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  1. I recently purchased a used gaming laptop, model Terra 1590, reportedly something of a MSI Ghost derivative. Has a dedicated GTX970M video card, the monitor has full HD resolution. OS is Win10 Pro anniversary edition with the latest Nvidia drivers. Trouble is, I can't get it to use the native resolution. I can run it at 640x480, everything beyond that results in a distorted display, where I can only see the top left part of the "screen". Several searches came up blank, any suggestions?
  2. Hi Freyk, Nothing was in the Darkmod.log, so I set the darkmod.ini to output all errors, warnings, debugs, info and changed the 0 to 1 on most LogClasses. The problem is that it appears that the game does not have a chance to actually log anything when this particular crash occurs. I opened the map in DarkRadiant and found that there are various VisPortals used around the map, this particular VisPortal has a flag called "shop_skip", which I assume is used as a function when first loading the map to skip the shop screen? From what I can see, every single VisPortal used in this map has thi
  3. For the purpose of not writing in another thread I'll do it here. Is there any way to enable the monitor refresh rate to 72 Hz in-game? There is a conveniantly placed widescreen togglable settings for 16:9 and vice versa to 4:3 but... not this crucial graphics option. The game runs by default at 60 Hz. Whenever it's running at 60 - screen tearing may occur due to circumstances that may be, this in turn hits performance because by running the game at 30 FPS by default, any framerate hit will be more noticeable, whereas with 60 FPS as the max. the human eye can't notice it. My current LG Fl
  4. urgue - what GPU you use? Bohemia deal with black / translucent specular issue atm with certain manufacturer's drivers. //Switch from 32 to 64bit... still issue. DW - just realised this is not same issue. Count post rem.
  5. @nbohr1more: Thanks hugely. TDM 2.04 installed using your method. The install folder (F:\darkmod here) should pre-exist or the installer will baulk, in case anyone else tries it. Best to run it from there. "The Outpost" ran fine, except for a single audio-jarring crash once, near the start. Reloaded and finished. As you might expect with lower settings, torches could occasionally be seen through doors and doorframes, and a plume of black smoke crowned each one. Water surface was black, and sky was oddly mobile. Underwater was crazily magnified-ish. "A House Of Locked Secrets" gave up wit
  6. 77: VIAddVersionKey Comments "${InstallerName} is an application that creates the game folder and updater for the game, The Dark Mod. For additional details, visit ${AppWebsite}" 80: VIAddVersionKey FileDescription "${InstallerName} is an application that creates the game folder and will install and run the updater for the game, The Dark Mod. For additional details, visit ${AppWebsite}" 95: !define MUI_WELCOMEPAGE_TEXT "Welcome to the installer for The Dark Mod.$\n$\nThis application will create the game folder and then install the latest version of the game updater. $\n$\nAfter the installati
  7. Thanks, I processed your test results and comments in a new version of the installer. Please download the new version (v20160717) from my google drive and run the tests again, mentioned in the first post. For now I only need the testresults for the installer and uninstaller and you can skip test 6 and 7. I cannot hide the unknown publisher warning, because i have to buy windowapp-certification files for it. i can disable this message by removing the elevated permission, but then people cant install TDM in their program-files-folder, if they want to.I tried to remove the checkbox that confirm
  8. Test 1: Yes, received welcome screen. Test 2: Yes, files installed successfully. Test 3: Yes, updater started. Test 4: Didn't get an error, clicked cancel. Test 5: Ran updater and files downloaded. Test 6: No problems Test 7: No problems Test 8: Successfully uninstalled.
  9. If you have read the tdm 2.04 publication on our forum, you know that I am working on several installation-applications to install the TDM-gamefolder and -updater. Now I am near at the last step to publish the first stable version of the installer for Windows, But I looking for people to do the last tests. You can help me do the following steps and post the results in this topic. Download the TDM-installer zip file from my google driveunpack the zip file.run the installer. (test 1: Check if you see to the welcome screen, after you accepted the unknown publisher-warning)at the screen where yo
  10. I have the same problem. I'm using Windows 10 (64bit). I have used the updater and everything is up to date. I can load a new mission from the start (only tried training and Tears of St Lucia so far) and save it without any apparent problem. When I try to load a saved game it I get the splash screen but after 2-3 seconds "Game Error. Couldn't load Thief DarkMod 2\Maps\SaintLucia.script" I have checked file permissions and given full access. I have removed 'read only' attributes from all files. The saved games directory is there with 3 files for each save (name.save; name.tga; name.txt)
  11. In any event, the in-game screenshot doesn't perform its job properly unless it's capturing the same image the player sees on screen, so it should be fixed to do that. It's not the most critical bug, but still something worth putting in the tracker to get to.
  12. Because screenshots don't include the in game gamma value. Everything is taken at 1. If you need to have that included, use FRAPS and have FRAPS take the screenshot, that should be the same as what's on your screen.
  13. This may have been asked before but I didn't find it Whenever I take a screen shot I always have to lighten in to make the detail visible and looking at other posts it seems I am not alone in seeing this effect I suppose the next question is - can this be fixed
  14. OK. I tried all of those. Unfortunately, the problem remains. That's a good question. It goes straight from the game loading screen to the BSOD. It did crash to desktop once and gave me an open GL error message. I think it's same problem, but I cannot claim any great expertise on these matters.
