief Description: A small-medium sized assassination mission, taking place in a bar and casino environment with streets surrounding the bar. Story: Crime is out of control in my neighbourhood, when thugs attacked my wife I decided I can no longer stand by idly. Unable to rely on the corruptible city watch and the aloof Builders, I must take matters into my own hands. My first target is a bar called the Scoundrel’s Rest which is not far from my home. It’s owned by a man named Godfrey and considered neutral ground to the various criminal factions inhabiting the city district. There is no doubt its presence attracts criminals towards my neighbourhood, contributing to the infestation of crime. Infiltrating the bar not only creates the opportunity to kill Godfrey and shut it down for good but also allows me to find information about the rest of criminal groups that inhabit my neighbourhood. I gave my thieving days when I met my wife, but for her sake I must take up the profession once more and prowl in the shadows again. Notes/Tips: Your lock picks are noticeably old, so you can’t rely on them to get you past every door. Examine the environment and keep an eye out for keys on pockets.If you see a pipe outside, chances are you can climb up it.On Rusty and Practiced difficulty settings there's a map available for the bar’s ground level and the street surrounding it.It should be possible to ghost the every area in the mission. A small amount of loot however may be difficult or impossible to acquire without knockouts.There are a few hidden optional objectives you can discover. Screenshots Download Mirrors: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rbiashq1c1k56ns/Cleaning%20Up%20the%20Neighbourhood%20v1.0.zip?dl=0 https://mega.nz/#!bMtgiSra!Y1KXGovfYfdtG1xxRkmPYndLxgq7wMNVr8oENnS2Qxg FAQ: I dislike when I get stuck on an FM and have to leave the game to scroll through forums to find out what to do. I think the mission should be straightforward enough to beat without answers, but I will provide a FAQ if it’s needed. Just be sure to give a good try working it out yourself before reading this. Thanks: I’ve found the TDM community very welcoming and helpful as a new member and would like to thank several people. Bikerdude, for allowing me to collobarate with him and showing me a different way to build maps from scratch in Dark Radiant, as well as many other mapping techniques.Resources:Springheel, for his Modules and his retroactive permission to use New Job street segments.Amadeus, for doing some proofreading of the briefing and readables.Obsttorte, for his objective checking script used for one of the optional objectives.Rsoul, for creating new internal version of architecture models.Beta Testers:Amadeus, Cambridge Spy, Abusimplea, Shadow, Boiler’s_hiss, nbohr1more, Springheel, JudithPeople who helped Answer my Questions:Destined, JackFarmerSpecial thanks to Sotha and Springheel whose video tutorial series give me the guidance and confidence to start using Dark Radiant.I apologise if I missed anyone, if I missed you please do contact me and I’ll credit you appropriately. About the Development: Initially this was a solo developed mission made by myself, upon some beta testing I agreed to make the mission collaboration with Bikerdude, with the intention to learn good mapping practices from the collaboration. The mission was redesigning using the same layout as the original but using Springheel’s modules instead of my very simple brushwork, and expanded in scope to include a more detailed street, a canal, a sewer and a rooftop segments. Bikerdude’s use of springheel modules and custom skins is mostly responsible for the beautiful visuals, with my contribution being the layout of areas and the writing. Known Issues: None at the moment.
  24. Dark Mod forums are not your personal army.
  25. In my turret script I use getEyePos https://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?/topic/19601-the-trap-workshop/ vector head = $player1.getEyePos(); //Defines that vector (3 numbers) "head" wil be the position of the eyes of the player.
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