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  1. Doom 3 \ TDM's affinity for low color saturation aesthetics or even black and white shader filters... Means that red-cyan glasses would probably work better for us than with other games...
  2. Red-cyan mode works on any screen, it's the only mode that does. However it messes up the colors a lot so it's less than ideal. For VR the mode that's needed is side-by-side stereoscopy, one view on each half of the screen. It doesn't even need to be rounded with lens distortion as you see in most cases, though you will need to increase the FOV by roughly 50% since the lenses only see a part of the screen in the middle so it would appear very zoomed in. The HUD also won't be visible since you generally can't see the screen edges, all panels would need to be moved around the crosshair where they're easier to see... here's how I made a VR friendly HUD in Xonotic using the builtin editor:
  3. https://bugs.thedarkmod.com/view.php?id=5055 There seems to be an issue with shadow rendering in the engine: When enabling both Stencil Shadows and Soft Shadows, shadows get incorrectly mapped and are stretched across the screen in front of the camera. I have no issues when using Stencil Shadows without shadow softness, nor when using Map Shadows both with and without soft shadows. I'm running TDM 2.07 x64. My operating system is Linux openSUSE Tumbleweed x64. Kernel 5.2.14. Mesa 19.1.7 (amdgpu module). My video card is an AMD Radeon XFX R9 390. I attached two screenshots from the FM Full Moon Fever: The first shows stencil shadows without softness (normal results) and the second is stencil shadows with softness (corrupt shadows).
  4. When a user run the updater, the developer of the updater inspects the user that uses a stable to internet and tdm mirrors. You could create code to download files from a mirror, change the weight of some mirrors in the the tdm-mirror list. Does the tdm updater for linux, generates screen-output, a tdm-mirror file and tdm-log? If so, check the screen output, content tdm_update.log. And change mirror selection in the tdm-mirrors.txt. (dont forget to use the startup arguments of the updater) My advice is to read the installation manual on the wiki, check my code on my github page for the deb/rpm packages, look at the needed dependencies & write permissions. Compare all this with the aur (and the excistings aur's). Also look into other archlinux topics in this subforum. Manual for installation tdm on linux: http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Installer_and_Manual_Installation#Linux http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=The_Dark_Mod_-_Compilation_Guide I have some experience by trying to create linux rpm/deb packages, but its not much to help you.
  5. Yeah, CTD is "Crash To Desktop"; which is still better than BSD "Blue Screen of Death".
  6. Didn't it used to be that if you failed an objective and the mission ended, that if you brought up the Objectives screen, the failed objective would be marked with a red "X"? Or have I been smoking too much weed? In any case, if the "X" used to be there, it's no longer there in 2.07.
  7. As the title says, I have been trying to get TDM 2.0.7 working on two computers with Windows7 32 bit. Both have older Radeon displays, and the best I can get is a Mission Loading screen that crashes to desktop half-way through. I have tried every tweak mentioned on this forum, to no avail. I can get TDM 2.0 from 2013 working on both machines.
  8. Removing TypeInfo removes the compilation error. A source search for r_legacyTangents finds nothing, so I can't follow this suggestion. Now, a fresh complete build of the binaries yields binaries that don't even get to the point where they display anything on the screen. A check of running applications shows no TDM. If someone could try a build of the latest binaries and show they create working exes, it would be appreciated. Then I can begin to narrow down what's going on at my end. If no one else can get the SVN binaries to run, then whoever's been making the latest source changes needs to review their work. SVN binaries should always run.
  9. It might have been common knowledge that D3 engine was not VSync friendly. The TDM community consensus was have VSync off for this or other reasons. Since 2.06 however players have more options vsync off, capped fps, old school gameplay with screen tearing vsync on, capped fps, risk of microstuttering vsync on, uncapped fps, (the new recommendation) vsync off, uncapped fps, Q3 style
  10. Solved (sort of)! There is evidently a minor bug in the way skybox tdm_sky_starry1 works with portal sky. The somewhat different tdm_sky_starry2 doesn't suffer it. The bug is not typically visible due to ground structures and clutter. To reproduce the problem: 1) Start a new project, with a hollow box as a room (e.g., 512 units per side) 2) Texture the sides with portal sky, except give the floor a typical (not too dark) texture. 3) Outside the room, create prefab nature/skybox/tdm_sky_starry1.pfb 4) In the room centroid, create entity Lights/sources/atdm_ambient_world. As usual, extend its scope to all the room. 5) For easy bug detection, change its colour spawnarg to be something too bright, e.g., RGB(255,255,255). 6) Set the player start, then save, dmap, run. 7) Run the player around the floor perimeter, with the black sky to the player's left, and the player viewing the floor. As you move the player around, look for a small square in the lower-left corner of the screen, when that corner is over the portal sky texture. It's as if it's the view of a high-contrast security camera (attached to the player's chin?)
