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  1. Okay, so I couldn't run the game in fullscreen mode: it would just reset the r_fullscreen to 0 every time it loaded. Turns out it was an arg on a file inside the package: contents/MacOS/Doom 3 automatically sets r_fullscreen to 0, which is annoying if you want to play the game in full screen. Looks stable otherwise. I'll go test some missions now.
  2. I already tried running the game on single-screen only and it didn't change a thing. Even deleted the config-file completely and ran the game at whopping 640x480 with all settings off and nothing changed. EDIT: My hard-drive is a reqular one. It's quite fast though.
  3. I'm pretty sure Tels added this for v1.06. Not very prominently documented: http://wiki.thedarkm...new_in_TDM_1.06 http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Resolutions Someone needs to tell the Wide Screen Gaming Forum: http://www.wsgf.org/...hp?f=64&t=26703
  4. Maybe the problem will just go away for me too, or maybe it only happens with certain levels. Either way it isn't a big deal. Also, when I checked my screenshots, I was surprised to see that they were the same brightness, even though the screen was bright when I took some and dark when I took others Seriously, I really would like for someone to teach me how to post pictures in the forums. Thanks
  5. Inspired by a thread on a here a little while ago I bought a cable to connect my dvi socket on the computer to the hdmi one ( marked to dvi on my Samsung 42" set ) . Unfortunately , I get a lovely picture on the set but no way I can use the keyboard. As soon as I plug the lead into the set my computer reverts to just the wallpaper screen with no way I can use the computer keyboard and mouse. I therefore can't even go to control panel to adjust settings etc. The graphics card is an ATI Radeon HD 4300/500 series. Can anyone please give me a clue to what adjustments i have to make to get starte
  6. I am just going to go ahead and assume this is user error rather than and actual driver error. I mean AMD pulled of a lot of crap ( ), but I doubt they failed so hard that usb devices are disabled when a secondary screen is plugged. So, use windowskey+P to cycle through different desktop extension modes. Set it to "Computer only" and adjust your settings on your computer monitor afterwards the way you want to.
  7. Indeed. When this happens to me, I do the following. I swing my mouse around until I see the pointer (if the computer is trying to do a spanned desktop and I can't see the first half). Then I right-click and select change resolution/properties. Then, if the window doesn't appear (it went to the other monitor), I press alt+space, then down arrow, and then enter to select "move". This allows you to move the properties window around, even though you can't see it. Then I tap the right/left (usually right) arrow key until it comes on screen. Proceed as usual from there.
  8. I find the light gem too large, especially on my massive monitor. Also when it's bright I loose definitiions in the blacks making it harder to see in dark areas. Any way to shrink it? I made a mod for Deadly Shadows that shrank the HUD and moved elements to the very edges of the screen so it wasn't so "in-your-face", I'd like to do the same with The Dark Mod, including the tips pop-up box - this needs to be smaller too.
  9. Yeah. This is good advice and thus it did the trick. If you've been playing for a while (since the "beginning in my case) you will know this by the way things have developed; the earlier missions were not so complex and huge-epic as manymost lately. So back then we'd get a slight delay after the "loading progress" bar filt and blipped-away. Then other, bigger FMs came and took a bit longer... and on... and now it does become the kind of thing that really might put a lot of newcomers to ~panic~. I hope that the team will look at making the loading screen more truthful about the progress.
  10. I only set the samples to 4x (and anisotropic filtering to 4x), and the ingame config has it listed as 4x as well, so I don't think that is the problem. I created the game log file like you said: http://pastie.org/8452547 . Interestingly, opening up the console brought the game out of the gray screen and back to the main menu with no problems. OP, you might try this yourself and see if it helps you.
  11. I've run into a similar problem. When the game automatically restarts after ex. installing or uninstalling a mission, the game shows only a grey screen, then hangs. I first noticed this after setting up a video driver profile with RadeonPro to control Catalyst AI and antialiasing, but removing the profile didn't affect the problem. This doesn't have any serious effects on the game, but it is annoying to have to kill the application and manually restart it whenever it resets.
  12. Hiya, I've just downloaded the TDM 2.0 - excellent work everyone! Looking awesome and a true successor to the work of Looking Glass. This really is an outstanding piece of work. Anyway to my issue - The Tears of St Lucia crashes every time I try and continue on from the equipment purchasing stage. Once I hist Start Missions the loading screen appears, gets about 40% of the way through then quits to main menu. I've run the tdm_updater several times to check the files are not corrupted but it said everything was clean. Mostly the crash just takes me back to the main menu, with no error messa
  13. I have small secondary monitor left of my large primary monitor. When I start thedarkmod fullscreen it starts in the left most window not the primary window as I expect it should. When I disable my secondary monitor in nvidia-settings it starts thedarkmod in the large monitor but in the bottom only filling a portion of the entire screen (tried various resolutions in thedarkmod video settings). Running Arch linux 64 bit with nVidia grahics Any ideas? Awesome project b.t.w.
