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  1. After a few minutes, the training mission crashes and never in the same place: so far object room, lockpick room, archery range, central room, and even outside. The game however, doesn't actually crash, it just hangs for a second, goes to black screen and I have to go to the task manager to end the game (without the use of my mouse as my pointer refuses to move). I have the correct Doom version (followed the patch link on the Dark mod wiki) and I have steam loading up dark mod directly (-applaunch 9060...). I am running a gateway PC with Vista 64 bit OS, intel quad core, Nvidia GeForce GTX
  2. Yes, I do. ATI Radeon X850. I tried the game again and it locked up and went to a black screen again after about the same period of time as before, but this time I didn't get control back. I had to shut off my computer. This time, I was not moving around when it crashed, I just walked forward and started reading the book, and it crashed while I was sitting there reading - it's as if it happens after a set period of time, not when I trigger something. I guess I should try some of those performance tweaking suggestions (or all of them). Any suggestions for ATI cards specifically?
  3. I think this is the one you need ("textures missing, screen black"), others will correct me if this is the wrong one: http://modetwo.net/d...en_mostly_black
  4. So I decided to play a FM on my desktop today and suddenly there are no dynamic lights in any of the maps. Ambient lights work fine, but all torches show no light and there are black boxes where the torch smoke should be. I didn't do anything that I can think of that would have caused this...
  5. single core it ran fine at 640*480 rez and now i got to run once but now the load screen loads the mod fine but when the game loads the map it waits till its almost done loading and then goes first blue then black and sometimes restarts the pc
  6. Can you do a screen of task manager showing tasks by cpu useage when TDM is doing a go slow, i would like to see if there are any other apps running in the background.
  7. Hey, Yeah, thanks both, that fixed it. Though it didn't speed up loading times Is it normal for the 'Mission loaded - please wait' screen to actually display longer than the 'Mission loading' screen?
  8. Remade it a few more times, without success. There are no unusual spawnargs on the door either. Using r_showportals shows that the engine thinks it is open (green) when you're inside the room, though the entire portal is black. From the other side, r_showportals shows nothing. What concerns me is that I don't think I did anything to this area when I was updating the map. edit: good news...it has the same problem in 1.08.
  9. Just to update I went to download the latest version of Heart and from the Bloodgate mirror firefox played nice and gave me the save screen but from Fidcals site same problem, just a screen of garbage. (Though since the latest ff update I can right click and save link)
  10. The link on that site points to TDM's downloadpage, Bikerdude. I upgraded my darkmod installation to 2.01 with the windows updater, because the mac updater didn't find any mirrors. After running the update, I was hoping to find an 2.01 mac binary inside the folder, but didn't. So i copied malex's 2.0 app to the 2.01 folder and run it. Malex app works with the updated files(!) and I played succesfully an old saint lucia's mission. But after the update running the malex binary, darkmod shows the version 2.0 instead of 2.01. The windows version detects version 2.01. Is there a way to manual
  11. Okay, so I have this issue as well. My computer is a 2011 iMac with OSX 10.6.8. I downloaded Doom 3 from the App Store, installed Malex' version of TDM and went to play. I used the TDM icon to start the game. However, there is no dynamic lighting and instead of smoke there's black boxes. When I try to launch TDM from inside Doom 3, the application just quits, not even an error message. When I launch TDM from the icon and quit, it gives an error message that Doom 3 suddenly stopped working. I already tried reinstalling TDM and reinstalling Doom 3. Neither of those worked. Here's the error log
  12. I was just watching a beta-test of my mission, and the player failed an objective (he had the objective screen open when this happened and saw the X appear). After the failed game showed, he clicked on the Objectives option, and that same objective had a checkmark instead of an X. Has anyone noticed this before? That could be quite confusing for players trying to figure out why they failed, and I'm wondering if it's a game bug or something incorrect I've done with my objectives.
  13. Hey - picked up a Surface Pro recently, and was looking forward to running TDM on it. The problem is, when I fire it up, I'm only getting the upper left section of the the game screen. Any ideas what might cause this? It's running on Windows 8.1, and has an i5 processor and 4 GB of memory.
  14. There are two suggested fixes for another game in this thread. I can't test whether they work with TDM as I don't have a tablet, but might be worth a shot: http://us.battle.net...pic/10160426196 One is to change the surface's default 150% dpi to 100%, the other is to switch off the full screen setting which apparently still results in full display).
  15. Hmmm, no matter what res I use, the screen looks the same (as above). My desktop resolution is 1920x1080. This was a fresh/new install, btw. Other games have worked OK, although I've only tried a few. Grabbing the Hexen demo now to try out another id tech 4 game.
  16. It's tough to get to the settings with the screen as is - is there a way to change the resolution by way of cfg or ini files?
  17. Please post a screenshot of your game settings screen, like Lux posted.
  18. Also at the bottom of the game screen, below the Quit option, does it say TDM 2.0 or TDM 2.01?
  19. Can you post a screenshot first (and make sure what you see on screen is the same as on the screenshot)?
  20. If you create a glprogs folder in your darkmod folder and place a new heathaze.vfp file there, it should override the effect for all missions. All you need to do is to write a new shader that simple passes the image through. !!ARBvp1.0 OPTION ARB_position_invariant; END !!ARBfp1.0 OPTION ARB_precision_hint_fastest; TEMP cur; # get current position on screen MOV cur, fragment.position; MUL cur, cur, program.env[1]; MUL cur, cur, program.env[0]; TEX cur, cur, texture[0], 2D; MOV result.color.xyz, cur.xyz; MOV result.color, 1.0; END
  21. Well i've had my monitor for a week now and I have to say i'm very happy with it. The color quality and depth is incredible. The screen is very big and bright and I don't see any ghosting. For the price I paid I am very happy with this purchase and would recommend it to anyone in the market for a good quality cheap 24"
  22. I've recently started playing The Dark Mod again, and from scratch, so I'm downloading a mission at a time, completing it then downloading a new one and so on. I've noticed that after perhaps 3 or 4 missions, there's a green "mission completed" tick appearing on an empty line in the missions selection screen. I did a test and downloaded several missions so that the list was filled up, and the tick lined up on a mission I hadn't even played. At one point the tick appeared on the Training mission which is explicitly not completeable. I've also found a case where I lost a tick on a mission that I
  23. Hi guys, first of all i appreciate this mod a lot, but while playing the game often Crashes with a grey screen. ( its a medium light grey like this background here). The only Error appears is "Ein Problem wurde festgestellt Windows sucht nach einer Lösung..." or something which means that Windows found a problem, but nothing more. This happend while saving, quicksaving, quickloading and finishing from missions. Also the Game is very laggy, almost to laggy for my Notebook. The Rig: Win7 Home Premium 64Bit 8 GB RAM Intel Core i7-2670QM CPU 2,20GHz*4 NVIDIA GeForce 630M with 1GB GRAM Drivers
  24. You sound like something straight out of a Steam community hub rant. Have you just installed a mission and missed the new button that appears in the top left in the New Mission screen?
  25. nope! its not working. couldn`t there be a little patch with a new "settings" -screen with no EAX-option ? Many people stepped into this bug by enabling this option (like me as I began play TDM) At the current state it is a complete useless option & failure origin.
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