  11. I'm building my first FM in DR, and for some reason, when I'm testing my unpackaged build, on world spawn there's a fixed square overlay in the lower left screen corner, a few cm on a side, with vague contents that morph as the player moves. It could I guess be a secondary camera (perhaps downward facing). This square doesn't appear when running other FMs in Win10, so it must be a problem with my build. No odd spawnargs on the info_player, and nothing I could find in the wiki or forum. Any help as to what this is and how to find it/turn it off would be much appreciated.
  12. Hello! I can compile and run 2.07hotfix from SVN. I tried compiling the SVN trunk, using exactly the same method. It doesn't work, though - I get a blank screen and nothing else, not even audio. Here's the output. Note there's some binary junk in it. DarkMod.cfg: The suggestions at http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/19919-problem-with-207-some-level-unplayable/?p=435907 didn't help.
  13. Holy hell that many! I tried "Tears of Saint.Lucia" and add no ctd's but i did noticed one thing that I didn't noticed before, the skybox was pitch black! I saw it because the water puddles reflected a starry night and I looked up and saw black. So i take back what I said about having no problems. Also this is more a suggestion when the intro for this mission starts, after some time, a tip could show telling the player how to skip it, telling him to use the action button, why, because I tried to skip with ESC and add to start the mission again.
  14. All the PC's are Intel ! The computer I've been playing TDM on for the last few years, has an AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series card with 2 GB Ram The others are equipped with AMD Radeon R7-200 Series with 4 GB Ram. But the result is always the same This missions are not playable : CTD 107) A New Job 1) Tears of Saint.Lucia Training Mission 3) Chalice of Kings 12) Business as Usual. 15) Heart of Lone Salvation 17) The Alchemist 19) TP2 The Beleaguered Fence 30) Talbot 2 Return to the City 32) St. Alban 2 (Cathedral) 33) TP1 The Knighton Manor 34) SW1 Flakebridge Monastery 36) TP4 The Transaction 37) TP0 Mandrasola 38) Talbot 3 Fiasco at Fauchard Street 42) A Score to Settle 50) Sneak and Destroy 51) Rightful Property 53) TP5 The Phrase Book 54) Vengeance for a Thief Part1 The Angel's Tear 56) WS1 In The North 60) TP6 Lich Queen's Demise 61) Old Habits 2 64) Not An Ordinary Guest 65) Lords & Legacy 66) Vengeance for a Thief Part2 A Pawn in the Game 67) Requiem 68) Siege Shop 72) WS2 Home Again 73) WS3 Cleighmoor 79) PD2 All the Way up 80) Ulysses Genesis 81) Lockner Manor 83) Briarwood Cathedral 84) Exhumed 87) Vengeance for a Thief Part3 The Art of Revenge 88) Sir Talbot's Collateral 89) Ulysses Protecting the Flock 91) No Honor Among Thieves / Politics / City / Forest 92) The Golden Skull 97) Crucible of Omens Behind closed Doors 99) The Smiling Cutpurse 100) A2 New in Town 101) King of Diamonds 102) Full Moon Fever 103) V1 Volta and the Stone 104) PD3 Erasing the Trail 105) Down By The Riverside 109) The Ravine 110) A Matter Of Hours 111) Briarwood Manor 112) King Of The Mountain 113) A1 Thieves And Heirs 114) In The Black 115) V2 Cauldron Of The Gods 116) The Elixir 117) The Arena 118) Sir Taffsalot's Sword 119) Shadows Of Nortdale ACT 1 120) Cos 1: Pearls And Swine 122) WS4 The Warrens 124) The Night Of Reluctant Benefaction 125) Hidden Hands Initiation 126) Cleaning Up The Neighbourhood 127) Shadows Of Nortdale ACT 2 128) Marsh of Rahena 129) WS5 Comercebank 130) Cos2 Precarious Position The other missions are running !
