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Found 5401 results

  1. D'oh, the link has been here all along, its in this thread http://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?showtopic=754 not the front page lol. Right click > Save As on the 'High Res Teaser' link and you should be ok Sorry 'bout that, i'd forgotten where i grabbed it.
  2. LOL, the team *IS* going crazy! Everyone is using the holiday to go DarkMod bonkers! Re-posted castle scene link (0.5MB) UPDATE: I've posted the image in the ISA and TTLG forums as part of our holiday celebration, since it looks like I'm the only one logged in still. I had to use ImageShack for hosting. If someone is able to host this on a more typical server we'd use for DarkMod, please PM the updated URLs (thumbnail and full-size) to me. I think I used a 100KB version of my drawing for posting in ISA and TTLG. Please note the 100KB version is not the highest quality JPG image of it, but it's pretty good. The 550KB one is the best quality, obviously. Not sure which one you'd rather have out there; probably the 100KB version for easier downloading. Thanks!
  3. Hey, I'm legion_x | modleader of the recall the hell mod. And by the way I'am a really big fan of the thief trilogy. I've played and enjoyed every of the three games more then twice. Thats why i'm risking a look every week into your forums and website since you've launched it. And i'm very impressed about the first concepts you made...and of course the trailer... So i wanna ask you on which of the three games your mod is based on?! The metallic waterspout i know as a development of the mechanics from the second part. The hammerits-prayer seems to be from thief: deadly shadows...so do you make you mod spanned over all three games of looking glass or "only" based on one?! legion_x
  4. Well we need to document it somewhere. I wouldn't mind being the one to write up the final docs, I just need to see a record of the desicions being made in the forums. Since those posts have been deleted, maybe we need to discuss it one more time. I know I just agreed with the Gem without a compass, but if we just settle for that gem&compass combination that I think you're talking about, I'd be happy to just have the topic finalised. I would really like to see a pre-rendered one like oDDity was talking about. His pre-rendered stuff looks phenomanaly better than any real-time rendering could. It sounds like we lost the posts where we made a desicion, so I think it needs a little discussion, one last time.
  5. I'm no expert on Zbrush though. Maybe it was becasue it was using local space instead of tangent, the normal maps were totally messed up. Which 3d app are you using, I'm sure there will be a normal map pluging for it. THe ATI normal map plugin has a plugin for Max, Maya and XSI, and there is already a normal map plugin based on the ATI one for Lightwave. Yreah, it would be nice to add all those uber details in Zbrush though and then norma;l map it. Maybe I should look into it a bit furthur, or you could make a post on the pixologic forums asking if you can make tangent space N-maps compatible wioth doom.
  6. yes. I be watching thy forums, milord. Gonna get some grand art done hopefully for thee soon.
  7. Hey, some of you might recogise me from the ISA forums, or maybe not. I'm normally called "The Nay-Sayer". Anyway, just thought I'd drop in and wish you guys luck since the D3 SDK just got released. I've gotta say those engine tests in your gallery are great, particularly the original old window one, the colours are just so awesome, the ambience is just right and it's only a test. And the one of the really dark stone hallway is great too. But really I love the old window shots, looks better then TDS even. Best of luck with the gameplay and stuff though, obviously that's whats most important. Cheers and "god"speed.
  8. Yes, I am downloading it now. I see the dev forums now, thanks. Hehe, thanks! Glad to be a part of it.
  9. If we're going to be straying back ON topic, we should move back to the dev forums....
  10. ok it's on the ftp now. (/TheDarkMod/models/Finished Game Models Only/Furniture/shelfs/bookshelf1.ase ""/bookshelf1_d.tga ""/bookshelf1_local.tga) those tgas are 1024x1024 - so everything together is bigger than 6mb...the 56k users will like that the finished game models directory is ok so far, but we should keep the same structure. here's the thread with the structure. I think we agreed on that: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?showtopic=496
  11. here's the concept art i did involving the sac and stuff http://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?showtopic=175 Just my personal opinion, but your (excellent) model looks a little... evil. I never saw the burricks as evil, just innocent stupid creatures who didn't know any better than to attack anyhitng that came near it.
  12. that's nice ! I'd love to texture this can you please upload it ? check out this thread for the ftp data: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?showtopic=609
  13. i'll do the 4 poster bed.. edit: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?act=ST&f=5&t=613 finished edit: startting on the victorian end table edit: starting a bookshelf edit:_finished edit:starting wardrobe edit: wardrob finsihed edit:starting small desk
  14. I wouldn't go as far as a hand picking up the book...we don't have hands picking up anything else. But my thought was that we would use something like the PDA animation that already exists, and there you do see the hands briefly as it is raised to your eyes. If the world doesn't show around the book, like the original games, then this isn't an issue. But if we decide we want to go with the 'live reading' feature discussed here -- http://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?showtopic=325 -- we might need hands on the side. I'll have to see.
