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  1. If we assume little or no experience (which is what I was going for), then we'd want to avoid messing around with permissions (or even renaming file extensions etc.). Okay, here's a different approach, this link contains the update and launcher programs and the shell scripts (with execute already set) in a zip file called darkmod.zip. 1) Download the darkmod Mac updater (darkmod.zip) from the link provided 2) Locate "Doom 3.app" and copy the darkmod.zip file alongside this (we'll probably want a better description than this, since the .app is hidden, maybe a screen capture showing the icon?
  2. 1. i don't have a screenshot of the error. it just says "microsoft C++ blah blah the program has requested the runtime to terminate in an unusual way. 2. i highly doubt that doom 3 is fully patched as i got it about a year and a half ago. (where would i get the latest patch?) 3. i think i'm running the latest verson of TDM. i just barely downloaded it today. 4. the error comes up as soon as i click on tdmlauncher.exe when the "Dark Project" screen comes up.
  3. 1.05 of course. Yes I'm near, it's necessary to be near to cause guard being suspicious. Usually he does that kind of script in the loop: - stands near table for a while - gets back to the chair - sits for a while, singing or talking to himself - stands up and goes to the table I can see him through the window mouth visible on the screen I attached. When I'm standing nearby the torch he usually spots that "something is there" while sitting, tries to stand up and game freezes. But it is not 100% rule. The rule is: when he starts being suspicious that "something is not right" game freezes afte
  4. I've found another smaller problem. In caduceus of st.alban there is this guard, a key holder, guarding a keys to different places on the map. Near his place game occasionally happens to freeze (rendering and controls - only nearby sounds like ambient and fire burning are still playing). If guard is not suspicious or discovers my presence instantly nothing happens, but in 50% cases when he spots something but he's not sure what he has seen screen freezes and stops responding. I don't know where to place this kind of stuff, error reports and things like that, so for now I'm writing it here. I'm
  5. @LS - Never played with an Asus laptop, but they certainly look the part.. @Pete - ok the first difference that jumps out at re: the Tosh v HP, the GFx card in the Hp will utterly slaughter the one in the Tosh. The same goes for the Cpu on the HP, i7 (quad core 6Mb cache) versus i5 (dual core 3MB cache). The only thing the tosh has got going for it is the price at $100 less and its lighter by 2lbs and the smaller screen of course. I tried to find some Asus laptop's on newegg of the same calibre as the Hp but they are all newegg's equivalent of a refurb (someone bought it, didnt light it an
  6. I recently got a new lcd screen. Now I am working on the new one (1920x1080) and the old one (1024x768) together in enhanced desktop mode. I find this useful for many applications, but as I tried to start my Dark Radiant 1.5 today, it doesn't work anymore. When Dark Radiant has loaded, I can navigate through the menus, but there's a glitch in the four windows as there is no grid, nor rendered preview. And everything that was once above of one of the 4 views, it stays there forever. I didn't had the glitch before (as I were using just one monitor). As I put off my old monitor, so that only
  7. Right I found this after about 30mins, its a bit on the pricy side but within your budget. The specs for the money is quite impressive, but its a bit larger than you asked for, but we have to start the search somewhere... HP ENVY 17-1181NR @ $1099 NewEgg are cheaper than anyone else in the US for this laptop atm. There are 2 customer reviews on newegg and both aren't positive, but that's not a big enough pool of customer reviews to form an informed decision. So I suggest you do some googling to see if you can find any other customer reviews (don't rely on the usual bullshit from the l
  8. Is the tick a light grey one or a black one?
  9. Odd, generally its caused by not having write permissions. Please try : Go to D:\games Right click your doom3 folder -> properties Untick "read only" (i.e a blank square not a light grey/black tick) It should ask you about subdirectories and perhaps hidden files - yes to everything.
  10. Okay I checked the box that says "Disable Catalyst AI" and Doom 3 loads and plays without any problems The TDM menu screen loads fine but as soon after I start a mission whilst loading the game still crashes....Really frustrated every time TDM menu loads just looking at it you can see the the time and love put into this project I get all excited can't wait to play its looks so so good. The Village Idiot
  11. The reason the surface selector window is off screen, is a windows thing, you just need set windows back to one monitor, then back to two and it will reset the cache/setting that windows uses for remembering windows size and position.
  12. It's happened to me before also I asked about it several months ago (maybe longer?). When dropping down a short distance into water the player would bounce several times and the splash particle would span for each bounce making lots of noise and covering the screen in white. I think that was already fixed though.