  15. But those logfiles dont show any video startuplines. So i keep advising to use the arguments. Its nice to hear you get tdm running, but I (or we) want to see how tdm loads your video driver How about the following command: thedarkmod.exe +condump mylog.txt and post the content op mylog.txt a tutorial to get tdm with startup the arguments running: hit the keyboard combination "windows + r", enter the following line and click on ok: c:\games\darkmod\thedarkmod.exe +condump mylog.txt +quit (assuming thats your location of the darkmod folder) or hit the keyboard combination "windows-key + r" (or search for "cmd"). a new window will apear, enther the following command in that window an click on run: cmd a new black window will apear. navigate to your tdm gamefolder by typing the following line in the black window and hit enter-key: cd c:\games\darkmod then enter the following line and hit the enterkey: thedarkmod.exe +condump mylog.txt +quit this will start tdm, generate a logfile and close tdm. open your windows explorer go to your the dark mod folder, search for mylog.txt, open it and copy its content in a new forumpost.
  16. Hello. Sometimes when I jump in the water, 3/4 of the screen is "captured" in a freeze frame while the lower left 1/4 continues to show what's actually happening to me. This seems to have an approx. 50/50 chance of happening every time I dive into the drink. I am not quite sure what is causing it. I have attached a summary of my system specs and graphics hardware to this post. I am using the latest TDM version (2.07). GFX Info.pdf System Info.pdf
  17. I'd especially be interested in hearing more detailed instructions from Dead Rat, as he seems to have had the exact same problem and successfully solved it. I just wasn't able to follow the instructions, I think I need a little more detail. I know what the name of the light is that makes the sound, but don't know how to find that in the Sound Editor screen. The instructions mentioned something about left-clicking on the light in the game window, but most times I try that, the game just freezes when I try to get close to the yellow box and then just left click.
  18. Well, I was thinking that may be the case, as when I'm in that editSounds screen, a lot of the entries under it play a tone that sounds a lot like the constant tone emitted from the troublesome lights. I'm attaching a picture of the screenshot of one of the many lights in "Lords & Legacy" that emits the tone, and also a link to a video capture of me in the Sound Editor, clicking on the various sounds in the one section that play the tone. You can also hear the constant tone of the lights/biground1_streetlamp_4fold_snd lamp in the background, underneath my clicking the sections, as the game is running. This really leads me to believe my install is missing base package sound files that a lot of these levels that have electric lights in them may be referring to. As a way to test, is there way for me to place dummy sound files in a location inside the level's folder, or inside my base install, to see if I can get them to show up? Again, still not really familiar with how the innards of Dark Mod works at all, but willing to put in more effort to get this resolved! DM didn't always have this problem, but couldn't say at what point (OS or DM upgrade) it started happening. http://download.lavadomefive.com/dmsoundeditor.mp4
  19. Hello. Since update to 2.07 i´ve played the missions from a to b. I haven´t played all, but i noticed some really strange behavior, which it makes it nearly impossible to play a few levels. I play all levels on hard. Alberiques Curse- The golden book falls through the floor. You can still grab it, but it is "invisible". If you play the level for the first time, it is impossible to get it. For try i restarted the mission and rushed there. In front of me the book fall through the bottom of the altar. King of Diamonds- Two hard crashes. Hard restart from pc. To get in the attic you need a key. One of the main characters wears it. Normally the guy walks through his house. But at my play he was stuck between the chair and the desk in his attic-room. Oh dear. I had noticed via noclip. So, it makes it unplayable. The missionobjective can´t be solved. I retried it several times and the result remains the same. The guy is running at one spot between his furniture. Full Moon Fever - This isn´t really a problem, but it´s not good for your ears. Several levels have this. It´s a a sound problem, maybe bug. You hear close to special light spots a sinus-sound. I own a creative SB Recon 3D PCIe, latest driver, win 7. Better gameplay on my laptop, no disturbing sounds. And on some situations, there are Biep-sound. When an object is "hopping" above the ground. Or a door is opened. Not really annoying, but striking. Many other levels run fine. Few crashes sometimes. I can´t tell what makes that trouble. It could be that "frob" problem again. In most every level objects are falling half the way into the ground. People get stuck. I can´t really tell, but on my opinion, it worked better on 2.05 and 2.06 ... I made a clean installation of the game and made no changes in the adjustments. Except screen resolution and gamma correction. What´s your experience? What do you think? Solutions? Greetings.