  15. I think the only reason we would need to have page turning is if we decided to incorporate body awareness for the campaign. From hovering around on the forums I've noticed that a lot of people truly enjoyed it in other games too, but felt that Thief needed to really work on it. So, if we do get body awareness into the campaign...we could definately go the whole nine yards with picking up the book and such. I think it's fine for now that we stick with keeping it simple and going for the classic Thief style presentation. In many ways it should help us build a stronger foundation by not being overly complicated in the beginning.
  16. Like all forums, go to your control center and you can set it to what ever you like. I think most internet savy people would realise this. (that's not a slur on you internet savyness))
  17. Nice to meet you, Tyro. Great stuff. And welcome to The Dark Mod. I am already impressed by your enthusiasm. I'm the Art Division Leader, so we'll be working together, no doubt. Take some time to read through the different developer forums and bring yourself up to date with what we have already done. When you're ready for some assignments, just let me know. (and you'll find the average age here is fairly high...I'm 32)
  18. That's what the IRC channel is there for. Details here: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?showtopic=450
  19. Eeek, I think there is some confusion here. I've pretty much ripped the guts out of T3 and the gem wasn't 2D. The Gem is a 3D object, just like the compass. It is simply skinned with a 2d texture. The texture will wrap around the gem, and in this way...the gem can be placed in any position we need it and then anchored there while the compass rotates around it. I've checked out the textures oDDity supplied and they should work perfectly. Just a quick shot of the skinned gem model. This is the T3 gem. I used the t3ui.ini to scale it up in size and turn the end towards the player slightly. It's a full 3d model. Just wanted to make sure there was no confusion there. That should help get things moving along. Another shot...angled up and exposing the edge of the gem. Since the t3hud files enabled scaling through the t3ui.ini I'm hoping that there is a similar way for us to do this in doom 3. Having to resize the gem and compass and export it each time we want to try a different size would be time consuming. I've tried the d3world forums but wasn't able to find anything about scaling ingame hud items. I'll send an email to id support.
  20. Has ayone managed to get static models in-game, complete with normal maps? Normal maps generated by ZBrush don't seem to work properly in Doom, I think because they use tangent space instead of local space, the model I imported was 0,0,0 black everywhere except where the lights hit it. The Orb normal map program site seems to be down since all the links are broken, my lightwave notmal map plugin seems to have mysteriously stopped working, and I can get renderbunmp tool in Doom to cooperate either! :/ SO if anyone has generatd their own normal maps for an objects and it worked ok in-game, please spill the beans. Also on poly counts, it states somwher on the forums here that character models can be up to 7-8k or something, but I think that's way too many. The model I imported was only about 4k and my perfomace went way down, even though it was the only model in an empty room. All of the Doom models are very low res - that's the point of using normal maps in the first place..you don't need high res models.
  21. The model is shown in this thread a few times: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?showtopic=292 The actual model itself should be on the ftp site.
  22. What I did to use renderbump was make a low and high poly version of a model (obviously) put them in a folder models/mapobjects/object/testobject.lwo Then I wrote this shader and put it in the mapobjects material file: models\mapobjects\object\testobject { renderbump -size 256 256 -trace 0.03 -colorMap -aa 1 models\mapobjects\object\testobject_local.tga models\mapobjects\object\testobject_hp.lwo diffusemap models\mapobjects\object\testobject_d.tga bumpmap models\mapobjects\object\testobject_local.tga, specularmap models\mapobjects\object\testobject_s.tga } What I'm not sure of is where to put this shader, or what to call it at the top of the code. I read on the doom forums that you put the name of the surface of the low poly object u there, but i the material files the doom devs always write the path an the name of the object what I get when I run renderbump is this WARNING: Couldn't load image: testobject surface 0, shader testobject renderBump = (no action) 0.01 seconds for renderBump SO you write a .def fle as well? fr the object or for the map you put the object in?
  23. oDDity

    Hammer Guard Wip

    You mean the finished game model? A long time I would suspect. Doing the high res model is only 10% of the workflow. I still have to trawl various websites and forums trying to get the information I need to work out how to get characters into the game, and no animations have even been started yet. Heh, I've only just perfected getting characters into UT2K3, and now I have to start all over again for Doom. Still, I've finished a lot of Nightblade work, I've only a couple more models to do for that, so I sould have a decent amount of time to devote to this.
  24. I have no problem with an animated movie as part of the menu. It just means we would have to change the design again. Perhaps I'm misunderstanding, but I thought pak was talking about having a 'live' shot of a map behind the interface...AI wandering around just as they would in a game. Not a pre-recorded movie. Actually, the new design I'm considering DOES include a brief animated movie, kind of like the planet coming into view in the original D3 menu. I'll post more about the idea this weekend, once I get this GUI tutorial under my belt. It's on the Doom3World forums under scripting. Damn, can't remember the title offhand...something like GUI Tutorial #3. I'll post the url later when I can find it. Edit: here it is, NH: http://www.doom3world.org/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=3241
  25. check out this thread: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?showtopic=10 there you can find the ftp-data.
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