  14. This pertains to TDM 2.0 and also I have the Use Item key bound to the "C" key. I don't imagine that is pertinent to this issue but I'm just mentioning it. When ever you have a readable in-game that you can NOT pick up, you right click to read it. Then to close it you can either walk away from it which will drag it off your screen until it closes automatically or you can press the Item Use key which will close the book. If you press the Use Item key to Close the book instead of walking away from it, the Use Item key also activates what ever Item you have currently selected. Shouldn't it
  15. The engine has no problems with alt-tab, it's just soft-disabled while you're playing normally. ID disabled a _lot_ of task switching/managing stuff to 'prevent cheating', which annoyed the hell out of me. But since 1.08 I had removed pretty much all of that. However I did leave most of it disabled while you're playing normally, since to me it makes sense. If you drop down the console with ~ or ctrl+alt+~, you should be able to alt-tab out then. I think this also applies to the main screen, so pressing esc first might also work, but I can't remember.
  16. Turn off VSync. Yeah you'll get screen tearing but you won't get massive drops from 60-30-20-15 etc etc. Also if you don't want to turn of vsync, you could try turning on triple buffering for OpenGL.
  17. Not a very good start. High End system with X-Fi, 5.1 surround, set to Game mode. Any mission refused to start untill i changed ingame Audio Setting to Stereo. But then: loading of the Training mission stops at about 75%, then it reverts me to previous screen with the text and the "Start this mission" at the bottom. Etc etc. I then launched a mission, the first in the (alphabetical) list (EDIT: Alberic's Curse). I crawled through the hole in the wall (next to the horses) came in the yard (with undead sleeping) and encountered a set of doorhandles floating in the garden. Is it supposed to be li
  18. Hello, recently began trying out this game and so far it's been very enjoyable. Completed the tutorial and tried my hand at tears of saint lucia, and ran into an odd glitch that seems to keep happening sometime into playing the game. I'm not yet certain of what's causing the issue, but once it happens I'm unable to use any weapons and if I try to pick up any gameworld objects they fly spinning out of my hands. For weaponry, I get the animation of drawing it out (blackjack/sword/bow) then it drops down below the visible screen. Thank you for any help you can offer.
  19. What do I need to do to get surround (5.1) sound working? When I click on "STEREO" in the audio settings I get the following message UNABLE TO LOCATE 3D AUDIO Surround speakers not found. Make sure the speaker settings are configure properly in the Windows Control Panel. I believe I have configured my speaker settings properly in the Windows Control Panel. I have attached a screen capture of the error message and the relevant control panel windows. I'm running a Swedish Windows Installation, but I think the images will speak for themselves. The following is printed to the conso
  20. Progress! I tried three things, and the third made a difference. 1) Disable the other devices from the audio hardware list. No change. 2) Disable the other devices from the main device manager. This removed them from the audio hardware list, making the HDMI out the only device. Still only stereo. 3) Switch the 5.1 mode from using side speakers to rear speakers This allowed me to, in the Darkmod audio settings, move from STEREO to 5.1. Clicking the newly appeared 5.1 gave the error message I showed in the first post about unable to locate 3D audio and brought be back to STEREO again. C
  21. So I was having this same problem but only with the training mission (not downloaded any Fan Missions yet). Teas of St Lucia loaded fine, but the training mission just dumped me back to the objectives screen once it had finished loading. Disabling EAX fixed my issue. I'm running a Creative SoundBlaster X-Fi Fatal1ty, the old PCI version with a front panel breakout box rather than the newer PCI-e version. This is on Windows 7 64 bit. The thing is, if I disable EAX then the game won't detect more than Stereo sound from my system. When I try and change the value I get told 'Unable to load 3D au
  22. A solution I use has been really effective, which uses a simple script through AutoHotKey. 1. To do this, download and run AutoHotkey_L_Install.exe (I use 64bit myself, no reason this shouldn't work for 32bit I'm guessing) Copy this code below: (I have tried to find the original source for this code, but can't find it so apologies for not being able to give the credit to whoever I found this from!) ;-Caption LWIN & LButton:: WinSet, Style, -0xC40000, A WinMove, A, , 0, 0, 1920, 1080 return ; ;+Caption LWIN & RButton:: WinSet, Style, +0xC40000, A return ; 2. Run your fa
  23. I actually don't care for screen tearing most of the time, but sometimes its a bit too obvious and explicit! That's when it bother me a little....but I guess for now I am just gonna keep it off... How do I use the extra buffering? Is there a cvar for it?(I am too lazy to look for it right now! )
  24. I have to agree with this problem! I have pretty decent PC that can run this game maxed out with < 30% GPU usage! I am using Radeon 7950 3GB @ 960/1250 and turning on VSync, drop the framerate to 30fps all the time...its a double buffered VSync...without VSync like the OP mentioned, the screen tearing is horrendous and unbearable! I tried forcing Triple Buffering and VSync externally using D3DOverrider but it doesn't seem to work!
  25. You havent listed your full system specs, driver version or screen resolution. Also after a quick look online the Intel G41 (X4500) is the same speed as an old Radeon 9800pro. I'm surprised TDM is running on that card at all, back in the day the 9800 was only just capable of running vanilla D3 @1280*1024 @30fps. Is this PC your playing a Laptop or a desktop..? Also it looks like Intel are upto thier old tricks in of offloading GPU processing to the CPU and if its doing the same thing in TDM then your in-game experience will suffer.
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