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  1. They are properly black. By the way, I have made sure from day 1 to have overscan OFF and I've never had a reason to turn it on.
  2. Just getting back to this: Google gives about 2.4 million hits for 1360x768, and about 34 million hits for 1366x768. So how widespread is this really? Edit: Here is an explanation: http://hd.engadget.com/2006/04/21/whats-the-deal-with-1366-x-768/ Apparently all TVs have about 3% "Overscan" (they ignore and throw away a few extra pixels because they expect some extra information encoded in them), and the problem might only appear if: * you have a TV (no a computer monitor) * it cannot deal with a computer resolution by throwing away the extra pixels * AND you cannot force it to be in
  3. If increasing the resolution causes a crash, I'd say that is a pretty good case that the textures consume more graphic RAM. If I were a betting man I would say that the normal maps could probably be excluded from suspicion (since normal map compression is not used in most cases anyway) but the textures with enhanced details might compress differently. Most compression schemes greatly reduce redundant data (like a large string of red pixels) but if you have lots of varied detail, then all that variation must be kept as a larger data-set (if you put pretty little cracks in your brick texture,
  4. Dang it, problem setting tags Well it looks like the boost problem is fixed on Linux as of TDM 1.07 but now I have a new issue. When the game tries to restart the mouse cursor get's stuck in the top left corner of the screen which activates the new Gnome 3 (aka Gnome Shell) menu and there's absolutely no way for me to get control back other than to restart X or go to a VT and kill the doom.x86 process. Any ideas? Thanks, Richard
  5. No it doesn't work for me, here is what I did: Uninstall old ATI driver Reboot Uninstall everything from ATI left with Driver Cleaner Pro Reboot Install only the Display driver (newest ATI version 11.12) Sky is turning like mad (it makes me puke). Post Processing turns screen upside down. Game is running fine without post processing and with the no_skybox.mtr file.
  6. I'm having an issue in only Doom 3, where when I move the mouse slowly the cursor doesn't move on the screen at all. This happens in Doom 3, DM 1.06 and DM 1.07 and SVN version. No other OpenGL or DirectX game exhibits this behaviour. It also occurs while in the menus and in game. I've deleted all the ini files in the directories and let Doom/Darkmod re-create them, no change. Has anyone else experienced this?
  7. Thank you, that second link had the answer, apparently when going between windowed mode and full screen mode Doom 3 gets all wonky. Just closing and opening Doom3 repeatedly seems to have corrected the issue.
  8. If it hasnt struck yet, I'd enable PowerPlay again The black-screening and such it causes for some people is usually quite quickly visible, In this case I'd say that its something else. Once its enabled and such, next time you have a hang or whatever, could you check your system logs, dmesg etc?
  9. Putting it down to performance doesn't help for me, still reversed screen with post processing, and reversed sky without.
  10. Hello, I want to share with you my knowledge regarding this issue. I couldn't fix this problem with spinning sky and upside-down screen on newer drivers for a long time. ATI tray tools and Radeon pro solutions didn't work for me. I was frustrated and quit playing TDM. Then I found somewhere that all you have to do is to set in control center Catalyst A.I. option to PERFORMANCE. The wise man said: "Performance = off". He was right. It wasn't logical to me but it works. Try yourself. Regards
  11. Ah ok :-D I presume that the NVpanel sense a CRT because I use a classic VGA connection, i think the problem it's not there. Nothing too with fixed "aspectratio" line :-( Even more strange: if I run Doom3, all it's normal, the screen it's always full a well scaled with all the resolutions selected.
  12. The control area is listing it as a CRT from ASUS in your screen-shot though... How about some screens of the sub-menus for some of those options in the tree on the left ? (edit: BTW... did you see the fixed configs above... )
  13. Mine it's a flat panel screen, not a crt :-) (it's simple a LCD 24'')
  14. That's strange indeed. But give this a try... Run 'nvidia-settings' and go to the settings for your monitor under GPU0 > DFP-0 (most likely)... it is just below 'PowerMizer' setting. You may want to try tinkering with the GPU Scaling Method settings. Mine defaults to Force Full GPU Scaling (checked), and GPU Scaling Method = Stretched. You may want to try 'Centered' or 'Aspect Ratio Scaled', to see how the screen will display then. My guess would be that yours somehow got set to 'Aspect Ratio Scaled'... but that's just a guess. See this screenshot:
  15. What is your exact screen resolution? Monitor brand and make will help also.
  16. Doesn't the current method sample some screen-shots and evaluate them on the CPU? If so, then being able to abstract that out to a simplified mathematical model would definitely be a boost. I always thought that "in the future" the renderer would be freed to be 99% GPU driven work while you could keep some of the CPU based light evaluation mechanics as part of your Light Gem calculation. You could probably cover the outlier lighting properties right now with encoded spawnargs for the light entities. Basically make a tool that takes the size and shape of the light volume and calculat
  17. This is happening to me. After extracting the archive I got from moddb, I run tdmlauncher.exe and it works correctly. But, even if I don't mess with the configuration and I just quit, every subsequent time I launch the game it starts at a smaller resolution than the first run and everything is black except the fps. Edit: I made md5s of the files before and after running and DoomConfig.cfg and gamex86.dll were both modified. Edit: Yeah, so I replaced those two files from the downloaded archive and it fixed every launch thereafter. I had to modify the DoomConfig.cfg file in the training_m
  18. My little helper.. But diffuse, specular and normal maps are definately working ingame (can't make screenshot)! Here's a screen out of the editor Dark Radiant whith two different custom models. (one also in model viewer)
  19. The first thing I suggest you do (which I forgot about before typing all of the below) is to patch your "Doom3.exe" file so that it can address more than 2GB as mentioned above. The util you need is called the 4GB patcher, this should stop those malloc errors - if it dosent and you need to dmap, see below. Easy, follow the following steps. Delete the folder/s called heart from 'Doom3' folder and the 'FMs' folder inside the darkmod folder.Create a folder in the rot of your Doom3 folder called "Heart"upacks the contents of heart to said folder.Create a short-cut to the doom3.exe in the roo
  20. That patch got me in, thank you. I tried the training mission a few times - but the game freezes every time I go to black jack someone. I'll search the forum her and at TTLG to try and find an answer and write here again if I don't find one.
  21. I have just reinstalled TDM and all of the skies seem to have a strange FOV, like you're zooming into them with binoculars. Similarly, when I jump into water my entire vision does this. Water also appears either black on the surface, or with severe visual ripping/artifacts (not sure how to describe). Win XP SP3, Intel T2300 @1.33Ghz (2 CPUs), 1 GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce Go 7400. Unfortunately I can't update my drivers since it's a shitty Sony laptop that seems to be locked in.
  22. Hey! This mod seems awesome! But I got a problem.... Doom 3 runs perfectly fine..I downloadeand TDM yesterday d when I try to start TDM it shows a splash screen but then within seconds gives this error: --------------------------- Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library --------------------------- Runtime Error! Program: C:\Games\Doom 3\DOOM3.exe This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the application's support team for more information. --------------------------- OK --------------------------- I searched all the Wiki, could n
  23. Im wondering If I just have files in the wrong place because I dont have a "game.dylib" file in the darkmod folder, its in my base folder. When I cd to Base folder & file game.dylib, I get: game.dylib: Mach-O universal binary with 2 architectures game.dylib (for architecture ppc): Mach-O dynamically linked shared library ppc game.dylib (for architecture i386): Mach-O dynamically linked shared library i386 I also have a gameppc.dylib in the base folder, and I get this: gameppc.dylib: Mach-O dynamically linked shared library ppc Im going to attach some screen shots of my folder conte
  24. oooooo, ok i tried importing one of the prefabs as you mentioned fid, and something DIFFERENT happened! a box popped up with this in it: "Failed to load gui definition guis/readables/scrolls/scroll_calig_medusa.gui. Do you want to open the import summary?" also at this time, the preview window of the readable editor is messed up and shows my desktop or firefox window in it. I answer "yes" and then a window pops up and it says: "Could not open file: guis/readables/scrolls/scroll_calig_medusa.gui" now the window stays open and does not crash DR, but the preview window stays black, and ev
  25. From playing the Seasons Contest missions (bugs added as I go). Bug [1] Bring up the blackjackOpen a readable (inventory map in my case)Click (attack1)Results in blackjack arm raised indefinitely Bug [2] (SOLVED - map related with existing workaround): In Rake Off, in the starting cave, looking anywhere below horizontal results in falling snow not displaying Feature [3] In Reap as you Sow, objectives are numerous and change quite often. Viewing them through the TDM objective screen makes it easy to miss a few, because only a handful of them are displayed at a time and the mouse scrolling
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