  15. My folder was set to read only. I changed that and I got a different error. An Open GL error. I tried a different mission and it went back to the blue screen. I have tried a couple more times and it's just blue screen again. Something odd happens: I uncheck the read only part, but when I click again, it's back on read only. I changed the permissions on the folder to give myself full control, but the problem persists. I tried the solution on the Microsoft website to remove read only and make it a system folder, but that didn't make any difference. I am the owner of the file. I guess it's a gr
  16. Hi everyone, my first post here. I've been playing this game for a long time, and I'd like to start by thanking you all for your amazing work. After years of problem free TDM gaming, I recently upgraded to a new PC. I was really looking forward to playing some of my favourite missions on a better rig. Unfortunately, I encountered a problem. I start the game, select a mission and press start. When the loading bar finishes, and it says 'mission loaded, please wait', I get a blue screen of death and the PC resets. My PC works normally otherwise, and other games run fine. I tried out a few dif
  17. If i would like to tdm-graphics more realistic (imho), i would change the following video settings in tdm. (after i created a backup of darkmod.cfg) Video > general: Texture anisotropy = 16 Video > advanced: ambient rendering = enhanced Interaction shader = enhanced Post processing = enabled bloom intensity = highest Object details (lod) = very high Or In darkmod.cfg seta r_postprocess "1" seta r_postprocess_bloomIntensity "2" seta image_anisotropy "16" Tip: I created my settings by switching back/forth from settings to playerview, using a windowed screen and alt-tabbing, After
  18. My conclusion is as follows: There are some guides available for tweaking Doom3, and though some settings are the same as in TDM I have not found any huge improvements apart from the video ram switch/entry. The following are kindly copy/pasted from tweakguides - the link provided by "freyk": I have tested the switches "seta image_useNormalCompression" and "seta image_useCompression" by turning them off, but if I also turned off the switch "seta image_usePrecompressedTextures" - the screen would go black when TDM starts. So I left this at default "1" This first two may have made an i
  19. Thank you for your reply, freyk. None specific - I'm not an expert, but I know what I think looks good. The doom3 link is a pretty good start I think, because as you mention freyk, there is an official TDM performance wiki, and all one has to do in order to change settings for better quality, is to play around with opposite values... Which I did, and got pretty tired of starting TDM up with a black screen. So I think that I will give it a go, and search for switches/values that will tell TDM not to hold anything back. And maybe later I will try out Darkradiant. Thanks.
  20. I have never run any games from cinnamon, so I am not familiar with whichever utility it uses to configure the screens in Mint. But... You might want to give kscreen a shot. You would need to install KDE or Plasma and run that desktop instead of cinnamon. If KDE(4), you will then need to install 'kscreen', replacing kde's default screen config utility. Plasma(5) uses kscreen by default. In kscreen, you can easily set the screens up, with DP-3 disabled and DP-0 as primary (left) and DP-1 secondary. I do not know if this would solve the issue with TDM, but kscreen might force the laptop screen t
  21. Found the cause of the problem, but still no solution. When the two external monitors are active (DP-0 and DP-1) in extended mode, TDM starts on the laptop screen (DP-3, which had been off until that moment), makes it the primary display and turns the other two off. Even after quitting TDM this configuration stays. I hadn't noticed that before because my laptop was docked with the lid closed. Is there any way to tell the engine to start on the current primary display and not change the configuration?
  22. Hi guys, Sorry if this has been asked before; I couldn't find anything when I searched. I have two 19" monitors connected to my Linux laptop which has a nVidia card. When the secondary monitor is a duplicate of the primary, TDM runs fine at the native resolution (1280x1024), and I can see the game running duplicated on both monitors. But when the secondary monitor is set to be the extended desktop (at the right of the primary), TDM starts with blank screen, both monitors reporting "no signal". I can hear the music and mouse sound effects. Hitting the console key and tying exit shuts down t
  23. Ok, I tried downloading missions one at a time, and it's a bit more reliable ... but there's something very dodgy about "Crucible of Omens: Behind Closed Doors". It's offered for download, despite the fact I've already got it ... perhaps an update, though the downloader doesn't say so. I did the following: 1. Selected it (by itself) for download after downloading a number of other missions. Game crashed again. 2. Found a complete bcd_l10n.pk4 file (20182 bytes) in the fms directory, but nothing else. 3. Restarted tdm, selected CO:BCD for download again. 4. Jumps straight to 10% download,
  24. thx... i waited until i saw thedarkmod.x86. Now.. i get it to run... (without wine?) it shrinks the work space down to the games window then is full screen for the game. Funny thing though, If/when i quit the game the desktop resolution is not restored to its orginal resolution. In other words the desktop is all large and if have to move my mouse to each edge of the screen and it moves until i get to the extreme edge of the work space. Is there a work-around for this? Do i need to run Darkmod with PlayOnLinix (tried it seems to do the same thing)? I am using Chromixium (based on Ubuntu 14
  25. according to the inventory script the compass hud model is drawn in its gui window each frame, its probability this that's throwing off the video capture software. would depend on which order the capture software picks up on frame draw order. Although you would think the video capture software would stay on the bigger screen size. Think of all the games that have extra small screen items drawing each frame inside the bigger main screen.
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