  20. No crash with r8003 thanks! I found the info was a bit spread around: http://www.thedarkmod.com/downloads/ for the public svn repository link. http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=The_Dark_Mod_-_Compilation_Guide for building http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=SVN some info on the structure (but out of date?) There are two "thedarkmod.x64" binaries built... the ~200MB has the debugging symbols and what you want to run if you want to get a readable backtrace after a crash. Copy the exe to your darkmod installation and run it in the gdb debugger: $ gdb -ex run ./thedarkmod.x64When it crashes, you can type "bt" in gdb to generate the backtrace and then submit that. That being said, when darkmod crashed for me the screen was left in the loading screen and I couldn't see my gdb window. I have a dual monitor setup, so I just ran darkmod from the secondary monitor and got the backtrace from there. Not quite sure what I'd do if I didn't have the second monitor.
  21. I have tried the Binary, the Wine, and the PlayonMac versions. Each one successfully installs, but when I start the .app the programs runs for a second and shuts down. In the Wine version, the game would go to a black screen with no sound and then shut down. Also I cannot find the darkmod.cfg file in any of the versions that I attempted to run. I will try the PlayonMac version again.
  22. I recently dowloaded the new version 2.7 of the dark mod . the game runs fine . But my screen is to dark. And the brigtness and gammasettings in the game does not work .. But it works fine in my older games like the thief series(ecxept returm to castle wolfenstein . that uses a mod) . I recently upgraded my nvdia geoforce . And I am microsift beta tester. I am using windows 10 19h build 18334(and I cannot revert back windows.old . these files are deleted ). I suspect that its my nvidia that overwrites the games setting .I have tried to reert back older version . But that dosent help either ... So I need help . In
  23. Thank you very much, 32 bit bit TDM launches and works fine, but for some reason when launching an FM there is no visible light sources from torches/lamps (probably I need to fiddle around with darkmod.cfg or something else because I remember I had this issue with previous versions of TDM on this laptop in the past). TDM 64 bit shows black screen and still does not work, which leads to a crash in a few seconds. I did not have time up to the end of the week but if it is still of any use I will provide tomorrow gconsole.log as you requested.
  24. I force installed AMD drivers on a laptop years ago when Quake Wars came out. Prior to the forced install, the game played with mostly black textures and stuttered. After, all textures displayed properly and the fps increased substantially.
  25. duzenko, on 06 Feb 2019 - 3:26 PM, said: Did you try other graphics drivers? https://ark.intel.com/products/71141/Intel-Celeron-Processor-B830-2M-Cache-1-80-GHz- Yes, I have the latest drivers. I tried to force install newer drivers and even Bikerdude tried to help make a hack to let Windows install it but they don't work on this laptop. Which we tried on another issue in this thread: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/19450-fan-missions-stop-loading-and-go-back-to-menu-solved stgatilov, on 06 Feb 2019 - 2:38 PM, said: You said that 32-bit and 64-bit versions behave differently: one of them exits itself. Does it look like a crash in this case? What are the contents of qconsole.log in the case when TDM exits itself? If there is a crash, please record crashdump and share it. The difference in behavior for the two version is that the 64-bit version does not even show the TDM mouse and it crashes without having this screen with "TDM is not answering would you like to close the app or wait for it?" , what would you like to do, and after that it is logical to close it and "it sends information to Microsoft" and then it closes itself. But both versions do not launch the game and they have a black screen. The 32 bit version has a mouse on a black screen and it is freezed with the situations that Windows proposes to "wait for the app of close it". I made a condump off of this moment because when it sends information to Windows when I choose to close it the app closes too fast to make a condump file. Clicking around leads to the game "not answering". Which brings the necessity to close it because it won't work after this anyway. So, here's the condump off of the 32 bit version link - https://1drv.ms/u/s!AvGDCLNzgVKKhMFlH-BzTMHk8AT8yA I will work to see If there are any changes in troubleshooting with gsconsole.log tomorrow when I come back!
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