  13. Fixed it. I have 2 different links for launching TDM. One for launching TDM in a window for dmap'ing while using DR, and the other full-screen for playing FMs. The one for dmap'ing was launching 'doom3 +set fs_game darkmod', the regular launcher was using 'tdmlauncher.linux' which needs doom3 in /usr/local/games. I recently re-installed my system and had forgotten to link my doom3 directory into /usr/local/games. Once I linked it there, TDM could install and run FMs properly again.
  14. I think a technical support sub-forum would be great as crashes,black screens, install problems seem to overflood the main forums. Also i think its kinda alarming for new ones to the mod who come here to look for infos only to see that crash logs are allways floating on top of forums.
  15. I uninstalled my ATI-drivers and uninstalled the Catalyst Control Center. Then I reinstalled my ATI drivers (without CCC). Then I installed "Radeon Pro" with that I created a profile for dark radiant.exe in which I disabled everything ATI-related including "AI". Doesn't solve it. Don't I need CCC again for that?? Didn't work either, its not related to the enhanced desktop look (since its XP and I only encountered this problem in Vista). I did try another way after searching and trial & error tactics: I opened my desktop properties - clicked on settings tab - advanced setting
  16. I have to turn off "Post Processing" elsewise it willl turn the screen upside down, yes. Just pulling the Bloom intensity to "0" doesn't help.
  17. (Disable UAC) 1) Update your motherboard chipset drivers 2) Uninstall your video drivers completely and use a driver cleaner utility to remove any remnants 3) Install the last known working WHQL drivers for your OS Once those steps are done, please post a screen of your Device Manager showing that your hardware is now recognized. Other than the above, also check that Doom 3 is white-listed in your Security Software...
  18. The issue is proper display of the 16x9 aspect ratios: 1280x720 1366x768 1920x1080 Okay, I'm going a little insane here. I brought up our LCD TV from downstairs and hooked it up in place of my 1440x900 monitor (the TV is 1366x768) When I set Dark Mod to 1280x720 (just for kicks), it doesn't display correctly: it sets my desktop all the way up to 1920x1080 (which the TV will take and just downsample to its native res) and shows Dark Mod in the upper left corner area (in a "window" that turns out to be 1366x768) Then when I set Dark Mod to 1366x768 (which is what I actually want) it will
  19. Do you know what your motherboard model is? Or which chipset it uses? (Possibly terrible translation ) Savez-vous ce que votre modèle de carte mère est? Ou qui chipset qu'elle utilise? ***************** If not please install CPU-Z and click the "Mainboard" tab then post a screen: http://www.cpuid.com/softwares/cpu-z.html (Another translation): Si ce n'est pas s'il vous plaît installer CPU-Z et cliquez sur "Carte mère"puis après un écran
  20. I've done this now: it says height 1080 width 1920 fullscreen 1 mode -1 aspectratio 1 EDIT: aspectratio in base-folder was still 0. This may change automaticly after game start to 1 because of the screen size settings.Though, I changed it manually now to 1.
  21. well, I have been running 10.9 on my Radeon HD5870 untill i sold it. I had tried 11.1a, 11.11 & 11.11a and they all had screen flicker issues and the upside down sky without disabling Ai issue. 11.12 the latest catalysts is the most stable of the 11 series driver, but has the new CCC interface. So my 2 cents always use a gfx drive that was optimized for your generation of gfx card, so in your case it would be the same as my 5870, so ccc 10.9.
  22. Can you clarify that you formatted some days ago and since then you've installed the latest drivers for your graphics card? You have updated Dark Mod by running tdm_updater. FMs install OK In your pm you said "because having launched the fm I have the message " doom 3 met a problem and has to close ". So... Dark Mod runs but the FMs crash - is that when you first try launch them or at the moment you expect them to start? eg, after the title screen shows? Have you tried a very small FM like Thief's Den or there is a blackjack tester that's probably even smaller.
  23. Lowering screen resolution and AA settings has fixed this problem for a couple of other users. If that does not help, please post a conDump.
  24. I have trouble running a majority of the FMs. For example, the second mission of No Honour Among Thieves chrashes after the loading screen, while the first one runs without a problem. This is what I get in the error console I would attach the ConDump, but although it is stated otherwise in the console, the game does not create a textfile inth FM's folder. Other missions tht crash are e.g. Return to the City, The Rift, Somewhere Above the City, the Caduceus of St. Alban and St. Albans Cathedral. I never encountered any errors running the Thomas Porter series. Any ideas on what I can do to
  25. Greebo, it's definitely not working. I've tried what Niels suggested and installed the Cat App, to no avail. Then I used the command line (Eingabeaufforderung) and typed in "tdmlauncher.exe H:\Games\Doom3\darkathena.exe" (obviously I was in the right directory and had renamed "Doom 3" to "Doom3" before). Same thing, screen upside down. What am I doing wrong?
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