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  1. Well, I have ATI and have had no issues with Rift crashing. Or any other map for that matter. But I have been meaning to look at one texture. The stones up the side of the church tower were black for 2 of my testers, but they are white/speckly to me like they should be. That was the only issue I'm aware of though and nobody else mentioned it. And the only custom thing included was a skin (gold texture on rock).
  2. Out of all the FMs listed on the wiki, there are 3 that I simply cannot get to play. Somewhere Above the City - the mission loading bar completes, switches to 'Mission Loaded, Please Wait' text, and Doom3 crashes a short time after. Alchemist - the mission loading bar completes, switches to 'Preparing Mission, Please Wait' text, and Doom3 crashes a short time after. The Rift - the mission doesn't even get as far as the splash screen/loading bar, Doom3 crashes while still showing the 'Dark Mod' splash screen. All crash with the 'Doom3 has stopped working' popup error message. No other error m
  3. and that has me running 100% where I want it thank you guys. I assume if I change my screen resolution I need to change the above too but I'll deal with that when/if I need to. thanks for all the help
  4. nbohr1more got it right the first time. boy do I feel dumb for some reason I thought my version of Doom3 was pre-patched. yeah I'm a dummy today. so it is working now, thank you very much for the help but I have another question. I have a wide 18~ish inch monitor and the game doesn't display all the way out to the side. the top and bottom meet up well but there's close to 2 inches of black nothing on either side of the game. my screen resolution is 1680 x 945 the closest I can get the game setting to that is 1680 x 1050 but the black side don't seem to change any from me adjustingz resolution
  5. I finally got around to installing The Dark Mod 1.02. Been meaning to for a long time. The mod looks superb from what I've seen so far. However, the mod was somewhat tempermental to get running well. At first, I had the "menu is a black screen" problem. It seemed to occur the first time I set the window to be full screen. I've also had the issue with the game crashing after several quick saves. But my main reason for posting was to mention the rendering issues I've been having. I'm mentioning a solution I found to one of them, in case anyone else runs into this specific problem. M
  6. I have an update on this front: As I started the new FM Betrayal by Fieldmedic the tearing was back, although I made the vid_restart after loading the mission. I saved, quit and reloaded that spot in 1280x720, no tearing, made vid_restart with custom res, tearing was there. But then I decided to test another custom res (only left possible between the two) and this (1232x700) is working just fine!! No need for vid_restart, just loaded Dufford´s and here no tearing too!!!! Damn, am I glad! Oh, I´m so happy cause the new res is cutting so less from the screen that I now can read the last loot-
  7. Yeah, yeah, did you really had me to get two negative reps? Anyway, I still would like to know if it is possible to change the gray screen that appears while vid_restart. (I guess it´s the same that shows up a little second when starting TDM)
  8. Guys, I'm having crashes in TDM sometimes. Today was the first time I managed to see a TDM error message (as opposed to just a black screen). It read as follows: IdMovable 'IdBarrel_ATDM:Movable_Junk_WBottle01_Broken_1027': Cannot Load Collision Model Models/Darkmod/Junk/WBottle01/Broken.LWO The crash happened in the third NHAT mission, while trying to open a drawer in a room in the upper floor. Just before doing that, I had snatched a golden bottle from a table on the opposite side of the room. Does anyone have any idea what causes these crashes, or where the error message is suppos
  9. Another question: While video_restart there is a gray screen. What do I have to do if I want the screen in another color, like pitch black. Or is even a picture possible, like TDM-logo?
  10. Bit of background first: when I first downloaded TDM v1, I suffered the same symptoms: after the first start or two, the main menu would be always completely black. The music would play, and you could click on the menu options if you moved the invisible mouse cursor to the right spot, but still obviously a game breaking bug. At that time, running the updater fixed the problem, and I figured it was probably a corrupted download. Now the problem is back. Just now I've installed a new FM, and the program rebooted itself to a completely blank black main menu screen. Everything behaves the same w
  11. But I already bought the expensive one! ... Just kidding. Ah, dammit. That are the reasons why I wanted a console, on a PC there is always something wrong. Hmm, this looks interesting, could be an improvement, right? That price I can afford. Should I buy it? I´ll do everything you say, almost! And my actual cables are three meters, don´t need longer anyway. But the DVI-cable is five meters. That´s too long, considering the 3-meter-cables, right? Maybe I´ll try it tomorrow. And my TV is not the best. On TV-programs I got after five minutes white diagonal stripes over the screen.
  12. I don´t think it´s an overheating issue. Because I have it right after the reboot or when I started the next day and always on the same spots. The V-sync wasn´t simply activated in the widescreen-resolutions. And now I got rid of it, I just have to start the game in a different res and then I copy my doomconfig with my custom res back into the folder and it works fine. I could type in the res manually, too, but I´m too lazy for that. Now I´ll play Builder´s Influence so I´ll see if it somehow comes back during the game. I´m usually spending four hours in missions. So if it´s overheating, I
  13. I tried now the newest drivers and hey, there working again with Doom3. But the tearing is still there. I used all GPU-settings. Only 'Triple Buffering' takes effect, but as I described above, it´s even worse. I´m pretty sure that it is a Mod-problem with open/wide areas. I never saw it in Doom3. My V-sync is working fine in other games and in TDM itself, without in open areas. ... Now I deactivated V-Sync and there is no difference. But as I changed the aspect ratio back to 4:3 it was gone!! So, I have the tearing in 16:9 (which is best for my screen) and 16:10!! I also tested 'r_di
  14. So, you saw it too? I really would like to know that I´m not the only one having this. I could make a video with Fraps, though I don´t know where to upload it. But the effect is really like without V-sync or on low hz-rates. It´s like part of the screen are behind the movement. And yes, when moving the view slow all is fine. I´m really sure that it happens in wide areas: Tonight I looked into Builder´s Influence and I saw the effect at the starting area. But as I got into the side-alley left of the town-hall the effect was gone. Most likely because there was a visportal at the beginning o
  15. Yes Fullscreen. I played Glenham Tower now and I´m very sure that this is related to the visportal/performance-thing. Because I saw it in a room with door open. As a closed the door again the effect was gone. It´s not limited to horizontal line, my fault. And it´s not limited to light sources too, was just better viewable on them. So, you´ll see it most likely in open areas or when you never close doors (I always close them). I saw it around the tower, but it seemed weaker because I only mentioned it as I got out at the end. Just for my understanding: A 'visportal' opens and closes an
  16. Were you in window mode? V-sync only works in full screen mode I believe.
  17. I saw it on some FM´s, lately in Melans Return to the City. When I changed the view horizontally I got these tear´s, don´t know how to describe it else. It´s like when you deactivate V-sync (then you have it on vertical), or when the Refresh-rate of your screen is too low. (I got once 50hz accidentally, now I have 60hz btw) It appears only on far textures and I guess it´s related to high quality textures, because I don´t saw this in Doom3 as I looked into it yesterday. In Melans´ mission I saw it quite often. Right at the beginning on the house where you can lockpick the door, if you wanna t
  18. Whoo, that´s a way too dark, at least at my screen. How did you get my shot, anyway? I wasn´t able to download the images so I had to make a screenshot of my originally own screenshot. I adjusted the gamma about 0.20 to get a version that´s bright enough to see the guard. I would appreciate a much more less bluish tone on outside night-sights, though. Yeah, there is not much wrong (on the first image), but the white textures could be 10 or 20% more dark. I know nothing about shaders yet, but I´ll look into it, always learning here...
  19. As said, it's mostly just textures/material shaders. That said, black isn't very attractive and you need a pretty high base brightness on stuff to keep the game from being annoyingly dark, you also have to take into consideration that the 'blacks' on 95% of the target audience will not be as good as they were 10 years ago when everyone had CRT's. In very low ambient light the contrast between lighter surfaces and solid colours increases quite dramatically, however the balance of "what is light and what is dark" is outside the scope of my "give a damn", making sure that say, walls and floors h
  20. Those lights are a material shader problem. There's nothing wrong with the screen shot beyond the self lit glass in the lights. It's up to the map author to decide how much ambient light they want lighting their entire map, we make some suggestions on the wiki I believe, but the light level I'm seeing here doesn't look too out of the ordinary in your screen shot. On my laptop monitor it looks just right, and on my older CRT monitor...it's almost too dark to see anything. So I think it's ok. I've seen Thief 2 scren shots that looked far brighter than that.
  21. If I understood correctly, it's not a problem with the engine but with the laws of physics If it were completely dark everything would be pitch black, but if you add just a tiny bit of light, the whiter objects would pop out before the darker ones. Edit: Except the lights! those have an evident shader problem.
  22. I just played Sons of Baltona and it never bothered so much until now that very often some textures seem to be too much bright and others may too much dark in shadows with no light sources. I´ve added a screenshot there you can see that the top and bottom are how they should be, I guess, but the walls and the beds/objects much too bright. I played around with 'r_lightscale' but this affects only the dark places. Is this still under development or will it be like this forever? Or is it somehow texture-related? edit: the shot appears to be darker as in real on my screen.
  23. Ah, so you do have the OpenGL tweaking screen! We can look at that a bit more, but for now... You should have more than 2 cfgs; 1 in each folder for each mission you have installed; you must have installed at least 1 to make that video, eh? ...anyway attach now the 2 cfgs you speak of, if you will.
  24. I'm using Ubuntu 10.04, 64-bit. I have doom 3 installed in an unusual directory, but it is symlinked to /usr/local/games/doom3. When I play TDM, the light gem is totally black (except for during mantling). The guards cannot see me. The console is constantly flooded with "cannot open ../../../../dev/shm/tdm_lg.tga" or something like that. Any ideas? I checked, and a file exists in /dev/shm, but it is blank. When I installed Doom 3, I just restored it from my external hard drive, rather than running the installer again. Could this be the problem? Doom 3 plays fine.
  25. Google gives this many results: "1366x768" - about 10 million "1360x768" - about 1 million So it's somewhat common (with LCD TVs at least from browsing some of the results). I have to set the screen to 1:1 (centered) and I can see the 3 blank pixels on each side not being used
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